how to crochet a border on a knitted blanket
Hi Anne! In fact I have never crochet anything. April 2018 Add a Fabric Border to Your Knit/Crochet Blanket. OMG. September 2014 Xo. Thank you ! In fact do you have a pattern for that blanket?.. By  Emily, At This has helped a lot, but I still am struggling with my border. What border would you recommend to pair with it? Please someone help. I have always disliked the choppy join of a border to a blanket piece. Also, when working the sides of a basketweave stitch, would I still make 2 stitches into the sides, even though those stitches were worked into the posts and they're not as long. I've always done my borders the way the video shows, except I was taught to put 3 stitch in each corner. If your project is curling on the edges, one round of single crochet might not solve the problem. She is the author of three books and over 300 articles about knitting on The Spruce Crafts. Perhaps there's another way to phrase your keen attention to detail.... You are fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Very useful post! Friends and family don’t judge they just appreciate the love, time, and care you took to make them something. Your borders are beautiful. I was amazed when I read your profile. One thought it would work great in the tub and shower, she was right! Hi Patricia! It makes a nice finishing edge. do one sc in the first hdc and two in the next etc. We are always posting about our lastest creations. Yarn over, pull the yarn through the loop on the hook. Ashlea, thanks for the video on c2c border, I have finally found how to border my afghan of blanket yarn c2c . Turn the bottom corner as before, work across the cast-on edge, turn the corner, working up the side, turn the corner, work across to where you attached the yarn. Hi, I’ve just done a blanket in double crochet and chained 3 at the end of each row. has partnerships with services including, but not limited to Lion Brand Yarn and By  Anonymous, At September 2015 Ty, Hi...i sort came into a problem and could use your advice. December 10, 2008 at 7:44 AM. can you please do a video of half double crochet border on knitted piece? As a fairly new crocheter adding a border is very intimidating to me especially the stitches along the unfinished sides of an Afghan. Thank you for sharing your most valuable gift "time". Example: If you have a 5 dc shell stitch, you would do hdc in the 1st stitch, sc in the next 3 stitches, and hdc in the last shell stitch...then place a dc in the sc. I am sorry to say that most of the time I always have it. This beautiful edging is perfect to add to your crochet blankets and afghans! Thanks so much, Thank you for being you. They fit perfectly in our hands and bubble up better than the big round scrubbing balls we were buying. Maggie. I am new to crocheting and still find going up the side a challenge despite your amazing tutorial. Try working 2 sc for every 3 rows of knitting, or 3 sc for every 4 rows of knitting. Thank you. This is really helpful. The border is worked with the right side of the swatch facing. Hello, I am just finishing up a baby blanket. Learn more about our policies and disclosures. How to i rectify that having the chain 2 spaces now? If you're adding a border to a project that didn't call for one, or are adding a border to a project of your own design, a good rule of thumb is to work three stitches into the corners. So I really like the colors in the 2nd pic on the following site: That tutorial can be found here: Any suggestions or advice? But it can also serve as a foundation for other ornamental edgings. Basically, I get bored. makes money through affiliate partner links: If you click on a link, we may earn a commission. If you know how to do it yourself, suggestions on how to fix the problem are always welcome.. Recipe February 2015 I have begun four afghans only to tear them completely apart once seeing the ends becoming 'taller' than the middle. September 2013 By  AA, At Quiet Book Hi Robin! It's been so helpful to me as a knitter, but very beginner crocheter! Most recently, I made a blanket for my newest niece. I usually just do the best that I can and live with it but I would love to know the right way. With this step by step tutorial you will be able to create a straight border without waving! This keeps the drafts out and makes sure that the blanket keeps you warm. Quiet Book Thanks for posting this, it's very much appreciated . The number of rows you feel your border needs will depend on the size of the afghan and your preference. Thanks again! That sounds to me like you are prepping for the second row, to make sure that you will have the correct amount of stitches. Up the side you should put 2 sc in each double crochet. That picture puts a smile on my face and a giggle when finding you in a new post . Would love to be able to advance to other things than just doing dish/washcloths and scarves. If so, would you consider creating a tutorial of the technique? I just visually placed stitches. If you can double crochet then you can make this beautiful textured border for your afghan! One thought, OCD is actually a horrifying and debilitating illness (not a quirky preference for orderliness). Playing with borders on swatches is a great way to learn what you like in terms of how many or how few stitches to pick up. I love how slow you took it and how much example you showed. Hi! If it's a lot you might do better ripping it out and trying again. I hope you find something to spur your creativity! I hope that helps! I am assuming that by wavy, you mean that the border is ruffling (like a tutu). This was a very clear video and I made my crocheted border perfect the first time! Crochet is much more forgiving than knitting is about fixing mistakes. My daughter is having twins and having a baby shower this Saturday Aug 29 and I only have tomorrow which is a Thursday to finish it up. By  Lindsay, At Love your videos they are so very helpful. I have just finished knitting all the squares for my new grand daughter due any day. The last step of attaching the yarn is to make a chain stitch . Thank you so much! On the Dc swatch, I cannot start with the corner increase due to the height difference of the sc and I ch.1 to be able to start my border on the side edge. Maybe it’s about more than just user error on a crochet site? Everyone of the post I have read are very pleased with your tutorials. Welcome to our main directory of free crochet edging patterns, which also includes patterns for trims, borders, and other edges. August 2014 What a wonderful site! I can't thank you enough for this fabulous, easy to understand tutorial. I've not put a border on anything yet. February 2013 January 2014 I want to do a border like granny stripes all around but it is now starting to get wavy...why is this? I am not computer savvy, but learning. Can you give me any advice on this? ♥. Is it only necessary to ch 1 for the larger stitch projects? Im a neat freak!!! You guys are great! Cut the yarn and pull it through the last loop, just like you would do to finish a knitting project.


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