how to build a street stock race car
Second, stock blocks are not honed with a deck plate in place. The stock cylinder heads have an exhaust gas recirculation port that routes hot exhaust gasses back into the intake. Obviously the car will have to be completely dissembled before taking it to the powdercoater. On the other side of the head, the valveguides are cut to accept race-grade valve seals, which will provide better oil control. Verified Purchase. The beauty of stock car racing is the great variety of classes available to choose from. It is likely that your rulebook will differ in several minor points from the parameters I set up for our build. This is acceptable in stock form, but bad news in a race engine. The intake centerline was ground at 106 degrees. As you progress to higher and higher performance, the costs will be incremental, which spreads the overall cost of your investment over a larger period of time. Newer GM LS1 engines use beehive-shaped valvesprings that start out at a standard diameter but have a progressively smaller diameter towards the top of the spring. “Almost all the tubing is going to be mild-steel DOM. So it was an obvious choice for this project. S&W begins every chassis design or new car build with those requirements in mind. Street Stock Chassis Technology [Smith, Steve] on One effect of the increased silicon is to limit heat expansion, so pistonto- bore clearance should be considerably tighter. They begin by separating the frame from the body. We sent CT's Tech Editor, John Gibson, along to chronicle the process which you can read all about in "Takin' A Powder" as we take the next step in Project Bomber. One trick to aid flow into the combustion chambers in an engine with limited valve lift is to back-cut the valves. We'll send you the most interesting Street Rod articles, news, car features, and videos every week. A panel on top of the lower spacer bars will create a floor. Before installation the faces of the lifters are coated with Comp’s camshaft break-in lube. Another quirk of Street Stocklevel racing is that stock-style ignitions are required. With .134-inch you won’t get any spots that are so thin the sonic tester will read it as failing. Speed Pro offers stock replacement pistons either in a press-fit pin configuration or with floating wristpins. Besides saving a buck, doing the work yourself can help you understand your race car and the changes you can make to improve performance in the future. The route I chose, however, was to install a brand new performance HEI ignition from Performance Distributors. Any car configuration can be dragged raced—Front, mid or rear engine with front, rear or 4 wheel drive. that are cheap and appear stock. After the block was cleaned, 1/2-inch-wide set screws with #13 thread pitch were installed in the valley tray with red Loctite on the threads. Connecting rods and the pistons may be aftermarket, but they must be stock replacement and cannot be forged. However, as a car becomes more customized for racing and less streetable, trailering becomes a requirement. – John Burke, S&W. Building a racecar from scratch sounds like an intimidating task, but if you start out with a solid plan, the process isn’t nearly as painful as you might think. You can get them with either fourpiston pocket “eyebrows” like stock Chevy pistons or with only two-piston pockets. Core frames are available for purchase…. One upgrade you will need to make is to ditch the stock oil pump driveshaft with its plastic collar (on left). Most upgrade kits are relatively easy to install and work well. Chrome-moly is all formed with a mandrel bend so there aren’t any issues with that becoming too thin.”. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from OneDirt, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Liability Disclaimer: Moving them farther forward on a front-wheel drive vehicle will aid traction. If this is discovered after the block has already been cleaned, just make sure to tape everything up thoroughly prior to grinding. Stock Chevy cranks are often a few tenths of a thousandth smaller at the fifth main journal. Once there, pre-fit the rotating assembly with your crank and one rod and piston so that you can measure how much the block will need to be decked. Now, many of these steps are going to be covered in separate stories about this build in subsequent issues of Circle Track. Knowing that many of our pockets don't run deep, we'll keep the build to a reasonable budget. Let’s say you plan on racing a dragster in Super Comp or bracket racing: you have the choice between a hardtail or suspended-style chassis. After installing the harmonic damper, check the accuracy of the timing pointer. This puts a 30-degree angle above the 45- degree seat, which removes some obstruction to the air/fuel mixture as it moves past the valve. We realize that the number of Street Stock racers in the country that have access to a surface plate, let alone actually have one in their shop, are few and far between. If your rulebook doesn’t specify, the best choices are GM Vortec heads. With EMT run-flat original-equipment tires, a good place to start is to add air to each tire, 3 lbs over the factory recommendations. Naturally intrigued by the concept of Kimmel's series, Circle Track has embarked on building a Street Stock with the nine-time ARCA Champ. Production cars have likely been drag raced since there were two or more available. The next step, shown here, was to remove all the caps and check play against just the upper shells. That’s enough to require the pushrod holes to be elongated slightly with a grinder. This is limited at engine startup though, so be sure to liberally apply engine assembly lube to both the piston pin bore and the small end of the connecting rod. Kelly Company. Consideration in higher power classes should be given to fuel safety cells and fire protection. Before you tear into the box and fire up your welder, it’s best to ensure you have all of the right tools for the job. Along with the 4.030-inch bore, 3.48-inch stroke, and 0.028 of an inch thick head gasket, this creates a 10.2:1 compression ratio. Door Bars First off are the door bars. A new block arrives with all the stock dimensions intact, so you know exactly what you have to work with. Silicone works well here and is easy to remove if you ever wish to return the block to over-the-road duty. Swap Option: Medieval will build the chassis using one of our sandblasted frames. There may also be areas of your rulebook that are more lenient for you to take advantage of, as well as restrictions that would make portions of this build illegal.


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