how do you get geraniums out of dormancy
Hi there! That is really all there is to it. Dip the cut end into a rooting hormone to establish roots quickly. Geraniums are one of the most beautiful container and garden plants that grow and bloom beautifully year after year. Place an overturned paper bag on top of each plant. Geraniums do best when given a period of dormancy through the winter months, during which they use less water and do not grow much. But make sure to use a potting mix ideal for containerized plants instead of garden soil. Autum is a good time to prepare your pelargoniums (AKA Geraniums) for the winter ahead. In gardening, the term "dormancy" refers to a perennial plant's state of temporary metabolic inactivity or minimal activity. Place in paper bags and hang from hooks or set on shelf. Your email address will not be published. But these low-methods for wintering geraniums are effective. 1. Whatever you do, you don’t want the plants to get damp or sit on moisture because they are prone to mold. Clean up the plants, snipping off dead leaves, and cut stems back to healthy green growth. I do not ‘wrap’ the trees though: I leave room for air flow just using a large loose bag. The potted geraniums can be placed in a cool, sunny window. Fill as many six- to eight-inch plastic pots as you need with a moistened good-quality potting soil. Place one or two plants in an unsealed paper sack and store in a cool, dry location. Let the geraniums go dormant and store in a cellar. Cut back fully grown geraniums by one third to one half to help the plant survive winter. Knock most of the soil from roots. Growers allow the plant to survive winter dormancy if they are kept above freezing or saved as bare root to ensure they stay for years. Too dry an environment will kill your dormant geraniums. I hope this helps. First, prune the stalks back to within six or eight inches of the soil. Secure a clear plastic bag over the cuttings to create a mini greenhouse. Gardening has always been a strong passion of mine since I was a little girl. The plant does not do well in a dark and hot, humid room. Trimming your plant about 2-3 inches above the soil or removing new growth points and nodes will give you unattractive thick stems. It can be the variety grown by a beloved grandmother or the color that sets the perfect tone of the garden landscape; there are countless reasons to overwinter your geraniums. For houseplants, the general rule is to stop feeding them but give them access to a sunny location throughout the winter, resuming regular feeding mid-spring. Prepare geraniums for dormancy by lifting plants from soil. And ensure the storage does not dip below freezing or go beyond 45°F. Given the best conditions, geraniums will stay with you and last from spring to late autumn after other plants and flowers have bloomed and faded. This plant doesn’t tolerate soggy soil as roots are prone to rot. If you stored them in pots, bring them into light and warmth and begin watering them. Geraniums have thick roots and stems that survive winter when watered frequently and by keeping them healthy. You’ll want to look for some with a bit of green in the stem. Place potted plants in a sunny window to initiate new growth. I’m thinking perhaps I will try both ways this year and see which way works best. Since the plants are in dormancy, they don’t need light for photosynthesis, but you do need to check to make sure the soil doesn’t become too dry. Next, I take the plants out of the paper bag(s) and cut them down to just a couple of inches. Get geraniums out of the ground. You’ll start by digging up the geraniums in your yard, roots and all. Feel free to write in the comment section below! Definitely gather geraniums before a killing frost occurs. It often takes several weeks for plants to initiate growth after dormant storage. In cold regions, you can wait until a light frost zaps leaves if you want. Storing dormant plants is one of the oldest and most time-honored practices of overwintering geraniums, and it’s fairly simply to do. It's better that the plant not put energy into making seed while entering dormancy.


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