how did fatso stinky and stretch die

Stretch is similar to Squidward the sea octopus. McFadden. In the first movie all the spirits are transparent, but the Ghostly Trio has a slightly blue tone.

Instead, they lie to Kibosh about being Casper's uncles so that he can remain in their care. Stretch is the lanky leader of the Trio with a thick Boston accent. The 1995 film and spin-off cartoon series, however, show their friendship with Dr. James Harvey (Bill Pullman). He has a penchant for puns and comedy and comes off as the sarcastic jokester, which Stretch tires of more often than not. Redirect by file, user, page, revision, or log ID, The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, In a deleted song he claims to be schizoid-paranoid, and despite his intelligence, he can be very childish at times. They were created by The Harvey Entertainment Company for the 1956's cartoon Fright from Wrong.

Dan Castellaneta voiced Stretch, John DiMaggio voiced Stinkie and Billy West voiced Fatso in the 2006 TV-movie, Casper's Scare School, however, for the television show, Fatso is voiced by Joe Sheridan and Stinkie and Stretch are voiced by Matthew Géczy. Stinkie is the "middle child" and dubbed the Larry Fine of the group, Stinkie's special talent involves supernatural halitosis and body odor, which he prefers to use as his means of frightening "fleshies" (humans) that dare cross his path.
What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Fatso's brashness and quick temper often led him into solo mishaps, as well as to occasionally share Casper's adventures, and the other two were sometimes called "the Ghostly Duo" in his absence. (Harvey later dies in an accident, but this proves temporary.) Their names were Stinky, Stretch, and Fatso. He is the leader of the Ghostly Trio, the group compromised of his other two brothers, Stinkie and Fatso, and uncle of Casper. In fact, when Casper leaves for Scare School, they spend most of the time he's gone crying. At first, they demand he vacate their home and make his quest to learn about the afterlife exceedingly difficult. movie it says something about the dad being killed and this.

These relatives did not appear to have special traits or serve any other purpose. Also most of the time, the Ghostly Trio have a general hatred of humans. At first, they demand he vacate their home and make his quest to learn about the afterlife exceedingly difficult.

Because the very few people that HAD left their homes, well, they came in … He has a penchant for puns and comedy, and comes off as the more sarcastic jokester of the three, which Stretch tires of more often than not. Their first animated appearance was in Fright from Wrong, a cartoon of Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios theatrical series from the 1950s. Fatso is the obese and assumed to be least intelligent. Casper McFadden is the main protagonist of the 1995 Casper feature film. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fatso is obese and assumed to be the least intelligent, even though he is adept at singing and has a surprisingly strong knowledge of pop culture. In Casper's earlier appearances in Harvey Comics' animated cartoons and comic books, the Ghostly Trio were depicted differently, although they were brothers.

In Casper's earlier appearances in animated cartoons and comic books by Harvey Comics, the Ghostly Trio, although also brothers, were depicted very differently.
In 1987 Harvey Comics sued Columbia Pictures (Ghostbusters' distributor) for $50 million, claiming that the iconic Ghostbusters logo was too reminiscent of Fatso. However, they eventually grow to like him and even consider expanding their group to a Ghostly Quartet for him.


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