hot dog innuendos

This is getting weird....", At the lockers, when Tori is trying to seduce Robbie, Sikowitz has a preference for good coconuts. When Robbie asks why Beck and Andre are being nice to him, Beck says he's letting them. and "I'll be driving you crazy" could be considered sexual.

"...along with two towheaded imps named Dan and Suzanne.

to Tori, asking her to tape it. Robbie says he likes black curls, then the camera cuts to André, who makes a funny face.

All episodes contain at least a few innuendos.

The talk with Holly and Tori could be referenced as something sexual.

Trina admits she has seen her and Tori's grandmother naked.

Rex/Christopher Cane made advances at Victoria even though he is married. It's Tori's parents' anniversary. Robbie whispers in Tori's ear "I have a request" and she shoves him and tells him to shut up.

In my bra?"

This can be mistaken for the two of them having sex.

Combined with her near-obsessive fixation on Tori and her almost religious insistence on presenting her and Beck as a perfectly normal couple, this raises some interesting questions about Jade's sexual orientation.

Besides implying Sinjin's stalkerish tendencies, this raises the question as to what he was planning on doing there. The police are later seen chasing Sikowitz down the street. Sherry stops André from drinking his punch and then grabs him and leans in to make out with him again; that leaves Robbie disturbed and he says "I'm uncomfortable" and walks away from them.

Beck allows himself, someone less than 18, to be felt up by two random women who are most likely at least a few years older than him.

Again, every word seems to imply oral sex.

Tori hits Robbie in the groin with a ping pong ball. André walks in on Sikowitz after his pants are pulled down, and Sikowitz just grins sheepishly, then André says "Good luck to you.".

This could hint at male ejaculation on her face.

He asked what it meant and Lane wouldn't answer. André was in the same bathroom stall as Bruno Mars.

Robbie says that there is things he never tried and things he really wanted to do.

Robbie and Rex say that Jade is hiding in the closet.

The biggest selection of costumes in the world!

When Tori asks why Robbie chose a girl's screen name (LilStephanie21), Rex comments, "Says a lot, doesn't it?".

Jade drives Tori into a remote desert with a shovel. Tori stuffs the bag of tacos down the front of Robbie's pants, and looks before she does. Spencer says that he does see them, to which Sikowitz replies, "Fantastic..." with a creepy smile. Emphasizing how big they now are, Trina's breasts freely bounce up and down when she's skipping.

", In the "Robbie Crashes Tori's House" video, Robbie shouts "What if you give me a spanking!?"

", "Oh!

Cat's mention that her giraffe said something ".

Robbie attempts to confirm that he's on the "boys'" side.

What other name is there for a female canine?

When Trina tells her no, Jade responds "Oh," in a disappointed tone, referencing Jade's sadomasochistic personality.

Then he says that he wouldn't look at the pictures if he were you. The way Jade was crawling to Tori looks somewhat seductive. In fact, André was smirking while she was pulling candy out of her bra. But the two buns could also act as a rather tenuous butt metaphor too.

Victorious is known to have a plethora of innuendos and ambiguous actions or quotes even though the series is targeted for tweens and young teenagers.

The dress Cat wears while singing is short and flows to where her underwear can be slightly seen.

Also, Beck wanted Tori to link her the video and Sikowitz gets annoyed. "...Dark Side of the Moon-seamless REI rock. ", Cat wonders if sweat and urine are "cousins.".

Jade posted: "The bad news: I think I have whooping cough.

Jade says that she wants her and Tori to do something to the janitor's car because they were so, "I'm getting ready to sneak a peek at The Wood!".

When Andre asks Tori if she wants to make money, she immediately, and nervously asks for more details, suggesting ideas of prostitution.

Jade chokes one of the guys in Nozu during their song.

Of course, that might be part of the reason you're looking to become a giant hot dog.

. Sikowitz's mother said "Pull your head out of your pants!" During the performance, Beck's eyes focus way too much on Tori's hips and butt to be considered appropriate. On Tori's TV program guide, there's a show called "Extreme Groin Injuries.

Cat's brother has a bag of fake feet in his trunk, implying that he might have a foot fetish. It's frequently implied that Jade's dress is a bit too big for Tori as she constantly appears to be scrunching it up, making careful/stilted movements, or otherwise holding the dress against her chest as if to keep it from sliding off.

Be the first to be featured! Also, Jade lifts her dress with her hand very slightly.

In fact, in many of his scenes throughout the series, he appears to be sneaking glances at her rear.

The noble, Maggie Gallant relates her search for her birth parents with slow-burn storytelling that captivates with its blend of cheekiness and honesty, "...trilogy with British expat Maggie Gallant's lively one-woman show, Juan Neave goes to Coney Island for the second time, "...the second year in a row in Nathan’s Famous.

André asks how Jade can kill someone with toilet paper.

Trina blows her nose in Tori's underwear.


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