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In addition, they would need an archeologist to lead the survey and do a wetlands impact study. It seems it will be available exclusively at Walmart stores. His 1982 book, “The Secret: A Treasure Hunt,” includes poems and drawings laden with clues intended to help folks find his hidden treasures. The treasure hunting book was released just as Preiss was building his budding publishing career. “Let’s open it up to a community.”. The keys unearthed can be returned to a newer publishing company in exchange for a gemstone worth about $1,000. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The bunkers were located between Omaha beach and Utah beach in GrandCamp-Maisy. Old Methuselah is a 500-year-old bald cypress tree at De Leon Springs State Park. “I know the heads of a bunch of National Parks recently had a meeting about ‘The Secret,’” Ward said. Before the Discovery Channel’s “Expedition Unknown” devoted an episode in January 2018 to “The Secret,” the hunt was known to few. It’s more of the thrill of the hunt,” Scott said. “Our regulations do not permit digging except for permitted research or resource management activities,” Weesam Khoury, deputy media relations manager for the Florida DEP, said. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. “This was a business opportunity for him that he thought would be fun,” Scott said. “He also thought that the treasures would be found very quickly from when the original book was published.”. Many not-for-profit groups (e.g., Oceana, Surfrider, and Ocean Conservancy) have information about these opportunities on their websites. The site is now open to the public, 'We were able to dig down and reveal the doors and go inside them – they are frozen in time, there are artifacts inside there,' Gates said about his discovery, The D-Day operation was the largest amphibious invasion in world history, with over 160,000 troops landing. Ward is part of a growing group of Florida treasure hunters who think the casque is buried in the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in St. Augustine. LiDAR involves the use of a laser in order to measure distances to the Earth's surface. You can find me on Twitter (@PConnPie), Instagram (@pconnpie) or send me an email: pconnolly@orlandosentinel.com. We owe everything to those veterans. ', The area had become completely overgrown by hedges and thickets. 'Maisy is one of the few places where you can explore trenches and beaches and get a sense of what it was like on D-Day. The complex is believed to have contained four batteries of 155 millimeter cannons, with two others positioned in nearby fields. The drinks on the menu are much better--David is a fantastic bartender. “The main reason it’s difficult is because you’re trying to solve a puzzle that deals with trees, tall grass and fences nearly 40 years after it was made,” Ward said. 'These are fairly large structures with hallways and multiple rooms, staircases.'. I see a lot of clues in there that I’ve recognized," Fraser said. His untimely death in a 2005 car accident also means that treasure hunters won’t receive any new clues. 'We discovered huge Nazi bunkers that haven't seen the light of day in 75 years,' Josh Gates of the Discovery Channel's Expedition Unknown told Fox News. 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St. Augustine-based treasure hunter George Ward searches for a treasure inside the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in St. Augustine. We lost a tremendous amount of trees in 2003-2004 to Hurricane Francis," Fraser said. We only needed an RV for a short duration and none of the RV places we called up were willing to be flexible....then we called Expedition Motorhome - the staff was helpful, polite and got us moving on with a pretty sweet RV. The treasure has already provided the Taylor family with a chance to bond and get outdoors, even as the casque remains in the ground. 'There's all sorts of things inside the bunker, we discovered the remains of gas masks, ammunition, Nazi helmets. Aidan Bradbury-Aranda Expedition Unknown Kicks Off with a New Discovery About D-Day, Secret Nazi World War II bunkers discovered near D-Day beaches | Fox News. ', 'What is unique is that a lot of the military installations around Normandy have been cleaned up,' he continued. Only if you looked closely could you see a rough outline of the fortifications, The site is slowly being cleared so that more of the WWII history can be uncovered and remembered. He said it’s important that his fellow treasure hunters are respectful of parks and public lands. “We have Native American burials. ', The Maisy battery lay undiscovered for more than 60 years until they were found in 2006 and lay just two miles from the coast, Josh Gates of the Discovery Channel's Expedition, pictured, got to explore the previously undiscovered bunkers, The entire complex had become overgrown by nature and was practically invisible to the naked eye, View of an entrance to the German bunker in Grandcamp-Maisy. If the Taylors’ thinking is true, the casque would have been buried while the land was privately held, shortly before it became a state park in 1982. Published: 01:33 GMT, 5 February 2020 | Updated: 09:12 GMT, 5 February 2020. Wreck of the Titanic's 'sister ship' the Britannic which hit... St. Marks the spot! "I’ve been here a very long time. After emailing with a BAR state official, it seemed unlikely the agency would grant the brothers permission to dig. Scott thinks the reflection of the rock in the lower right-hand corner of the painting resembles a map of nearby Ocala National Forest. We also have the footprints of the first colony back in 1565. Preiss was the only one who knew the casque locations and he took that information to his grave. These are fun activities held outdoors with other civic-minded folks who care about the environment. Free stuff and good deals for frugal Floridians. He then hired a Swiss agent to make sure that his fortune of $2.3 million in gold and silver coins were safely installed along with his body. , which airs on Discovery Channel on February 5 at 8pm EST. 87 reviews of Expedition Motor Homes "THIS PLACE IS AMAZING - My friends and I needed a RV for a last minute trip up to El Capitan State Beach this weekend. The bunkers were hidden in plain sight having been covered by earth and mud over the last three-quarters of a century and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology was used to study the site. A dozen stone buildings linked by 1,500 meters of tunnels was eventually uncovered with various areas identified including sick bay, officers' quarters, radio room and even kitchens. There were also several machine-gun nests and two Renault tanks. And this is part of our culture. They came together to say, ‘You guys have had almost 40 years to figure this out on your own,’” Ward said. “We need more information, but we doubt that your permit would be approved,” Scott said, recalling an email response from a BAR official. Our public parks are far more valuable than any treasure you may find.”. 'Big compounds like this were essentially forgotten to time. He then set about buying the land plot by plot from local owners. The discovery of the bunkers is being featured in the season premiere of Expedition Unknown, which airs on Discovery Channel on February 5 at 8pm EST. “We’re very ecologically-minded people and we would not want to do anything that would harm our state parks,” Scott said. Was BB Comics Luxury Competition worst challenge in show history? “This puzzle has brought joy and adventure into countless peoples lives, but it has also caused irreparable damage to many parks,” Ward said. “The first chapter is literally the tagline for the Fountain of Youth,” Ward said. “The community has shifted to be more open. During a recent trip to Washington, D.C., they tried to schedule a meeting with U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz, the congressman for the area surrounding De Leon Springs. “I really do believe that the the treasure is here, somewhere in this park. The brothers don’t see giving up as an option, at least not right now. Scott and Dean Taylor, along with some help from Scott’s son, Adam, have been seeking one of 12 casques buried by publisher Byron Preiss in the 1980s. Ward said a much larger agency has also taken a stand against disturbing land for the sake of this hunt. “They’re absolutely banning people from digging as a result of that meeting.”. “Except under those two conditions, searching for these buried items within a state park is not consistent with our responsibilities due to the limited benefits and potential harm to natural and cultural resources.”, The BAR also told the Taylor brothers via email that, “Permit applications without a research question will not be considered. 529), Johnny Depp loses UK libel case over ‘wife-beater’ claims, Gatorland offers $20.21 discount package for November, Busch Gardens modifies Christmas Town events, moves ice show outdoors, [Popular on OrlandoSentinel.com] Thunderbirds, F-22s coming to Sanford for Lockheed Martin Space and Air Show, 2 dead, 15 wounded in Vienna terror attack, authorities say. In 1885, Zebulon Miller of Lynchburg made his point that you CAN take it with you. “We absolutely believe that the treasure is in De Leon Springs. “I’m probably the person that’s at the Fountain of Youth most often,” Ward said. 'It's an overwhelming place to visit – this was part of one of the darkest chapters in modern history,' said Gates. Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park co-owner John Fraser, who also serves as managing director of the park, first heard about Preiss’s treasure hunt in 2004 when a few women from Ohio visited and asked about it. 7 years ago. The Battery became one of the largest German defensive positions due to its close proximity to the landing beaches of Omaha and Utah. Although the Maisy Battery was first uncovered in 2006, new areas of the complex have been uncovered.


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