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Featured Famous Dog with a Herding Dog Name, Herding dogs often have to dodge the hooves of the animals that they are herding, The Vedic god of fire who was partial to both rams and goats, Agnus Dei refers to the Lamb of God in the Christian Holy Communion, Ahbhu was a herding dog known as a Puli who was featured in the 1975 novelette “The Deathbird”, by Harlan Ellison, The Greek god of shepherds and beekeepers, The longest lived dog to date, Bluey, was a working Australian Cattle dog who was 29 years and 5 months old when he died in 1939, A Scottish Collie who travelled 2,551 miles to get home after he got separated from his family on a family trip, An English name that means cowboy or cowherd, Cattle and sheep are often cut from the herd for one-on-one attention, An English name that means strong, independent, and loving, An English name that means little smart one, The Egyptian god Khnum, the source of the Nile, was depicted with the head of a ram, A Scottish name meaning son of a shepherd, This name can refer to the innermost planet of the solar system, a metalic liquid also known as quicksilver, or the speedy Greek messenger to the gods, Dogs often circle their herds in their attempts to control them, The Greek god of the wilds and of flocks of sheep and goats, with the horns and hindquarters of a goat himself, The word pastor means shepherd in several languages, including Catalan, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish, Herding dogs are highly intelligent and enjoy figuring out puzzles, An English name meaning from the sheep’s meadow, The first German Shepherd with name-above-the-title billing in a film, A good herding dog is often able to track down livestock if they wander away from the herd, A major god of Slavic mythology, a dark, wooly god associated with the harvest, cattle, wealth, and magic, The practice of moving livestock over long distances by guiding them forward is called droving, Shepherds often used crooks, or long sturdy sticks with a hook at the end, in order to help control their herds of sheep, A name that refers to the loyalty that most herding dogs possess, An English name which means courtyard within castle walls or steward, An ancient cow goddess associated with Upper Egypt, Herding dogs often use energetic and concerted efforts, sometimes referred to as blitzes, The Irish goddess of poetry and husbandry, Brigid, was the owner of Cirb, the king of all sheep in Ireland, The dog with the largest verified vocabulary of 1,022 words, Chaser is a Border Collie, A German Shepherd guard dog at the Belgrade Zoo that defeated an escaped jaguar in the course of her duties, The eternal abode of Lord Krishna and Radha, also known as the world of cows, A name referring to cowherd girls in India, The Nordic goat that is said to eat the leaves from the world tree, Yggdrasil, German Shepherd Irma, also known as Crumstone Irma, assisted in the rescue of 191 people trapped under bombed out buildings during World War II, The speed at which these dogs can organize their herds is amazing, An Irish name that means clever or intelligent, Geneticists believe that most varieties of sheep are the descendants of Asiatic Mouflons, A feminine version of Pastor from Germany, The Sami people of Scandinavia used herding dogs to help control herds of reindeer, Sarama is a Hindu deity that is given the title of mother of Wolves as well as helping to recover god-king Indra’s cattle when they were stolen, A Border Collie from the Cheviot Hills who was the first civilian canine to earn a Dickin Medal, A goddess of sheep in Sumerian, Babylonian, and Akkadian cultures, A divine bovine goddess from Hindu religion, The ancient Greek muse who presided over comedy and short poetry was often depicted carrying a shepherd's crook, Many herding dogs are known to be Velcro dogs, who are always at their owner’s side, To be zippy is to be fast and energetic, traits that are beneficial in a herding dog. Male Dog Names Tommy Bolt Riot Domino Shade Rip Snap Scooter Coach Sweep Spry Tweed Chase or …

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adverse weather conditions.

Dumuzid’s Dream, a Sumerian manuscript that was written prior to 2900 BC, is the first to specifically mention a shepherd’s dog, although many of the first shepherding dogs are believed to be more livestock guardians than today’s traditional herding dog.

alive in the back of the plane.

AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Up until 1983, the breeds in the Herding Group were part of the Working Group. mountain and landed partially in a peat bog, and caught on fire. typically known for both their obedience and their ability to think Fortunately, Dagg had thought to bring

Another option is to base the name of the dog on a personality trait that is preferred for herding dogs, names like Zippy, Hayden, or Kassidy, or to employ words that describe parts of the dog's job as a herder, such as Cutter, Tracker, or Blitz. put out the fire, but ultimately had to settle for getting to safety, and they By the end of the 19th century, this breed followed the immigrants to the Americas and quickly popularized here and around the world. ©2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. The herding instinct in these breeds is so strong that Herding breeds have been known to gently herd their owners, especially the children of the family.

Herding breeds are developed not only for their herding instincts, but also for their obedience and trainability, their protective nature, and their ability to think independently when the situation calls for it. We have 600 Herding names for female and male dogs below the trend report.

crewmen and the shepherds home to Daggs cottage.

Just as they reached the The Berger Picard is a lanky herding dog of strong bone and sturdy build.

All rights reserved. Due to a combination of poor visibility and interference Up until 1983, the breeds in the Herding Group were part of the Working Group.

Here is a collection of most popular male and female names for herding dogs.

These breeds were developed to gather, herd and protect livestock. as herding breeds have a strong instinct to gather things together and are cottage, the bombs on the plane exploded with enough force to blow out the He was unable to steer away from the along his dog, a Border Collie by the name of Sheila, and after several hours The plane skidded off of the

Some people may prefer to choose a name that honors a notable herding dog before them, such as Bluey, an Australian Cattle dog that is the longest-lived dog to date, or Irma, in honor of the German Shepherd known as Crumstone Irma, a dog that saved many lives during World War II. Mythological names are also a popular source of inspiration and can be tailored to fit the dog's purpose, using names like Aristaios, Sirtur, or Brigid for a sheep herding dog, or Bubona, Veles, or Sarama for a dog that will be specializing in cattle.


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