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Desperate enough for a green card to indenture themselves. Prior to 2019, applications were rubber stamped, and congress restricted scrutiny to form content accuracy. If your view, from your side of the prism, is that Americans are the most intellectually sound on earth, then your side of the prism needs to be…..”corrected”. I’m from India and I trust me I know how to code better than anyone here claiming to have huge amounts of experience all you have is a huge amount of white privilege and cry baby syndrome. The dozens of mostly-Indian hire-ons knew practically no Linux. Nate has written for publications like SlashGear and The Next Web. Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm uses more Note : I have nothing against individual people who are working here.

Globalism will work if all countries have same political and economic laws and the competition between people in that instance will be fair.

Now I am happy because I am in my country Mexico with my family in my house but if I would like to have a green card to work 1 month USA and one week in Mexico and again 1 month in USA and another week in Mexico to avoid depression.

They create fake degrees, fake references and fake experiences, and apparently its an open secret.

This is a recipe for a good company? And they have played straight into 1%ers greedy hands who want to depress American wages and keep most of the profits to themselves and their shareholder friends. First, cities don’t request visas, but companies. At the time, he was a Democratic Congressman from Connecticut, and he felt that visas granted under the H1 program — which was created in 1952 — were handed out too liberally. The companies fooled the US congress which is pretty much run by the lobbyists. If you are an American and apply to them, they will most likely deny you. impact the salary. With a small salary offering we didnt have the resources to look for the best candidates. Looking at all the hate in here, I would like to add few things.

You would do well to have facts before name calling. "It's really a travesty that should never have been allowed to happen," Morrison says. All but 1 US resource remains as the rest of the roles were offshore so the client could get a better support price.

That’s is why America needs to outsource to India. Great article pointing out the stats.. I am working in one of the top 5 companies (in my organization there are 3-4% Indians and in my team I am the only Indian and we have 9 US citizens). My job is safe. https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2019/08/08/core-elements-of-the-global-banking-industry-are-moving-to-india. Keyword is prospective. American greed. If you have more prospective individual employees, you file more applications. When you think of the H-1B visa, chances are good you’re also thinking of Silicon Valley as the place with the densest concentration of H-1B workers in the United States.

HIPPA, PCI etc.) They call their other qualified Indian friends and they help them complete the work so they can keep their jobs. section. Companies in other states and cities leverage (and possibly abuse) the visa much more. We regret the error. "And prevent the kind of abuse of the temporary visa system that existed before.". May be India needs US $ to pay for F15 or for smart weapons. Annually no less. The issue here is that these employers are submitting massive number of petitions and it doesn't cost them anything unlike other high tech employers that petitioning their employees at 100k+ salaries with other rewards and benefits. All I can say is if you agree, write formal letters to congress and Senate asking them to revoke H1B policy. “Indian workers are here to inhabit our land, procreate” Young talented school graduates in USA are not sticking careers in computer and electronics technologies. More inside scoop? I think I will forward this conversation page to President Trump. All you do is sit here and cry about how your life sucks while I’m taking your jobs and Armando the pool boy is banging your wife, your daughter is dating Shaka from South Africa with the big man dingo and you son now uses pronouns. For America to lead in this data-driven revolution, we will have to migrate the control and ownership of American data back to America — in other words, AMERICAN WEALTH back to every American! Well Said, H1 candidate interview twice or thrice also these H1 candidates support day and night and they did not get ugly hours payment. I work in the defense industry which requires citizenship and substantial clearance credentials.

my child studying in usa, in third grade, recites it by heart, though we are not even american citizens. HR hiring people are contributing to this problem! . The whole world is connected.


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