goron spice recipes
He decided to wait instead, the food still looked edible enough to eat. Toasty Stamella Shroom: Stamella Shroom shot w/fire arrow. Link made the mistake of not paying any attention to what he was reaching for, confident that his instincts were right with its choice of jar. Egg Pudding: Bird Egg, Fresh Milk, Cane Sugar. Goron Spice is a filler ingredient in Breath of the Wild. Meanwhile, Zelda had left the lab, triumphant after giving Purah the news of the new champion, and had already shopped or gathered the ingredients to cook. Mushroom Rice Balls: Hylian Rice, Any Mushroom. Riju and Yunobo Friendship Headcanons The promo will last only till the end of the month, so place your orders now! Gourmet Meat Stew: Raw Gourmet Meat, Fresh Milk, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat. https://archiveofourown.org/works/25094659, Of Waffles and Weapons by UbiquitousSpontaneities: Four and Wild centric oneshot.

Roasted Hearty Durian: Hearty Durian shot w/fire arrow. “I’m not gonna bite you. A/N: New chapter, as promised. He liked the way the stew smells and quickly took the ladle and stir it. Those words meant anything could happen, for she would take such a mundane activity as experimentally​ as possible, and as her assistant, he had to help her… or be her test subject. Tiny Time seemed more comfortable with sticking to Warrior. anyway can you help me out by giving me a list of BoTW recipes w/ fish or some other type of seafood in it? Toasted Big Hearty Truffle: Big Hearty Truffle shot w/fire arrow. Energizing Glazed Meat: Raw Meat, Courser Bee Honey.

Copious Simmered Fruit: Four different Fruits. - Hylian Shroom, Armored Carp, Tough Porgy Meunière
I do need someone to stir the stew.” He gestured to the pot, “And I kinda have my hands full. Spicy Pepper Steak: Spicy Pepper, Raw Bird Drumstick. The plates were wiped out of any food in minutes. I’m sure Warrior had told you who we are and I think I really need an extra hand. She intertwined her fingers together and pleaded, “Oh, dear! Frozen Trout: Any Trout shot w/fire arrow. Frozen Hearty Bass: Hearty Bass shot w/ice arrow. Salmon Risotto: Hearty Salmon, Rock Salt, Hylian Rice, Goat Butter. Meat & Rice Bowl: Raw Meat, Rock Salt, Hylian Rice. Perhaps by someone who has…I don’t know, traveled all across Hyrule?

I’ll also go to the Lab and tell Purah about what happened in Zora’s Domain.

"That's nice of you. ‘I hope there’s still some of that left for me’ - she ruffled his loose, messy mane - ‘Can I join you?’. He held the jar up and read the label taped onto it. Zelda’s eyes widened as he finished her plate. Salt Grilled-Mushrooms: Any Mushroom, Rock Salt. 'It was Ms. Uma, she is a really good teacher, and well versed in the stories of yore’. Since I don’t have the game, I did a little research! Legend: Oh come on Wild, it’s not everyday you get to do that. Glazed Seafood: Courser Bee Honey, any Seafood.

Zelda gathered some bandages, sat on the floor, and started checking his ankle. Several images of highly questionable concoctions  - with ranging edibility - crossed his mind. Spiced Meat Skewer: Raw Meat, Goron Spice. On the contrary, Link proved to be quite a heavy sleeper. Copious Meat Skewers: Any four different Meats. 'I should check on your bandage, shall we?’. Roasted Bird Drumstick:  Raw Bird Drumstick shot w/fire arrow. Toasty Endura Shroom: Endura Shroom shot w/fire arrow. Roasted Swift Carrot: Swift Carrot shot w/fire arrow. Tomorrow we depart to Kakariko Village. Monster Cake: Monster Extract, Cane Sugar, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat. Frozen River Snail: Any Snail shot w/ice arrow. If that was the only thing that you were ever told…. Sometimes his hands shook on the reins when they were riding. I’ll personally be trying out a few of these myself, will you? Fish Pie: Any Seafood, Rock Salt, Goat Butter, Tabantha Rice. I take care of you with pleasure, I couldn’t stand to lose you again’, she rested her head on his thigh for a moment, ‘lest to a bloody shingle’. ((I hc that zoras are mostly carnivores (but can eat certain non meats like dogs (which are also mostly carnivore) for example), feasting primarily on fish and other seafoods. 'You did, Zelda’, Link confirmed, as surprised as her. Hearty Meat Skewer: Hearty Durian, Raw Meat. Baked Palm Fruit: Palm Fruit shot w/fire arrow.

Gorons make great cooking spices, after all. Roasted Endura Carrot: Endura Carrot shot w/fire arrow. Maybe they can even turn them into meaty rice balls instead. Meat Curry: Raw Meat, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice. - Bird Egg, Razorclaw Crab, Mighty Seafood Skewer An initial wave of spiciness paves the way for the sweetness. Creamy Seafood Soup: Any Seafood, any Herb, Rock Salt, Fresh Milk. This ought to be interesting. Wannabe Adventurers, get your GORON SPRAY today!

Which path would you choose?’, Zelda asked.

Roasted Trout: Any Trout shot w/fire arrow. Riju and Yunobo friendship headcanons!

Campfire Egg: Bird Egg shot w/fire arrow.

After all, this was his fault. Frozen Bird Drumstick: Raw Bird Drumstick shot w/ice arrow. 'The… Princess made me an… unusual question, mum’, his voice cracked a little. Carrot Stew: Any Carrot, Goat Butter, Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat. Spicy Pepper Seafood: Hyrule Bass, Spicy Pepper.

He looked at the ground and waited for them to react.

Wild knew he shouldn’t be doing this but sometimes, revenge can cloud one’s own judgement. So, imagine his surprised when the small child had gotten near him when he was busy preparing dinner. Sometimes they would be steady for days. Buy two, and get 1 free! Frozen Hearty Salmon: Any Salmon shot w/ice arrow. Urbosa: The Gerudo chocolate is amazing…it melts in my mouth and in my hands, Revali: Hmm… Goron spice skewers, Kakoriko rice balls, Gerudo chocolate, Tabantha made fruitcakes, Honeyed Akkala apples….

This reflection made him more at ease, so he decided to pick a book from a selection Zelda had left for him on the nightstand.

He turned and watched as they neared the cooking pot with confusion. He had seen the sad looked on Time’s face as he tugged on Warrior’s tunic, wanting to come along but was refused. @All the Links, did you guys know that Wild catfished a guy for his boots , Warriors: Gotta say Champion, never thought you had it in you to do that~. ‘So, you owe me an answer. Link can make it, so can you! Enduring Milk: Enduring Carrot, Fresh Milk. Wild: Please stop. Prime Meat Stew: Raw Prime Meat, Fresh Milk, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat. Enduring Carrot Cake: Endura Carrot, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar. Energizing Honeyed Apple: Apple, Courser Bee Honey. Steamed Mushrooms: Apple, Stamella Shroom, Blue Nightshade. 'Of course she was right!’, Zelda chuckled, ‘Your mother was amazing, she was one of the things I kind of envied you, besides other matters, but I guess it was just my frustration about you-know-what’. Mushroom Omelet: Any Mushroom, Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Rock Salt. https://archiveofourown.org/works/23616223, Experimental Equations, Or The One Where Wild Uses Glitches by AideStar: Wild centric oneshot. All Rights Reserved. Poultry Curry: Raw Bird Drumstick, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice. - Mighty Bananas, Mighty Thistle, Raw Prime Meat, Mighty Porgy, Razorclaw Crab, Mighty Meaty Rice Balls - What if… one day… you realized that you just weren’t meant to be a fighter. Goron Spice, Gorons and Zelda Breath of the Wild are properties of Nintendo. Icy Gourmet Meat: Raw Gourmet Meat shot w/fire arrow. Poultry Pilaf: Raw Bird Drumstick, Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Hylian Rice. Lonk? Meat Stew: Raw Meat, Fresh Milk, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat.

Hello! Zelda helped him go to the first floor, so they could have lunch. Fragrant Mushroom Saute: Any Mushroom, Goron Spice.

Maybe it was one of the powers I still had dormant inside me. Legend: Makes you wonder how desperate that guy was. Although Zelda only wanted that answer, they kept talking until dawn. It's the newest and DEADLIEST weapon of all of Hyrules! It had been a few days now since the arrival of their young leader and Wild was both amused and put off with Tiny Time. The knight stretched, popping a few bones to release the tension from his shoulders. Mighty Bananas, Mighty Thistle, Raw Prime Meat, Mighty Porgy, Hylian Rice, Sneaky Seafood Skewer Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Armored Porgy, Mighty Porgy x2, Seafood Paella - Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt, Mighty Porgy, Hearty Blueshell, Snail, Fish & Mushroom Skewer - Hylian Shroom, Hyrule Bass, Salt-Grilled Fish - - Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Hearty Blueshell, Snail, Hearty Seafood Rice Balls Pepper Steak: Spicy Pepper, Mighty Thistle, Raw Bird Drumstick. 'I made rice and beef for lunch and dinner, with veggies!’. Monster Rice Balls: Monster Extract, Hylian Rice, Rock Salt.

'I did’, she reassured him. ‘I dreamt about the time we were caught up in a storm, and we waited for it to stop under a tree, on the hills near the Lake Hylia bridge’.

Behind the house and model houses of Bolson Construction stands the home of a young couple. When Link tried to look again​, she was out of sight. 5:21 p.m. Glazed Mushrooms: Any Mushroom, Courser Bee Honey. Frozen Porgy: Any Porgy shot w/ice arrow. Nutcake: Any nut, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat. And I definitely have some crack fics to recommend: Sponge Cake for Four by Seeking7: Oneshot. Toasty Hylian Shroom: Hylain Shroom shot w/fire arrow. Tasty summer grilled skewers with a spicy Death Mountain kick. Seafood Curry: Hearty Blueshell Snail or any Porgy, Hylian Rice, Goron Spice.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/22512913, Four Feet of Pure Flirtation by AideStar: Four centric oneshot. That was not one of my proudest moments. They turned their head to face Link and asked, “Can you put the Goron Spice for me?”. Despite being summer already, it seemed that the temperature did not want to cooperate with it. I really want to show you something I made.” The couple looked at each other before shrugging, [name] stood up and patted their clothes down. 'You did good, then’, he sighed, 'Your question left me really messed up’. Creamy Heart Soup: Any Radish, Hydromelon, Voltfruit, Fresh Milk. I ate the chocolate covered strawberries, that’s the most intimate snack of them all! Roasted Hearty Bass: Any Bass except Hyrule Bass, shot w/fire arrow. He soon regretted ever trusting his instincts, and should have checked if what he got was the correct one or not. Just spray it at the nearest monster, and they'll be weeping for mercy in an instant! - One day they’d like to go up to the mountain or the desert and hang out, but for now it’s mostly business. He slowly got out of bed to avoid waking up his girlfriend, and went downstairs to fix a little midnight snack. Fish and Mushroom Skewer: Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Zapshroom, Staminoka Bass. Energizing Meat & Seafood Fry: Raw Meat, Bright-Eyed Crab. Energizing Fish and Mushroom Skewer: Stamella Shroom, Hyrule Bass. Warrior didn’t even have the heart to refuse it, especially with Time looking so hopeful and pure as he presented the spiced up meal. Monster Stew: Monster Extract, any Meat, any Seafood. I’m already pretty much done writing the next chapter, so it may come sooner than expected :). Daruk, holding up a bunch of snacks: We got an anonymous gift basket! Porgy Meuniere: Any Porgy, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat.


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