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As bodies pile up in the weeks following the Lufthansa heist, Henry learns some relatively good news when a beaming Jimmy relays that their psychotic pal Tommy is about to get his button as a made man in the Mafia. A leather-clad Karen consults with a suspicious Jimmy after Henry’s arrest. He won the BAFTA Award for Best Costume Design in 1990 for his work on Goodfellas.. Bruno died on January 11, 2012, aged 87. All rights reserved. (For what it’s worth, Bruce also wears Lacoste when getting his deserved retribution from Henry, this time in the form of a pale yellow windbreaker.). And to help accommodate that, the selection and boxy shape of the clothes allowed room for slight weight modifications. “These guys don’t dress to be noticed — you know, the peacock variety of those gangster guys,” said costume designer Sandy Powell. This fateful night at The Suite Lounge is arguably the turning point both in Henry Hill’s criminal life as well as Goodfellas, providing a tonal shift where we’re transformed from the relative glamour of Mafia life in the ’60s to the violence and drug-fueled danger underscoring the ’70s sequences. I consider this to be one of my top five “formative” outfits in my men’s style journey, as I was absolutely transfixed by every detail of Henry’s outfit in this scene. When we meet Lois during the montage set to The Rolling Stones’ “Monkey Man”, Henry playfully grabs the cotton bucket hat from her head, much to Lois’ annoyance. Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Proudly draping his arm around him to escort him from the courtroom, Jimmy’s pride in the young Henry concretes his role as a de facto father figure, rewarding his new criminal vocation rather than beating him for it. “My favorite scene is Hoffa and Sheeran in pajamas, just as a complete contrast to their normal, daily life,” Powell said. Jump to: Costume and Wardrobe Department | Costume designer. Check out the movie, and read Nicholas Pileggi’s Wiseguy. Henry gets some experimentation with his ties as he tries to dress the part of a wiseguy, getting ready one morning in brown suit and tie. As she takes in her son’s new appearance—and his chosen vocation—from head to toe, Mrs. Hill’s eyes linger at the polished brown semi-brogue oxfords with their gleaming toe caps taunting her. Director: Martin Scorsese Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Not loud but formal. This type of collar dates back to the emergence of leisure wear in the early 20th century, found among the beachside resorts in the French Riviera and here updated to fit the sartorial sensibilities of the disco era when it became common for gents to wear their shirts half-buttoned up the torso to reveal their jewelry… such as Henry’s necklace rigged with Catholic cross and Star of David. He wears a gray flecked herringbone silk sports coat, the same one he would wear with a dark purple polo shirt during the famous Air France heist. But he had a leather jacket early on that grew a bit out of a uniform that Teamsters wore at the time along with their caps.”. Mrs. Hill recoils in horror as her teenaged son Henry (Christopher Serrone) proudly presents himself to her in his latest threads, a beige worsted suit with a sharp double-breasted cut, accompanied by a tonally coordinated cream silk tie with a four-in-hand knot nearly buried by the sharp point collar of his ecru shirt. An olive-green sport coat may not be the first thing you think of when flashy mobsters come to mind, but this look makes for a much more distinguished, though no less striking, take on the usual gangland style. Aside from the hat, Tommy’s costume appears to be the same outfit he wore when joking around with the guys prior to Morrie’s death scene. Of course, the agent has heard the wiretaps indicating Karen’s clear involvement in Henry’s drug operation, and her streetwear as seen weeks earlier—a wide-shouldered, shawl-collar jacket and tight skirt in matching black leather—is more consistent with her actual persona as a cocaine-addicted mob wife who hides a gun in her underwear when the police come knocking at the door. The jacket and pants are both detailed with Adidas’ signature triple stripes (reportedly purchased from Karhu Sports in the 1950s for two bottles of whiskey) and the familiar trefoil logo embroidered in white over the left breast and left hip. Karen and Henry keep an eye on their constant overhead surveillance. Upon their return to New York, the crew is almost immediately arrested for their role in the Tampa beating. United States Penitentiary, Lewisburg, Summer 1974. Henry barely has a chance to peel off the layers he wore against the winter chill, a long camel suede double-breasted topcoat worn over a black leather zip-up blouson and royal blue knit polo shirt. However, Hoffa had a few quirks which the costume designers culled from their research: a fondness for white socks, a red Elmer Fudd hat, and blue PJs. In addition to the regular complement of gold jewelry, Henry also sports a pair of black Ray-Ban Balorama sunglasses, the same model as Clint Eastwood famously wore nearly a decade earlier in Dirty Harry. That’s where the experimental, innovative, VFX de-aging came into play by Industrial Light & Magic. Less than two years after Henry was released from his latest prison stretch, he’s darting through the New York City suburbs in his massive Cadillac Coupe de Ville, coked-out with a bag of guns in the trunk and an omnipresent helicopter flying overhead to add to his paranoia. Pesci, Liotta, and De Niro in Goodfellas. “Don’t paint any more religious pictures, please…” Tommy shoots his cuffs before heading off to his fate. Jimmy shares Tommy’s good news with Henry. I must try it. Added Peterson: “Generally speaking, we chose to make him quite dark in tone. For all intents and purposes, BAMF=Badass Men’s Fashion until a more thoughtful retcon can emerge. Having sworn off gangster films after Mean Streets, the opening scene of Martin Scorsese ’s Goodfellas was always going to pack a signet-ring-embellished punch. 14 is an Onassis knot, named after the shipping magnate. The blue, double-breasted silk Dupioni is the killer for me. All rights reserved. Who wore it best? Excellent – thank you! Hey, if it's good enough for an aspiring mafia boss ... Before red velvet was the dessert of choice among hip foodies, it was a distinctive style of jacket—and a pretty spectacular way to stand out while dressing up. This Article is related to: Awards and tagged Best Costume Design, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Sandy Powell, The Irishman, Top of the Line. He was all business but adhered to his working class roots and bought his suits off the rack. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Goodfellas Costume Designer (1990) Westworld Costume and Wardrobe Department (1973) Chinatown Costume and Wardrobe Department (1974) The Untouchables Costume and Wardrobe Department (1987) Show all | | Edit Filmography. Polyester warm-up suits like this dawned outside the gym during the mid-1970s when jogging was the latest fad, setting a new standard for active-wear as acceptable casual attire. Karen’s worlds collide when she brings Henry to her family’s country club, instructing him when a tip is or isn’t necessary, far from the world of the greenback-powered Copacabana. The 7 Best Looks from Goodfellas. Hawaiian shirts are often reserved for festive occasions, and they certainly set the right mood as worn by the Bamboo Lounge waitstaff, though this particular waiter (Paul Mougey) must be feeling anything but festive as he warily watches his boss, Sonny Bunz (Tony Darrow), try to talk Tommy into paying his bill. (The movie ignores the real Henry Hill’s less-than-celebrated U.S. Army service in the early 1960s.). Film: Goodfellas Costumes Jackets & Coats Men's Shoes ... Design ideas and inspiration. Fifteen years later, an adult Henry would emulate this look with a bronze silk tie worn with a mustard checked sport jacket to play cards with his fellow ‘fellas, likely choosing this affectation in tribute to the gangsters he had observed in his youth. Although he displayed a quiet and understated temperament, he had a special affinity for patterned ties, at Pesci’s insistence. One significant item is what appears to be a deep red silk suit, never worn by Liotta on screen but similar to one sported by Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven, the Nora Ephron-penned comedy based on her husband Nicholas Pileggi’s notes from meeting with Henry Hill. “Saturday night was for wives, but Friday night at the Copa was always for the girlfriends.”. You can also revisit all Goodfellas content on BAMF Style here. You can keep coming back to this movie again and again just to look at the clothes. A light linen sport coat in etched gray is the ideal way to suit up through the warmer months. Henry joins his comrades-in-arms for yuletide festivities at Robert’s Lounge, dressed for the season in a brick red velvet sports coat with a subdued shirt and tie. Sheeran, the unflappable, methodical killer, starts out with a natty blue suit in the ’50s and then progresses to a series of sharkskin suits with mod lapels in the ’60s. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. Henry wears a gray plaid suit detailed with a burgundy double windowpane check, dressing it down for the informal dinner with a white sports shirt with a one-piece “Lido collar” that lays flat atop the jacket lapels. We celebrate the style of Martin Scorsese's gangland epic, in time for today's release of the 25th-anniversary Blu-ray. Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. When the Hills bring their family to dinner at the Cicero household, Paulie pulls Henry aside for a brief conference about Billy Batts. “The very first time that Frank meets him in the ’50s [at the gas station besides Stuckeys], he’s got one of those loud ties,” Powell said. Henry isn’t too enthused about the smug interloper. “One of the real challenges as part of the design brief was that we were dressing men as younger men who were not young,” Peterson said. Evidently, the unorthodox look appeals to Karen…. From the outset, Martin Scorsese steered away from a “Goodfellas” wardrobe for the legendary Robert De Niro (hitman Frank Sheeran), Al Pacino (Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa), and Joe Pesci (Philly crime boss Russell Bufalino) in “The Irishman.” That’s because the characters had to fly under the radar in this zigzagging mobster epic spanning five decades about the intersection of crime and politics. Based on the true story told in Nicholas Pileggi’s book Wiseguy, this Martin Scorsese-directed mob epic details a life in organized crime as recalled by Lucchese Mafia family associate-turned-informant Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), from his teenage years in the 1950s through adulthood until his arrest on May 11, 1980.


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