frisian vs flemish
Frisians, a coastal people. Afrikaans I can understand more easily than Frisian. In particular y-DNA, which follows the oldest male father-to-father ancestor, and shows that Europe's most prevailing y-DNA, the R1b Haplogroup, originates from south central Europe in recent times (and further beyond), obviously relatively recently migrating from the Middle East (nothing on earth is auditably older than 5000 years, such as ancient living trees, pyramids, start of the bronze age at 3000BC, early empires in the near East (ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley), the end of the Stone age at 2000BC, start of Iron Age at 1200BC, stonehenge, post ice-age stone graves (hunebedden), saltmaking, human skeletons (Alps, marshes, burried), the alphabet (which is named after the ancient Hebrew letters Alef and Bet, whence the more recent Greek 'alphabet'), runes and hieroglyphs, written languages like Sanskrit at 2000BC, Minoan Greek 800BC, archeology, carbon dating (however 'flexible'), millions of woolly Mammoths etc). The ancient Frisii enter recorded history in the Roman account of Drusus's 12BC war against the Rhine Germans and the Chauci. see also: Yorkshire: Frising Hall (Fresinghale), Fryston(e), Fraisthorpe, Frisby (Friseby), Leicester: Frisby on the Wreake, Frisby, Frisby Lodge, Freezeland, Warwickshire: Frizhill, Freasley (Freseley), Suffolk: Fressingfield (Lodge), Friston, Freston, Framlingham, Friswell (Hall), Lincolnshire: Friston, Frieston, and Friesthorpe, Manchester (Chester/WestMoreland): Friezland. Bath (Aquae Sulis) West, East and North Frisian Tongues (ref.

Dutch vs West Flemish Officially, the closest language to (official) English is (official) Dutch. This would, in addition to well known mercenary (cohort) services (as a form of Roman tribute) by many Germanic tribes including the Frisians, however, seem to go in the face of archeological finds, for instance, of the Franks just 75 miles south in central Netherlands along the Rhine. Roman names along the Rhine (squares showing forts), from "Romeinen, Friezen, Franken' by van Es. The Frisian is mentioned in 16th and 17th century works as a courageous horse eminently suitable for war, lacking the volatility of some breeds or the phlegm of very heavy ones. Interestingly, nothing is left of the East Frisian language of Rustringen, of the coastal area between Germany and Denmark, except one piece of literature of around 1150AD: it deals with the law concerning 'when abducted by the Northmen'. see also: Teutonic Mythology, by Jacob Grimm, (1888) Volume 4 You could also … (on earth like as in heaven) Typical modern Frisian family names end on -a and are identifyable with suffixes -ing(a), -(s)ma, -na, -ra, -da, -ia, and -stra, all having the genetive conjugational meaning 'of' or 'from': And Afrikaans is a direct descendant of Dutch but with other languages thrown in.


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