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Finally, Jacson/Mercader mercifully delivers his tormented victim from his empty and meaningless life. The list of distortions and falsifications is so long, it would take a book to refute all of them. It was after 1907, following the defeat of the first Russian Revolution, that Parvus became politically demoralized, and became involved in dubious commercial activities that were to shatter his reputation. Finally, in self-defense, Jacson grabs an alpenstock prominently mounted on the wall of Trotsky’s study and savagely strikes his victim three times. He notes on the film’s website: “Trotsky was a terrible man with a terrible fate. Trotsky died the next day. Meanwhile, he angrily declares, the naïve dreams of the young revolutionary will lead only to the nightmarish vision in a quote allegedly from Dostoevsky: “And then, in the 21st century, to the accompanying howl of the triumphant mob, a degenerate will pull a knife from his boot, climb the stairs to the marvelous image of the Sistine Madonna [a painting by Raphael seen by Dostoevsky in a Dresden museum], and slash this image in the name of universal equality and brotherhood.” Thus, Bronstein learns a basic lesson: the Russian people will only be controlled through fear, but he must learn to unleash the mob to gain power. Trotsky was taken to a local hospital, where the doctors tried to save him by twice operating on his brain. Another fictional explanation for the formation of Trotsky’s “bloodthirsty” personality is the personal torment caused by his Jewish identity. The Mexican newspaper was right when it printed a cartoon showing Stalin removing the old Soviet insignia of the hammer and sickle and replacing it with an insignia of the blood-dripping mattock crossed with a stilleto. The directors cannot contain their malicious glee as they show in quick succession the deaths of Trotsky’s four children: Nina (coughing up blood on her deathbed in 1928); Zinaida (committing suicide in Berlin in 1933); Sergei Sedov (being shot by Stalin’s executioners in 1937); and Lev Sedov (injected with poison while recovering in a clinic in Paris after an appendix operation). Virtually every detail in this scene involves fabrication and falsification. On the contrary, the article he wrote to show Trotsky in his study, and which the latter was reading when Jackson struck his cowardly blow, was a sharp polemic against the minority, calculated to show that the slogan of the “Third Camp” was the same thing as the policy of Popular Frontism! 1 & 2. In the third place, assuming that Trotsky would even have the slightest interest in whether or not Jackson was legally married to a member of another faction (and in this case, of a friendly faction, to say nothing of the fact that the woman in question was on “friendly personal terms with the Trotskys and the household”, what conceivable power could he have in “preventing” such a marriage? The GPU is responsible for the death of Erwin Wolf, another of the friends and secretaries of Trotsky. As Trotsky wrote eighty years ago, the lie is the ideological cement of social and political reaction. In fact, Parvus was for many years recognized as a major political theorist and strategist in the Russian and European social democratic movement. Trotsky was 60 years old. As the interviewer, he helps us penetrate into the secrets of Trotsky’s personality. With Jacson/Mercader in the next room, Natalia and Trotsky receive a telegram from the Canadian consulate explaining that Jacson is not a Canadian citizen as he has claimed. Leon Trotsky, a leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution, had been one of the possible successors to V. I. Lenin. But, after Trotsky tells Natalia that he loves her, he willingly goes to meet his fate at Jacson’s hands. He was invited to the Trotskyist household as a visitor without the recommendation of anybody, known or unknown by Trotsky. He has voluntarily re-enacted the crime at the. After he has been killed, Trotsky is seen walking into a blizzard before being run over by his civil war armored train, which had appeared in every episode as Trotsky’s virtual alter-ego (heartless, relentless, merciless in its destructive power). And we shall see that Jackson was intimately connected with the Siqueiros conspiracy. Mercader llegó a México en 1939 bajo la identidad falsa de Frank Jackson, un rico comerciante canadiense. This film is a travesty of history. When Joseph Stalin won the power struggle for Soviet leadership, Trotsky was exiled from the Soviet Union. The tragedy alone forbids one to laugh himself hoarse from such a ludicrous story. Leon Trotsky, revolutionary, icepicked by Frank Jackson, dies Aug 21. Markin’s death in the Civil War near Kazan was a genuine tragedy aptly described in Trotsky’s My Life, but the young hero is used in the film mainly to suggest that he had an affair with Natalia Sedova (Jacson tells Trotsky that there were rumors to that effect), a total invention by scriptwriter Malovichko. But this is not the case with Jackson. From Labor Action, Vol. “Trotsky was a rock star, lacking only a guitar.” Kott and Statskii do not provide Trotsky with a guitar. But there is one more consideration – and it is overwhelming – to show that Jackson’s crime was not the simple act of an individual, moved by personal feelings. The series is an exhibition of the political, intellectual and cultural depravity of all those involved in the sponsorship and production of this grotesque falsification of history. The film concludes with a bizarre fantasy. Around 5:30 p.m. on August 20, 1940, Leon Trotsky was sitting at his desk in his study, helping Ramon Mercader (known to him as Frank Jackson) edit an article. to go to the Soviet Union for “acts of sabotage” and violence? Mercader was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 20 years in jail. Trotsky did not know that Jacson was a GPU agent. Putin’s government, which strives to represent itself as the resurrection of Holy Russia, portrays Trotsky as the Judeo-Bolshevik anti-Christ. This historic figure as presented in the film series is a crude caricature of the real personality. What is it that motivates Parvus’ scheming? His mode and conditions of life underwent no noticeable change after his “conversion” and he never made any pretense of being any more than a friend or sympathizer of the International. Frank E. Jackson Jr. (born 1965), film director, producer, and writer An alias used by Ramón Mercader (1913–1978), assassin of Leon Trotsky Frank Jackson, fictional … More Notable Events on August 20: 1982 U.S. Marines land in Beirut, Lebanon 1980 Mount Everest climbed by Italian Reinhold Messner, alone 1977 NASA launches Voyager 2 towards Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune 1929 1st airship flight around Earth flying eastward completed Natalia Sedova, Trotsky’s second wife, is treated as a Bohemian in Paris who is captivated by Trotsky’s take-down of Freud at a lecture in Vienna, an event which, like innumerable episodes in the serial, never happened. And in the fifth place, if, as he declares, his private papers would have served to confirm the story he has been telling in general, and particularly his story about the motives for the assassination, why did he burn and destroy these papers just before committing the crime? 23, 16 September 1940, pp. He admits the murder, and explains how he planned and executed it. He is presented as a scheming megalomaniac, the epitome of an utterly ruthless and inhuman “will to power.” No one can escape his drive to dominate and control. A quarter century after the dissolution of the USSR, the Putin regime—which more or less openly promoted this film and welcomed its broadcast on Kanal Pervyi (the most prominent TV channel) as an official event—cannot allow anything approaching an objective and honest portrayal of the October Revolution. During his stay, he had the opportunity to study, thoroughly and on the scene, the details of the investigation now being conducted of the murder – attending, in the course of it, several of the police and juridical hearings of Frank Jackson and Sylvia Ageloff. When Trotsky's bodyguards found Mercader, they began beating him and only stopped when Trotsky himself said, "Don't kill him. During a meeting with Trotsky arranged by Ageloff, Mercader pulled a pickax and plunged it into Trotsky's head. In this anti-Semitic horror story, the answer is insatiable greed. Stalin’s regime, which still sought to present itself as the political continuity of the 1917 socialist revolution, portrayed Trotsky as the agent of British imperialism, German fascism, and the Japanese Mikado. Attached to his chest is a bloodstained cross. The sailor Nikolai Markin (1893-1918) is treated as a buffoonish, drunken semi-gangster (shaking down a pawnshop owner, for instance), who not only helps Trotsky and his family in 1917, but inexplicably has considerable authority among fellow sailors at Kronstadt and among delegates at the Petrograd Soviet. Yes, in general it is possible. Mercader waited until Trotsky started to read the article, then snuck up behind Trotsky and slammed a mountaineering ice pick into Trotsky's skull. A suspect might lie and twist and turn in the hope of diverting suspicion from himself, perhaps inculpating another, and thus obtain his liberty. As for the possibility that it is Sylvia, that can be dismissed instantly. At most, he was a dilletante and a novice. Other characters deserve mention. He knows, as does everyone, that come what may, whether he tells the truth or not, he will be convicted and given the twenty-thirty year-sentence required by Mexican law in such cases. … Nothing in Trotsky attracted me.” This is a confession of artistic bankruptcy. In fact, the main poster advertising the series consists of a frightening image of Trotsky dressed in black and with his eyes concealed by sunglasses in which a hell-like fire is reflected. After Trotsky assures Freud that he has not succumbed to “weakness” and is not afraid of dying, Freud adds: “You know who is not afraid of dying? In the fourth place, Jackson’s story of his revulsion against Trotsky for the way in which the latter allegedly treated the minority faction in the American section of the International, is so thin that it gives way under the pressure of several facts. They deserve, individually and collectively, nothing but contempt. In the serial, Parvus is nothing but a lecherous and money-mad adventurer, seeking to destabilize Russia at the behest of the German government (beginning in 1903!). The lies that were employed to justify Stalin’s terror eighty years ago remain the foundation of official Russian history. In 1897, he was one of the first to challenge Eduard Bernstein’s revisionism, and in 1904-1906 he actively engaged in helping develop Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution. The GPU is responsible for the death of Trotsky’s son, Leon Sedoff, who died so “mysteriously” in a Paris hospital.


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