fezco and ashtray


His complicated persona is especially apparent in his relationship with Jules. The troubled jock has already proven himself to be both physically and emotionally abusive, so it's not too much of a stretch to believe his cruelty might manifest in this way. Originally introduced as Rue's childhood friend, Lexi's lingering looks at Rue have led some viewers to believe there are more than friendship vibes going on.

Ashtray Since the pilot episode, Euphoria fans have been obsessed with the show's kind-hearted drug dealer Fezco and his little bro Ashtray, played by Javon "Wanna" Walton. The idea is that Rue, who serves as the show's seemingly omniscient narrator in addition to having her own storyline, has actually been dead the entire time, and has been speaking to audiences from beyond the grave. Ashtray is one of the recurring characters in Euphoria. Still hanging in there? However, as Nate painted a very grim future of Jules being treated "like an animal" for winding up on a sex offender list, it's possible that he could have been foreshadowing his own fate.

Walton is also set to appear in the forthcoming Amazon drama series Utopia, which has been adapted by author Gillian Flynn from the British original.
Well this is a much happier alternative for Euphoria's main character. 65.8K 2.5K 16. in which, the jacobs family isn't as perfect as they seem 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ PRE-EUPHORIA/EUPHORIA S1!

However, many fans have said that a teen pregnancy storyline is overdone, and would be too easy for a complicated show like Euphoria. He is portrayed by Javon Walton.

As disturbing as his character is, you have to admit that Ashtray is pretty adorable.


Although the actor doesn't seem to interact with it often, he occasionally promotes Euphoria from time to time. It's all for us, all of us. This theory has been explored in great detail, and for the most part, it's pretty darn convincing.

Portrayal This theory is based on the latter idea. graduated from Oakland School for the Arts.

Fezco (associate) Viewers know that there is a slew of dick pics on the dude's phone, and it's possible that some of those photos were taken of minors. **

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Ali, who is in recovery, told Rue to call him when she was serious about getting sober. Walton is a 12-year-old boxing champion and gymnast from Georgia. Those face tattoos, however, are totally fake - Walton gets those etched on with marker on set.

i noticed that when fez leaves to rob the doctor (mouse’s supplier), ashtray stays at home. However, other fans are pretty sure the secondary character is simply lonely, and wants to be there for her friend.

The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed, https://euphoria.fandom.com/wiki/Ashtray?oldid=3941. The idea is that Fezco ran away from home, dropped out of high school, and started selling drugs to get by. Javon Walton

As it turns out, the actor who plays the pint-sized dealer is just as tough as his character. One of the most troubling relationships on the show — and there are a lot to choose from — is the one between Maddy and Nate. Moderator Support Team Queen Z . And, bonus: It's actually based on fact. According to Cloud's IMDB profile, the actor is a newbie when it comes to the entertainment business, and his only acting credit is his role as Fezco on Euphoria. If they are somehow long-lost brothers, wouldn't their relationship be a bit more strained?

He revealed that he had been compiling evidence to get Jules in trouble for creating and distributing child pornography — in the form of nudes she took of herself and sent to him, or rather, "Tyler.". Sort by: Hot.

Seasons Though Nate claims to love Maddy, he has been both physically and emotionally abusive toward her, and in Episode 5 when he was questioned for his alleged violence toward Maddy, he cunningly painted her in a negative light for investigators.

But after a bit of digging, I found Cloud's Instagram account under the handle @anguscloud. However, it's the cast that truly shines, which includes big names like Zendaya, who plays Rue, as well as newcomers like Angus Cloud, who plays Fezco on Euphoria. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above Fezco (Angus Cloud) ... Ashtray (Javon Walton). Yup, he's that fresh. As he explained in an episode of No Days Off, in which he is featured, he got his nickname due to the fact that - since a young age - he's always wanted to do everything. Ashtray may be Walton's breakout role, but it won't be the last place you see the athlete and actor onscreen. Joined: May 2014. Earlier in the season, viewers saw a portrait of Nate's family, which included Nate, his dad, his mom, and two other boys. Unfortunately, she soon found out that her dream guy was actually a nightmare, in the form of Nate, who had been posing as someone else in order to get to her.

But honestly, the dude is so unpredictable, it's not totally out there to believe that he would find a way.

This is a fickle industry.

Cloud's acting chops aside, not much is known about the actor or his personality outside of the show. ET on HBO. That being said, if anything happens to Fezco, who is an actual cinnamon bun, then fans will be prepared to riot at dawn. He is portrayed by Javon Walton.

Rue explained in the episode's opener that Maddy will love Nate despite all his flaws, some fans believe she will eventually turn on him.

**The subreddit will be back on November 3rd at 11:59 pm EST. Though he's sometimes found eating sugary cereals and watching cartoons, he's better known for counting cash, handing out pills, and firing off more expletives than any middle schooler should know. List of fans 01.

NOLA504 02. The latest HBO drama far exceeded the "please don't unsubscribe after Game of Thrones ends" stunt everyone thought it would be.


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