fences act 1 scene 2

He tells Troy that he sold some tomatoes and now he has two quarters. Rose believes Troy did the right thing in taking over Gabriel's money. The second scene occurs six months later; Troy enters the yard from the house and, before he can leave, Rose appears from inside, and says she wants to talk. Gabriel says he already ate with Aunt Jemima.

As Gabe leaves, he sings a song warning Troy to get ready for Judgment Day. 1 Scene two picks up the next day, Saturday morning, as Rose is singing and doing chores, and Troy tells her she shouldn't waste her money playing the lottery. Troy tells her she shouldn't mess around with the numbers – it's a waste of time.

Blackness and Race Relations. He says that when he was in heaven, he and St. Peter ate biscuits every day. Troy asks her why, after months of not communicating, she suddenly wants to speak with him. Gabriel, Troy's brother shows up at the house with a basket. His wife asks him why he's been going off every Saturday, especially since he's supposed to be working on the fence. Gabriel’s propensity for spinning fantasies offers a match for Troy’s tendency to tell tall tales—while Gabriel speaks about St. Peter, Troy speaks about the grim reaper or the devil. Troy displays some guilt for managing the money Gabriel receives from the government. Troy’s anger over Cory’s desire to play football continues to fester, and he unreasonably accuses his son of never working—of never having put any exerted effort into anything—in his life, all because Cory is pursuing a cause with which Troy disagrees.

Rose tells him that Miss Pearl won a little money in the lottery the other day.

Gabe's character is a descendant of the wise fools in Shakespeare whose language sounds nonsensical at times, and at other times provide insight and wisdom.

Troy says he's going to a place called Taylors' and that he'll finish the fence later. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. He starts to sing that he's got plums for sale. She says that Gabriel ought to be in a hospital, where they can take care of him properly.

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Fences: Act 2: Scene 1 Summary & Analysis Next. Troy looks for Cory to help him build a fence in his yard, but Rose tells him that Cory has gone to football practice.

Troy is so concerned with his own survival in his stagnant, disappointing life that he fails to perceive the ways in which his loved ones have learned to cope. Gabe is brain-damaged from a war injury and sometimes thinks he is the angel Gabriel.


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