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Required fields are marked *. SONAMOO: SolBangOol (Pine Cones) / Pearl Sapphire Green SHINee • EXO Members Profile: Suho Stage Name: Suho (수호) Birth Name: Kim Jun Myeon (김준면) Chinese Name: Jin Jun Mian (金俊綿) Position: Leader, Lead … E.G. JPop • Having a fandom name and color is important to many fandoms in Kpop, as it makes fans feel more bonded and unified to share a single identity. @lyncx:disqus Golden Child: GOLDENNESS / – Queen Elizabeth House Inside, Zboys/Zgirls: GalaxZ / – VANNER: VVS / – Chandragupta Maurya Wife, HYOMIN (T-ARA): MIN,US / Pantone 14-1241, Pantone 11-0510 and Pantone 13-0220 We added VAV’s fandom name, thanks for the heads up!

Hey how cool would it be if the color was rose gold?! @p101boys:disqus Zomato Promo Code, DIA:  AID / AIDBLUE and DIARED WANNABLE LOVINGGG!!!! , @HelloApril:disqus VIXX: ST☆RLIGHT (Starlight) / Navy and Shining Gold That’s a pretty comprehensive list but that photo might need some updating! Kpop – Who wore it better? NCT: NCTzen (meaning all the fans are citizens of NCT) / Pearl Neo Champagne BLANC7: PRISM / – Thanks for the heads up, it’s really appreciated! One Man Band Song Artist,

As fans of EXO, We feel that after over a year, we deserve to be given an official fandom name and color to identify with. Do you like its name and the official fan club color (if it has one)? I love all of these names, I couldn’t be happier!!

They announced it on VLive, @disqus_M7S12ZVdRN:disqus Poll: Who is the most handsome DRUMMER in Korea (TOP10)? We had it written in the REd Velvet profile, but somehow we forgot to list it here! Kpop Idols Birthday List + Zodiac sign : Which Kpop idol’s birthday do you share? @myanee:disqus

I just wanted to say that IGOT7 are also called “Ahgase” (which means little bird). Chungha – Pantone 374 C (#B8D992), Pantone 332 C (#78CCD0), and Pantone 358 C (#BE83AB), Thanks They weren't too inspired picking this name! , ARMY’s color is purple. @niabtellesmith:disqus Their fandom name is Ujjung (Friendship) you might know about it. Poll: Which VAV Choreography is your Favorite? AZHDJSL Why is no one talking about the fact that BgA is here??? but its okay as long we could support uri Wanna One by their social media and collecting their official/unofficial item . Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi • Chu Ga-yeol • EXO-CBX • Kangta • Megan Lee • Also, having an official fandom color will better encourage fan support for their idols. Thanks again! 2NE1:  BlackJacks /  Hot Pink Sara Molina Instagram, , HYOMIN (T-ARA) is a solo artist now. Having a fandom name and color is important to many fandoms in Kpop, as it makes fans feel more bonded and unified to share a single identity. Twice • WJSN / Cosmic Girls, A collaborative encyclopedia for the South Korean-Chinese boy band, The poll was created at 14:37 on October 17, 2018, and so far. Saturday: Sunday / Energy Yellow, Cerise Pink, and Royal Purple has a fandom named Beckies! there’s no difference? SISTAR : Star1 (Style) / Fuchsia Sorry for the late reply, we somehow didn’t notice this comment. 1THE9: Wonderland / Lime Punch M.Fect: Mfectable / Bright Cyan and Baby Purple As Melted is one of the greatest Kpop songs ever and they self produce, I think they should get a mention. TRCNG: Champion / – 9Muses: MINE / Purple & Silver Here is a compilation of official K-Pop fan club names and official fan colors.

Aladdin 4, 5URPRISE: – / – Is Allen Solly A Good Brand, SS501: Triple S / Pearl Light Green BTOB: Melody / Slow Blue , Golden Child just now release the name of the fandom, it is Goldenness, For Golden Child’s fandom name, “Goldenness” They released it not too long ago Btw, hi to my co-Goldenness, I noticed that you forgot to put some of the colours for some groups and artists: GFriend: BUDDY / Cloud dancer, Scuba blue, and Ultra violet 3. Disclaimer D-CRUNCH: DIANA / – As for HOTSHOT, can you remember in which vLive they announced their fandom name, since we can’t find it anywhere. JBJ95 (Kenta & Sanggyun): Jjakkung (Meaning Partner or Mate) / Blue moon and Golden treasure Thank you so so much.

15& – dreamers Among The Believers Summary, Your email address will not be published. You want to find out what’s the official fan club name of your favorite Kpop band or to find its official color? Girlkind: Fanforce / Mint Green Really sorry for the very late reply! . Brown Eyed Girls: Everlasting / Yellow & Black it’s nice to see another Black Rose here btw! Mamamoo: Moomoo / – (At concert fans used funny radish themed light sticks) Immaculate Conception Bible Study, , @veevien19:disqus Thanks for the heads up, it has been added! BESTie: BESTiny /  – no colour though, @disqus_M7S12ZVdRN:disqus Their fandom name is MAPSI. 14U: Only U / – Please add AlphaBAT, the fandom name is Alpha, and they don’t have any official colors, BTS não tem cor oficial, eles já deixaram isso claro Momoland • Idoling!!! Orange Poppy Flower, And could you add Holland to the list? High4: High5 / – (they spelled it the first way on her official instagram but that’s the other way of romanizing). H.O.T. UNVS: U.N.U.S / – Yoon Jisung: Babal / Mint, Ivory, Pink Thanks for the help, it’s really appreciated! Thank you for the heads up, it has been added! You can further help this campaign by sponsoring it. EXID: LEGGO (or L.E.G.G.O) / “Eclipse”: pantone 7499c , pantone 7432c and pantone 272c official colour ; none, I’m a very proud Army, Monbebe, Once, Carat, Vip, Ikonic, Blink, Reveluv, Exo-L, Universe, Shawol, Buddy, I GOT7, NCTzen, ELF, Starlight, Wannable and InnerCircle And also i love (G)I-DLE, but they dont have a fandom name yet‍♀️❤️, Kim chungha already have a fandom, it named Byulharang. Kpop Girls • • Fans Are Power For Idols! = CLUB H.O.T. . CNBLUE: Boice (Blue and Voice combined) / Blue .

Their agency always write LEGGO.

ONEWE: WEVE / – Poll: Which Songs Released in September 2020 were your Favorites? IZ: ILUV / Blue Topaz, Clover and Star White This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. Triple S fandom color is Pearl Light Green. IU: Uaena (You love me) / Neon/Lime Green Pearl Aqua Shanwol

Jung Hae In And Son Ye Jin Drama Name, U-Kiss: Kiss Me / Pearl Fuchsia EXO Official Accounts: Instagram: @weareone.exo Twitter: @weareoneEXO Facebook: weareoneEXO vLive: EXO channel Official Website: exo.smtown.com Youtube: EXO Channel. How To Check Wild Area News,

Their Fandom name is HIgh and I dont think they have a color yet, @honeydewykins:disqus Pastel Rose Pink Sone Dreamnote: Page / Joyful Green and Cheerful Yellow WE IN THE ZONE: WISH (We In Sure Your Hearts) / Pantone #9896a4 & Pantone #de4d44 We don’t have a fandom color yet. Former members: Kris, Tao and Luhan. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups Their fandom is VAMPZ. HyunA: A-ing / – (the fans call themselves “White Angels”) / White. Boyfriend: BestFriend / – 24U’s official colors are Glitter Gold and Yellow Gold, please update it! Heartland Definition Geography, Ordeal By Innocence Killer, My Horizontal Life Excerpt, Thanks a lot for the update! My Girl Chinese Drama 2020 How Many Episodes.

and name it after their fandom name??? Although IGOT7 is our official name, Ahgase is used more often. And Monsta X – Mon bebe’s Colours are black and Light Pink(: Sechskies fandom’s name has changed. Sechs Kies: YellKies ( YellowKies ) / Yellow The official fan colors for GFriend has been updated with Cloud Dancer (Pantone 11-4201), Scuba Blue (Pantone 16-4725), and Ultra Violet (Pantone 18-3838). Erin Krakow Height, UP10TION: HONEY10 / Pantone Yellow UP, Pantone Lemon Chrome, & Honey Baek Yerin BLUEs / – Tx, Can you add PRISTINs? Eric Nam fanbase is NamNation.No “official” color yet but his early unofficial lightsticks were blue. Thank you for the comment!

Weki Meki: Ki-Ling / “Cherry Tomato” and “Vibrant Yellow” ONEUS: To Moon / Earth (PANTONE 7691 C, PANTONE 7724 C), Moon (PANTONE P 10-1 C), and White Glittering Space

Oh and they’ve just revealed their official color!! We had it written in the Red Velvet profile, but somehow we forgot to list it here! Thx. Tamsen Mcdonough Measurements, its not babyz. Nature: Leaf / – ITZY: Midzy / Neon Poll: Who owned TREASURE’s I LOVE YOU era.

Lost Guilty and Beautiful MonBebe NU’EST: L.O.Λ.E (Read as LOVE) / Deep Teal and Vivid Pink  , @canadiandraqula:disqus

MOMOLAND: Merry-Go-Round / –

But lol to all new Kpop fans, I know we’re one of the most underrated in Kpop and SM Ent but please don’t pretend that our fandom doesn’t exist, thanks. (G)I-DLE • Or perhaps this is an assumed fandom name like Exotics was for EXO before they officially named the EXO-L’s. it’s no longer DSF but now we are called YellowKies or Yelkie for short , psy-psycho Apocalypto English Subtitles 1080p, Don’t think most of them put much thought into giving the names. Group Fandom Name . Bulldok: Hotdok /  – Entertainment. LOOΠΔ • EXO (엑소) is a South Korean-Chinese boy band produced by S.M. DAY6 • Noona Luvs U/Poetess X. It’s really Babyz! Heyy, I realized that my favourite Kpop group Boys Republic isn’t here… Their fandom name is Royal Family and they don’t have any official colours. The EXO Fandom Name and Color petition to SM Entertainment was written by kimberly Smith and is in the category Plus, does NCT have a fandom name?! ARGON: Arang / – o__o, Are you sure? (the fans call names “White Angels”) / White Having a fandom name and color is important to many fandoms in Kpop, as it makes fans feel more bonded and unified to share a single identity. Oh My Girl: Miracle / Pantone 230c, Pantone 304c and Pantone 461u It’s not really official, but every ARMYs understand ‘I/we purple you’. , Can you add wanna one? Golden V.I.P Target: Wonnie / – EXO-SC's first studio album 1 Billion Views is out now. iKon: iKONIC / Orange-Red (it’s orange when off and red-ish when on) ^_^. Music at GoPetition.

I’ll think not only the group and same to the solo singer, For B.I.G: it is Beginning not Beginning ^^, but you wrote it the same way? Utah Fire 2020, Those are the official colors of EXID. B.A.P: Baby / Spring Green Green IGOT7 Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! NU’EST – in short, PEARL NIGHTBERRY. PSY: PSYcho / Black LOONA just got their fandom name! Kpop Facts


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