eurofox instrument panel

You may not always want to remove the doors, however, and when it gets cool, you can use the standard cabin heater and effective dual fresh-air vents to control cockpit temperature. Many Ultralight Flying! The tricycle gear configuration has a steerable nosewheel. You have to get very close to notice that though, and for this budget title ($8.50 US) the cockpit is superb with typical X-Plane instrumentation fluidity and clarity. The aircraft has wonderful flying characteristics and all the required training and testing can be completed with us. If you select the Rotax 912S engine, you can expect to see this cruise speed at 60% power, says Rollison. Do not fly without proper experience when the wind speed is approaching the limit. However, this may be European ultralight regulation limitation (as they must contain gross weight to 992 pounds). Climb is quite exhilarating.

Wing flaps – handle of wing flaps is situated in middle part of cockpit. An empty EuroFox is hardly a lightweight at 636 pounds. The EuroFox is now available in the U.S. and Canada, and offers superb workmanship with excellent performance at a very good price. The dual-ignition switches are located in the left side of the instruments panel, above the Master Switch. Fuel level indicators are part of each tank, the minimum fuel warning light is mounted as a standard. Deluxe flight and instrument gauges are provided with the basic aircraft. Excellent control authority for crosswind operations. Fast-Guide instructions for use with X-Plane 11 flight simulator. Fuel at 22.5 gallons offers less range than some LSA. Throttle control is performed with a simple push/pull knob, though fine tuning via a Vernier rotation adjustment is planned. Today’s EuroFox is manufactured by the Aeropro company in Slovakia and exported from the Czech Republic (the countries were once joined as Czechoslovakia). During normal operation, the engine is usually sufficiently cooled during the approach and landing. Sold in both kit and factory complete form, the “EuroFOX” comes in several variants including taildragger, tricycle gear, and tundra tire versions. Small tubes at the outboard section of the ailerons are mass balances to assure no flutter will start. Glide is also very strong, reported at 14:1, and my experience during landings reinforced this figure. Enter at pattern altitude 45 degrees mid field, sideslip limits 60 - 110 mph max 65 mph w/ full flaps, check for clear landing site (people, obstacles), Maintain speed of 65-70 MPH until the flare.

A strong glide (14:1 says producer) helps reach fields during landing approaches.
Addresses the questions: “Will a buyer get what he/she expects to buy, and did the designer/builder achieve the chosen goal?”. taxiing speed is 9 mph maximum. Rollison has represented numerous brands over the years he’s been involved in light-sport aviation. Lighting switches are located in the right side of the front cockpit panel. First he represented American brands and later European. Large ground clearance in case of rough field landing. Not determined to have met ASTM standard at press time (though probably will).

Cruise performance: 3.2 - 5.0 US gallons per hour. His Rollison Light Sport Aircraft (RLSA) company has been building a fleet of aircraft for sale from European sources. A nicely carpeted baggage section appears aft of the seats. Peering closer, the bezels and instrument casings are nicely modeled in 3D and cast nice shadows, giving a fantastic feel of depth to the panel, but if you look really, really close, you can see that the internals of the instruments are not actually 3D modeled in that the needles don’t float above the faces. A U.S.-made Whelen strobe light system will cost $850 but the dual landing lights in the nose are now standard and they’ll help tell other pilots of your arrival in the traffic pattern. You may be able to store the bird in a garage stall. A strong EuroFox attribute is the factory-stated glide ratio of 14:1 at 60 mph. The flap lever is a knob forward of the trim lever; both are reachable by either occupant. The fuel consumption and remaining fuel on board should be monitored. Available as trigear or taildragger though the latter may not appeal to all buyers on resale.

Glide is reported at 14:1 and my experience during landings reinforced a flat glide angle.


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