eso the dream of the hist bug
Deleted quest and started over but the same thing happened again! My vision of the besieged village ended and I returned to the Dreaming Nest. Kassandra demands to know what you're seeing, and Famia speculates that you're reliving an ancient Argonian's memories. Hunt and kill the wamasu, Fat Gixthi. Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g.. Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done. I can understand that these things take time to fix, ie test to see if the devs can replicate the issue and then code a fix etc. It's a huge bug that completely blocks progress through the zone. I am having the same issue. Xukas appears to have found something interesting. Myndhal tries to attack Raj-Kaal Druxith, but is knocked down. Quick Summary: written by Tib, not checked I should travel to her office in Lilmoth and see what she wishes to discuss. I should defeat the beast to continue the vision. Explore the grove and speak to your companions. Portals begin to open as the Ayleids arrive. I should speak to him. Bugs feature heavily: "The biggest dream cluster is bugs; flying bugs attacking the dreamer, cockroaches swarming, masses of squirming worms," Deirdre Barrett Ph.D., a … A new mural appeared—one depicting an Argonian village. Nothing helped so far. When you enter the third vision, you find yourself in a chamber beneath a Hist tree, where Sap-Speaker Kuzei and her ritualists are creating the Remnant of Argon. Approach the door to the Dreaming Cave and meet with your party. I should return to the center of the village to see if Raj-Kaal Druxith needs anything else. Approach the next mural to continue the dream wallow. This happens with some quests (and even some world bosses) because of some bugs in ESO's instancing system. The first time I couldn't move for like 1 minute after I took the staff and the quest still said "Defeat the Ayleid Forces". I've logged out and in countless times, reset everything, and am still unable to complete the Shadowfen questline, and therefore Cadwell's Silver. Booted out of dream sequence, Cass takes staff, then am in room alone with no NPCs, am still reeling from the dream, and quest has not advanced. For your dream-wallow." It is part of the Dragonhold DLC.This dungeon (grants a quest) and contains 1 Skyshard, XX chests, Provisioning materials and several Books. Deep down into the heart of xal-Nirn and out into distant lands. Bosses . When you arrive, you'll find Jaxsik-Orrn sitting next to some large flowers. Forsaken Citadel Map . When I came back out again, I was at the entrance to the area, the quest directive had reset to 'Investigate Mnemic Egg' and I was completely unable to access the required area again. I found a sap-speaker and other surviving members of the tribe in the caverns beneath a Hist Tree. ... John Larson is a professor of history at Purdue University and the author of "Laid Waste: The Culture of Exploitation in Early America." Navigate the caverns with Famia. Perhaps I'll find some sign of the Remnant here. Kassandra has requested a meeting with me. I should watch and see what happens. I should investigate this mysterious passage. After this exchange, enter the grove and start exploring. Just a bit of communication here would really help things along. I encountered a party of Ayleid soldiers in my vision before being sent back to the Dreaming Nest. Continue forward until you come across a bone colossus. He will call you over. I should see what he has to say. One of the members of Kloxu's hunting party has gone missing. I should listen to what they have to say. Furious with the Blackwood Company's vile illegal activities, Modryn Oreyn sends the Hero into their base to defeat Ri'Zakarand destroy the dangerously powerful Hist. The Argonian war-chief, Raj-Kaal Druxith, tasked me with gathering four members of the sap-speaker's "sacred clutch." Throughout the dream wallow, you will hear Kassandra's voice more, increasingly annoyed with the concept you're reliving, and impatient to find the Remnant. Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn used the reagents they found to create a potent mind-altering smoke. Same problem here. Kloxu will catch up with you once the beast is dead. Find the survivors of the Ayleid attack. The NPC steals the staff, there is a visual glitch as all the gathered NPC's vanish and the quest prompt goes back to "Defeat the Aylied Forces". Unable to do anything, I abandoned it and tried to go and collect it again. I'm really disappointed that there are no notes regarding this in today's patch. Then Cassandra takes the staff and the quest reads Defeat the Ayleids. As this gruesome scene unfolds, more Ayleid invaders appear from the mists. I should make my way through the rest of the Swallowed Grove. Same here, I contacted to the support team and I did all the steps in order to solve the bug and it was impossible, I too would love to see all the issues with this quest fixed. And my body has taken on the aspect of an unfamiliar Argonian. Douse the flames and set them free, then return to Raj-Kaal Druxith. I didn't see any Hist trees outside. Kloxu and a number of other Argonians are gathered around a campfire. "Hist roots stretch very far, beeko. You are beckoned forth by Raj-Kaal Druxith. The tribal elders, led by Sap-Speaker Kuzei, are creating the Remnant of Argon. I should follow him. Perhaps in finding him, I'll learn more about why I'm here. Hopefully there's a hotfix for this soon. I'm stuck on the plume puzzle. I should seek her out. Bethesda needs to get on this since it seems to be a common bug. Edited by Ethos on February 26, 2019 1:32PM, Edited by Gabe42 on February 26, 2019 4:21PM, Edited by InvictusApollo on February 26, 2019 7:51PM, Edited by Genuine_Venus on March 1, 2019 8:23AM,, I have the same issue and also tried to abandon the quest and redoing it. Explore the past of an ancient Argonian tribe. Bethesda needs to get on this since it seems to be a common bug. After 4 attempts have had to shelve this until it is fixed. Kassandra and Whiptail arrive, having been trailing behind the rest of the group. Nothing fixes it..3 times and still the same outcome. An Argonian called me by an unfamiliar name—Mateem. Can someone help please? An Argonian war-chief named Raj-Kaal Druxith wishes to speak to me. There were at least 5 players stood outside the "Dreaming Nest" going in and out trying to reset this quest with no luck. Can we get some sort of response to this bug here? Something's up with this quest. I should speak to Xukas about what to do next. At least one player had said they tried abandoning the quest and this didnt work either. According to Xukas, Jaxsik-Orrn likely found something interesting. You eventually find Uraz, but he has... company. Take Xukas's suggestion and find Jaxsik-Orrn. When you recover from paralysis and finally awaken, Jaxsik-Orrn has already left to hunt Kassandra down. For the trees in Black Marsh, see Hist. Currently completed all of Murkmire except the main story upto this point. Eventually, Myndhal will arrive. He urged me to meet a hunting party. Exit the Dreaming Nest and follow Xukas through a whirlpool so you may exit the grove. The big problem with the American Dream. Defend the ritual from the Ayleids. Talk to Xukas once you're outside so you can move on to the next quest. Follow Kloxu. Soon enough, you'll come across Xukas in the main cavern. Our destination should be just within reach. Unlike other mmorpgs where you chose one of many servers to create your character on, ESO runs on two "megaservers" (a North American and a European megaserver). Then the vision ends and you are returned to the Dreaming Nest. Follow Xukas and see what he has to show you, then speak with him. I should take the staff. Is there any other way to start this quest? You'll pass by plenty of ancient Argonian stonework along the way. Nothing fixes it..3 times and still the same outcome. Exactly as Ethos has described, far more cogently than I did:) I tried again just now and the quest had reset itself, but the same issue is occuring. A tangle of roots parted to reveal an ancient mural. Where can we "submit a feedback ticket to the developers"? I found the four Argonians. I must protect the sap-speaker from the Ayleid forces until she completes the ritual. It costs 20,000 and can be purchased from Listens-to-Sea in Alten Corimont. Xukas appears to have found something interesting. Stages are not always in order of progress. The cave is filled with the restless dead. You hear the echoes of a conversation in the real world as you cross through the dream wallow... You wake up in a haze to find Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas on the ground, and Famia being lead away by Whiptail.


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