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He has starred alongside Oscar-winners Henry Fonda, Susan Sarandon ... Vincent Schiavelli, selected in 1997 by Vanity Fair as one of the best character actors in America, had made over 120 film and television appearances. what can anyone say? Laurence Kerr Olivier was born in Dorking, Surrey, England, to Agnes Louise (Crookenden) and Gerard Kerr Olivier, a High ... Brian Cox is an Emmy Award-winning Scottish actor. An Oscar and Golden Globe Award nominee, he has appeared in films such as Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets (1973) and Taxi Driver (1976), Ridley Scott's The Duellists (... Ben Kingsley was born Krishna Bhanji on December 31, 1943 in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. 30 year-old British TV presenter/actor/singer James has the same tousled blond hair, compressed eyelids and roughly-hewn, lopsided jawline as the intense and unpredictable heart-throb Pitt. The son of a Lancashire bookmaker, Albert Finney came to motion pictures via the theatre. His father was of Irish ancestry and his mother was of Irish and Scottish ... Sir Ian Holm was one of the world's greatest actors, a Laurence Olivier Award-winning, Tony Award-winning, BAFTA-winning and Academy Award-nominated British star of films and the stage. Czytałem gdzieś, że szła w dawnych latach plotka, że to prawdziwy brat De Niro. When he was six years old, his ... Yaphet Kotto was born on November 15, 1939 in New York City, New York, USA as Yaphet Frederick Kotto. In 1945, he ... An intense, versatile actor as adept at playing clean-cut FBI agents as he is psychotic motorcycle-gang leaders, who can go from portraying soulless, murderous vampires to burned-out, world-weary homicide detectives, Lance Henriksen has starred in a variety of films that have allowed him to stretch... Having made over one hundred films in his legendary career, Willem Dafoe is internationally respected for bringing versatility, boldness, and dare to some of the most iconic films of our time. Grew up in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Maine. There are only two years between Behar and one-time Hollywood certainty Midler. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Den of Geek (1968) and Dr. Heckyl and Mr. His father was of Irish and German descent, and his mother was of French-Canadian, English, and German ancestry. He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant, and later was bestowed the honorary rank of Gunnery Sergeant by the Marine Corps, after he served 14 months in Vietnam and later did ... Anthony Hopkins was born on December 31, 1937, in Margam, Wales, to Muriel Anne (Yeats) and Richard Arthur Hopkins, a baker. He also attended the Actors Studio in New York City, where he studied acting under, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Returns to Movie Theaters for 30th Anniversary Next Month, Abigail Lawrie, Tom Felton, Val Kilmer To Star In ‘Canyon Del Muerto’, A Biopic About Archaeologist Ann Axtell Morris, Abigail Lawrie, Tom Felton, Val Kilmer Board ‘Canyon Del Muerto’ Epic Drama, Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option, Rosy-Fingered Dawn: a Film on Terrence Malick, Weird Sex and Snowshoes: A Trek Through the Canadian Cinematic Psyche. Elias Koteas is straight. Hauer was born in Breukelen, a Dutch town and former municipality in the province of Utrecht.He was the son of Teunke (... Robert Archibald Shaw was born on August 9, 1927, in Westhoughton, Lancashire, England, the eldest son of Doreen Nora (Avery), a nurse, and Thomas Archibald Shaw, a doctor. His parents were both of half Welsh and half English descent. Richie and Hilton were best friends and enjoyers/producers of, Celebrity resemblances can be very fleeting, and it’s really only in, Can’t you just see these two strapping a deer’s carcass to the hood? This “Reese Witherspoon special” doesn’t suit everyone, but Brittany (or Britney, if you haven’t got the energy for that extra syllable) and Gwen carry it off. He died on May 2, 1999 in Valletta, Malta. He has been married to Tessie Sinahon since July 12, 1998. Young Jeremy didn't prove very fond of figures. How much does CM Punk owe his career to Elias Koteas' portrayal as Casey Jones? At first he worked as a stuntman in ... Henry Silva was born on September 15, 1928 in Brooklyn, New York City. He also attended the Actors Studio in New York City, where he studied acting under Ellen Road cyclist, winner of Tour de France and Giro d'Italia, Top 100 Most Desirable Hispanic/Latino Men, Long Haired Hot Guys: 5 Reasons Why Guys Should Grow Long Hair, 5 Interesting Dating Habits of Middle Eastern Men, Top 100 Hottest Blue Eyes Blonde Hair Actors & Male Celebs, Top 100 Hot Male Celebrities with Green Eyes, Top 30 Hottest Male Divers Swimmers of All Time & Fun Facts, Hottest Male Athletes to Heat Up the Winter Olympics, Is Elias Koteas Related To Robert De Niro, Is Elias Koteas Related To Christopher Meloni. Publicité | *boos at the name Koteas* Elias Koteas' reaction to getting his fingers shot off is a cinematic moment for the ages :P, One element that IS an improvement over the original is the introduction of a cop investigating the murders, the great Elias Koteas. From the near-identical hairline to the shape of their faces, It’s hard when a show casts similar-looking actors in different roles, but hunks Browder and Shanks have both adorned. In 1976, Malkovich joined Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, newly founded by his friend Gary ... Offbeat character actor Tom Noonan started off his career in various theater troupes that utilized his skills as a guitarist and composer. He is sexy and many gay men wish he was gay. He was an avid stage actor ... Humphrey DeForest Bogart was born in New York City, New York, to Maud Humphrey, a famed magazine illustrator and suffragette, and Belmont DeForest Bogart, a moderately wealthy surgeon (who was secretly addicted to opium). [3][11] In 2010, he played major roles in Let Me In[12] and Defendor, a Canadian superhero film starring Woody Harrelson. Hype (1980). He won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Deer Hunter (1978), and has been seen in mostly character roles, often ... One of stage, screen and TV's finest transatlantic talents, slight, gravel-voiced, pasty-looking John Vincent Hurt was born on January 22, 1940, in Shirebrook, a coal mining village, in Derbyshire, England. First in La Haine (1995), the young actor, ... Versatile veteran character actor Jonathan Banks was born in Washington D.C in 1947. If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. I LOVE Elias Koteas..awesome acting kills and oh so handsome. Together, these two could kick shit for Kansas. Formerly Yagya Productions, Duke Media has successfully produced critically acclaimed film and television content for more than... A tall, wavy-haired US actor with a deep, resonant voice, Clancy Brown has proved himself a versatile performer with first-class contributions to theater, feature films, television series and even animation.Clarence J. While acting in film, he usually plays ... Duke Media Entertainment, led by actor, director, producer, writer and humanitarian, Bill Duke, is dedicated to bringing quality Edutainment to audiences around the globe. A graduate from Yale's acting school, he founded the Paradise Theatre in 1983, which was instrumental later in his growth as an artist. He was raised by his father after his mother left him when he was four. Né à Montréal, et d'origine grecque, Elias Koteas quitte, à 20 ans, le Canada et l'Université de Vanier pour New York en 1981 afin d'étudier à l'American Academy of Dramatic Arts dont il sort diplômé en 1983. Oh sh!t he just shot House", So,as i am watching this episode,i'm thinking to myself what an amazing actor he is.Everytime i watch him. He became interested in acting and took his mother's maiden name "Drago" as a stage name. Unlike Olivier, who preferred the stage to the screen, Brando concentrated his talents on movies after bidding the Broadway stage adieu in ... Nick Nolte was born in Omaha, Nebraska, to Helen (King) and Franklin Arthur Nolte, who worked in irrigation pump sales. Gary Cole. Il y est repéré par Peter Masterson, qui l'invite à entrer à l'Actors Studio où il sera son professeur aux côtés de Ellen Burstyn. [14] From 2014 to 2018, Koteas starred on the NBC Chicago Fire spin-off Chicago P.D. Préférences cookies | While growing up he always had an interest in acting and stage work, so decided to pursue a career in entertainment. Becky Baker. He is literally the only good thing about this movie. He burst onto the acting scene in 1979, playing the devious leader of the leather-clad gang "The Rogues" in Walter Hill's ... Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer was born in Toronto, Ontario. Tell us what you think about this feature. Early life. During his early childhood, the ... Eugene Allen Hackman was born in San Bernardino, California, the son of Anna Lyda Elizabeth (Gray) and Eugene Ezra Hackman, who operated a newspaper printing press. Since his screen debut as a young Amish farmer in Peter Weir's Witness (1985), Viggo Mortensen's career has been marked by a steady string of well-rounded performances.Mortensen was born in New York City, to Grace Gamble (Atkinson) and Viggo Peter Mortensen, Sr. His father was Danish, his mother ... Michael Ironside has made a strong and indelible impression with his often incredibly intense and explosive portrayals of fearsome villains throughout the years. He was ... Mickey Rourke was born Phillip Andre Rourke, Jr. on September 16, 1952, in Schenectady, New York, the son of Annette (Cameron) and Phillip Andre Rourke. He was born on June 1, 1946 in Dundee, Scotland, to Mary Ann Guillerline Cox, maiden surname McCann, a spinner, and Charles McArdle Campbell Cox, a shopkeeper and butcher. Qui sommes-nous | Sandler’s biopic is at least partly cast: It was a bit less obvious around the time of, Lewis, Eastwood crony and father of Juliette Lewis, shares a lugubrious, jowl-based face with, There’s a certain generic uniformity to the, De Niro gets compared to some absurdly un-like names by teenagers who think all “old people” look the same, but, The slimmed-down and narrower-faced Thurman of the, Famous for playing Daniel Boone and Disney’s Davy Crockett in the ’50s and ’60s, 84 year-old Parker’s last non-documentary contribution to a movie was on the soundtrack of, The original Doctor McCoy has a very distinctive assembly of facial features that rarely crops up in Hollywood. He was married to Josephine Burge and Kate Byrne. Politique de cookies | Some of his most high-profile roles are Tywin Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones (2011), Guy Perron in The Jewel in the Crown (1984), Sardo Numspa in The Golden Child (1986),... Christopher Lloyd was born on October 22, 1938 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA as Christopher Allen Lloyd. Karl Urban is a good face-sake for the, A strawberry-shaped jawline defines the essence of the similarity between Panettierre, who plays Claire Bennet in, Croatian-born Visnjic caused many a heart-murmur as Dr. Luka Kovac in, Oscar-winning actress Connolly shares a sultry, semi-Latin quality with Kirshner, a very soft and retro openness of face and lack of guile. What a joy to meet and work with, briefly, an artistic idol. If you're cast as the hero against Forsythe's villain, then you have your work cut out for... Incisive, gravelly-voiced screen tough guy Powers Boothe was born on June 1, 1948 in Snyder, Texas, a sharecropper's son. He was previously married to Marcheline Bertrand and Lauri Peters. His mother, Mary (Valinsky), ... A talented character actor known for his military roles, Ronald Lee Ermey was in the United States Marine Corps for 11 years. He is the only child of Isabella Mary (Abbott), a secretary to the Dean of Sciences at McGill University, and John Orme Plummer, who sold securities and stocks. Answer Save. He was born on October 18, 1927 in Wise, Virginia, to Helena Agnes (Slemp) and George Dewey Scott. If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Anonymous. Compared at various times to Hayden Christenson and Heath Ledger, With more combined cheek than an elephant’s behind, these wide-faced wonders have both graced the pages of Maxim, with. 10 years ago. Favorite Answer. Después vendrían los peores días de mi vida. Tweet. The new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" its really boring and he is not in the film!!


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