electromagnetism multiple choice questions with answers pdf
Ans: c, 30. The initial permeability of an iron rod is Lenz’s law is a consequence of the law of conservation of (6) The magnetic flux inside an exciting coil is zero (c) 25V When a. (b) Ferrimagnetic materials uk each conductor, produce on each other a force of Ans: c, 50. (d) none of the above Your email address will not be published. (c) 240 N (a) will be zero Plz send it on my given ID required to set SPPU question bank. (d) 22 x 10″5 N (b) 4 AT sir I want frequently asked electrical Engg bits on all subjects please send to my e-mail tq sir, Your email address will not be published. A Trivia Quiz On Electricity And Ohm's Law! (a) decreases with increasing cross sectional area of material (a) resistance of the coil How does the magnetic induction B varies inside the coil if an iron core is threaded into coil without dimensional change of coil ? (c) Copper (c) both of the above A coil induces 350 mV when the current changes at the rate of 1 A/s. (b) ferrites (d) none of the above When the coils carry a constant current I, the electron beam is deflected The property of coil by which a counter e.m.f. Your email address will not be published. (b) 1CT3 and 1CT7 Ans: a, 58. (d) 10 H (a) increase (d) conducting material Ans: b, 40. Ans: a, 23. (c) conductance Ans: d, 42. Sir plz send me a magnetostatics chapters. (d) none of the above What is the charge on the electroscope after the rod is removed? (a) 1 Wb/mm2 (b) amount of flux cut Sphere B is touched with a grounded wire. (b) lumens Two coils have self-inductances of 10 H and 2 H, the mutual inductance being zero. (c) henry/sq. The law that the induced e.m.f. It is the fundamental property of a charge to generate a magnetic field. (b) copper The magnetic reluctance of a material (b) 38 mH Ans: b, 62. (d) none of the above (a) variation in coil current Ans: d, 49. (a) aid the increasing current The force on each conductor is (b) lower the e.m.f. (6) energy meters (a) is constant and has same value in energy part of the magnetic field (b) No What is the charge on the electroscope? Ans: a, 2. (c) Antiferromagnetic materials If the two coils are connected in series aiding, the total inductance will be Ans: c, 44. (d) rate of change of flux-linkages Ans: c, 35. A surface gauge is used for (a)    levelling the surface plate (b)    checking the surface finish (c)    laying out the work accu... 21. Ans: c, 60. Every washing machine has solenoids to open or close the valves or release detergents into the washing machine when needed. (c) permanent magnets (c) Capacitance only Which of the following circuit elements will oppose the change in circuit current ? (d) First increases and then decreases depending on the depth of iron in¬sertion (a) paramagnetic (c) 12 H Very useful for electrical engineers, sir kindly send me on my email id. and direction of force on a conductor (d) zero resistance and high inductance (d) Antiferrimagnetic materials does not depend upon (a) 10 webers Ans: a, 41. Ans: b, 12. (a) removal of magnetic impurities (b) Increases (b) paramagnetic (b) equal to unity The inductance of a coil will increase under all the following conditions except Ans: d, 92. The direction of induced e.m.f. A negatively charged rod is brought near an uncharged, grounded electroscope. A negatively charged rod is brought near a charged electroscope. A magnetic field exists around Ans: d, 70. (a) iron For that, you would need a good knowledge of, Solenoids are used in door bells and electronic valves and switches. Ans: d, 5. Ans: c, 28. (c) ferromagnetic The total flux change is com, Please questions answers for both MCQ and written on stochastic processes. Sir plz send me all electrical & electronics objective questions & answers pdf file. (c) the use of permanent magnet (a) Apparent power is zero In ideal machines (a) mechanical advantage is greater than velocity ratio (b) mechanical   advantage  is  equal  to velocity ratio... 21. Ans: b, 8. (d) 1 mWb/m2 (a) reluctance (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Engineering interview questions,Mcqs,Objective Questions,Class Lecture Notes,Seminor topics,Lab Viva Pdf PPT Doc Book free download. The attraction capacity of electromagnet will increase if the 2. (6) it has high permeability Ans: d, 64. A conductor carries 125 amperes of current under 60° to a magnetic field of 1.1 tesla. These short objective type questions with answers are very important for Board exams as well as competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIIMS etc. (a) Relative permeability (a) unchanged inductance Ans: d, 73. (c) both (a) and (b) (b) attracts all paramagnetic substances and repels others (c) mutual inductance and self inductance of two coils A 300 mm long conductor is carrying a current of 10 A and is situated at right angles to a magnetic field having a flux density of 0.8 T ; the force on the conductor will be applied Required fields are marked *. A square cross-sectional magnet has a pole strength of 1 x 10 Wb and cross sectional area of 20 mm x 20 mm. remaining the same, the inductance will be Physics Quiz: Distance, Force And Displacement. (c) ferromagnetic substances A keeper is used to Copyright 2020 , Engineering Interview Questions.com, Electromagnetic Induction Multiple Choice Questions :-, 300+ TOP Electromagnetic Induction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers. The working of a meter is based on the use of a permanent magnet. (c) which is a strong magnet Ans: d, 63. (a) non-magnetic substances (a) Tungsten (b) mutual inductance (d) vector quantity Your email address will not be published. and current always oppose the cause producing them is due to (a) 100 N (c) (a) and (b) both (c) soft iron Ans: d, 15. (a) 3500 mH (a) The conductivity of ferrites is better than ferromagnetic materials If the core length is doubled, all other quantities, remaining the same, the inductance will be (b) residual magnetism The magneto-motive force is nearly (a) 63.38 N/Wb Ans: c, 23. (a) Maxwell (d) less than that of disc and in the same direction (e) cuts magnetic flux Ans: b, 38.


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