dua for birthday in arabic

Dua of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) for Allah Blessed Him the Good Children. Prophet Mohammad (S. More than being a day of gifts, it is a day of love and giving love back. Dua for birthday in arabic. Happy birthday to you from a heart that cares. Here is the cute collection of Best Dua for Birthday. Best Dua for Birthday.

17. Send Beautiful Dua messages to your friends & loved ones. ) May Allah’s showers of blessings be upon you and all that is yours on this special day and forever. All thanks to Allah for it all. Beyond your aspirations, May Allah shower His blessings on you today and beyond. added on January 30th, 2015. Best dua for birthday in arabic.
As you have loved and cared for me, may your days be long and forever be in Allah’s book of favour. It’s another day for the luckiest and most celebrated person I know. Think of every new day as one day closer to your death. There’s no doubt that many more prosperous years are on the way! Here is the cute collection of Best Dua for Birthday. 16. Enjoy them.

Happy birthday to you.9. My life is blessed to have you and I’m forever indebted to Allah for bringing you my way.


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