does tsuruko like yukiatsu
Or maybe he wants to take revenge on Jinta in a way, because he knows that Anaru loves Jinta, and by saying that they are kindred spirits (they both had to deal with unrequited love, Yukiatsu for Menma and Anaru for Jinta) he wants to show Jinta that he after all can get love, while Jinta can’t (or so he believes). She still likes Jinta, but instead of noticing her feelings, Jinta behaves cold towards her and only pays attention to his own feelings for Menma. classy or...arrogant? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  I'm sure, just like the others, there's much about her character that has yet to be revealed, but as of now I find her very cold. She really did rise in my list as well, catching Yukiatsu like this was dead on right desicion. That feeling was reinforced when they went to buy clothes together. ( Log Out /  I mean, sure, he does call the kid a sex addict, but at the same time, it seems as if he and Menma have remained at the same level of maturity since the time they were kids – like as if time had stopped for them both. He doesn't quite mean it in a bad way. Well he did not say that but it was in that sense. Actually I’d like to think the former point of view, because of one very minor element actually. In the beginning of the series nothing pointed at the fact that Yukiatsu was interested in Anaru. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Actually, IIRC, I think it was Yukiatsu's idea in the first place. So yes, it could definitely be true that they both still are at a stage where they think of love – as Menma beautifully states it – as ‘the feeling when you want to marry someone’. However, later on we get to know that Tsuruko has feelings for Yukiatsu, and she feels envious of Anaru and Menma. She's below Menma, and I love Menma to death. Alright," the girl in front of him decides, her lips almost curving as she closes her fingers, like a flower around its heart. ( Log Out /  Maybe he sees Anaru as a replacement of Menma, which would make sense since he only asks her out after he realizes that he cannot get Menma. The opening scene opens up another perspective for me. This is the expression that kind does look like when Anjou is shy and hesitates in her speaking. He can’t stand the fact that only Jinta can see Menma, and that’s mainly because he realizes that Jinta liked Menma, and he’s afraid that Menma might love Jinta as well. Can someone please recreate the whole childhood situation explaining motives? - Duration: 19:21. For some reason, episode 4 just made me like Tsuruko a lot now. Well it was damn manly of him and like Yukiatsu last episode he becomes Anjou's hero. I would like to do it myself, but frankly I start sobbing even trying to remember this scene. Minato divide chakra com Naruto - Tobirama e Sasuke surpresos com Naruto e Madara fala de Kaguya ! Why did Jintan come to the base if he wasn't supposed to? The characters of the anime series Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day: 1 The Super Peace Busters 1.1 Jinta "Jintan" Yadomi 1.2 Meiko "Menma" Honma 1.3 Naruko "Anaru" Anjou 1.4 Atsumu "Yukiatsu" Matsuyuki 1.5 Chiriko "Tsuruko" Tsurumi 1.6 Tetsudo "Poppo" Hisakawa 2 Other Characters 2.1 Atsushi Yadomi 2.2 Touko Yadomi 2.3 The Honmas 2.4 Mama Anjou 2.5 Aki and Haruna Voiced by: Mutsumi … The first time that I saw them together I actually thought they were a couple (and I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one…). Yukiatsu has personal issues that no one should know about unless they cared to enough to notice. Edit: thanks for the answers, now I finally found Menma! Anime: AnoHana Tsuruko was already showing hints of it, but episode 4 cements her as GAR. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. What did they all want to do? Really liked how she called out to him so he would come out of the hiding. In fact, she is the one who asks Jinta if he loved Menma (probably to be sure). Change ). Before I dive in to the characters, I didn’t realize how common it was for kids to make nicknames out of an amalgamation of their first and second names (a la Kazuto Kirigaya’s ‘Kirito’ from Sword Art Online). I immensely enjoyed this anime, and I can’t help but slightly analyze all the character relationships, because each and every character is bound to another in a unique way. that he really is in love with her. Maybe Jinta might have wanted a relationship like that, where the two lovers can talk freely about anything they want.


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