diy 16mm film scanner

Can you make a reel to reel A to B roll (or left to right ) so that motion picture film can be scanned this way using a time lapse photo system and a simple motor advancing push and pull system that can be adjusted manually or by certain presets like 35mm , 16mm, 8mm, 35mm 2-perf, etcThe systems I see cost $29,000But other smaller systems run on Linux I think it is possible, Reply
If not, you will need to drill holes as labeled in the file. Cut a 12" piece of 2" t-slot aluminum and insert 2 t-slot nuts on the top track and 4 on the lower track (see photo).

I have a quick question.

The gate platform will support the gate and rollers. Reply When I was researching about negative / slide scanners I realized it could be used to scan Super8 and 16mm films, because the scan quality was good and a flatbed scanner could scan many frames at a time. So I can merge the scans in a free HDR software before frame extraction. Clean your workplace, scanner and film before scan work, and while you feed the film, keep cleaning it. To make the shafts, you will need two 8mm steel shafts and 3mm x 3mm key stock. I'd like to see if the plane shutter is still used. Where can we find more information? 6 years ago 4. Any work around for those type of images? A great idea about smartphone, thank you! The important point is to built it very well aligned to scanner edges to get scanned strip straight, not angled. Here is an example. You will have to fabricate your own and its design will depend on the microscope you got. Splice your camera's shutter cable. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

This should be easy to do with rpi or arduino... Amazing job with this project. Color print film might be tricky to do properly. It essentially takes a picture from the live view keeping the shutter up the whole time. I keeped the same locked manual exposure for all the film reel. The one requirement is that the camera you plan to use has a remote shutter cable. It's in storage, what would you suggest to preserve its condition? (Read the exposure tip in the beginning of this tutorial). When you use it, place the blank roller at the center with its bottom on the plane. DIY film scanners. 2: Slide two nuts into each 12" piece. To see a 2400 dpi scanning results go to​28249965. But, if you want to work with low dpi (3200) and output DVD or WEB quality, you can use more area and scan more frames in each scan using scanners with bigger horizontal area, like the V700 and V750, this scanners are a little expensive, but wotking with 3200 dpi it will make things much, much faster for you, reducing about a 8 (eight) hour work to about a 1 (one) hour work. Like Our Facebook Page, Get more updates! I plan to return to Jordan with the Kinograph in 2014 to digitize the films and make them available online.
Andrew Lewis over at Craftzine came up with a triangular wedge cardboard adapter that helps reflect light from above the film. If you have questions regarding this Instructable or the project in general, please contact me via email: on Introduction. Once you have screws going into the standoff from both sides you can start tightening. I found the Kodachrome reacts better to scanning, the scanned dynamic range is great. You will align them with the film later. Today's weekend project is about building a "Portable Smartphone Film Scanner" for less than $5. These cookies do not store any personal information. NOTE: Kinograph is a work in progress and is not intended for use in the field...yet. Today's Deals; Department. But when you're that close you need to make very small adjustments to your camera's position. You can chose low, medium or heavy unsharp mask in EpsonScan software.

Using the diagram provided, make your motor circuit and hook it up to power and Arduino. You mentioned that your dad had his photos in a water tight container which saved them. Let me know if you do! Mount the two plates to the microscope's horizontal platform.


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