digimon world dawn gaia origin quest walkthrough

Return to Union Room, Julia is missing?!

Or click here to search for specific content. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected. For more questions for Digimon World: Dawn check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question. There is 11 altogether and they are all Level 90, making them a powerful opponent to beat. Help on Gaia Origin Quest. Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. Tonpei, Cheetah, and Kenpa are unhappy because you get sent off on an awesome mission and they have to stay and check the systems for damage from the virus. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Go to Union Room in Darkmoon, Let Gummymon in Shine Plaza know that Tapirmon's safe, Stop 3 Dorugamon from digging at Login Mountain, Give fresh DigiJuice to Tapirmon in the farm, Give a medal and trophy to Kyubimon in Shine Plaza, Give a Wing Ring to Penguinmon in Palette Amazon, Have a bad feeling...talk to Penguinmon again, Get a Courage Sign from Inperialdramon Dragon Mode(In Shine S Area), Talk to Lillymon Resitor Jungle (talk to Gabumon), Talk to Lillymon who went back to CITY (Shine N Area), Train with 3 archangels in HighlightHaven, Give the Pink Lipstick to Kokomon in Dark Plaza, Talk to MachineDramon in the Process Factory, Bring Balancer to DarkTyrannomon in the farm, Get a Courage Sign from Imperialdramon Dragon Mode in Dark S Area, Find an L-Mushroom growing in Chip Forest, Get DigiComic back from Kyubimon in Limit Valley, Feed Shellmon in Loop Swamp an AntidoteFruit, Description: Recover KchessmonWH memories in Thriller Ruins, Prerequisites: A "prissy" MetalGreymon is in the farm, Clear "Go to the Thriller Ruins", Reclaim a DigiBattery from BlackWarGrowlmon, Give ingredients to Armadillomon in Dark Office, Find and talk to Shamamon in Limit Valley, Bring Golden Hair to Shamamon in Dark Office, Give a medal and trophy to Grizzmon in the farm, Find an Armor Knuckle in the Thriller Ruins, Rid HighlightHaven of the three Great Demons, Give a Water Pillow to Betamon in Shine Office, Get SP DigiMilk from Hookmon in Sunken Tunnel, Give SP DigiMilk to Sunflowmon in S.W Area, Give a Digideli-Cake to Gizamon in Shine Office, Bring DigiMarine and DigiCoral to Dragomon, Bring Tasty Water to Gawappamon in the farm, Obtain Legs from Gesomon and Octomon on Proxy Island, Go to Shadow Abyss to refuse to duel Zanbamon, Bring an Iron Pillow to Kapurimon in Dark Square, Find an Water Goggles in the Thriller Ruins, Bring an Water Goggles to Guardromon in the farm, Receive SP Digimilk from Hookmon in Sunken Tunnel, Bring SP Digimilk to Sunflowmon in D.E Area, Give a Digideli-Cake to Kotemon in Dark Square, Enter the Tournament in the Process Factory, Get DigiRuby from Tekkamon in Magnet Mine, Bring a DigiPendant to PrinceMamemon in farm, Get Airdra-Data from Phoenixmon in HighlightHaven, Give ingredients to Patamon in Shine Square, Give Biyomon in Shine Square the Pink Lipstick, Give a secret letter to Lilamon in Palette Amazon, Find the Monk's Sword in the Thriller Ruins, Give GorgeousNuts to Deramon in Shine Square, Get Airdra-Data from Goldramon in HighlightHaven, Give Airdra-Data to Phoenixmon in Shine Square, Stop 3 Drimogemon from digging at at Login Mountain, Bring TastyWater to Yanmamon in Dark Square, Talk to Lillymon who went back to CITY (market area).

Speed really helps because both ravemon and sleipmon had over 700 speed and 500 attack so they were able to attack twice before the opponent could.

Holy Species Quest 02: Dorugamon the Digger, Holy Species Quest 03: Refreshing DigiJuice, Holy Species Quest 05: Penguinmon's Lost Item, Dark Species Quest 02: Find the Pink Lipstick, Dark Species Quest 03: Refreshing DigiJuice, Dragon Species Quest 01: Find an L-Mushroom, Dragon Species Quest 02: Interesting Comic, Dragon Species Quest 05: The Assault Balancer, Dragon Species Quest 06: KnightChessmon's Memory, Dragon Species Quest 07: Minervamon Challenge, Dragon Species Quest 08: DigiLove Ring of Love, Dragon Species Quest 09: The Stolen Microphone, Beast Species Quest 01: Red Shoe Material, Beast Species Quest 02: Interesting Digicomic, Beast Species Quest 03: Apemon's Golden Hair, Beast Species Quest 04: The Stolen Awards, Beast Species Quest 05: Penguinmon's Lost Item, Beast Species Quest 06: The Secret Message, Beast Species Quest 07: The Armor Knuckle, Beast Species Quest 08: The Ultimate Cuisine, Beast Species Quest 09: The 3 Great Demons, Aquan Species Quest 01: Find a Water Pillow, Aquan Species Quest 05: Marcobattle Tourney, Aquan Species Quest 08: The Ultime Cuisine, Machine Species Quest 01: Find the Iron Pillow, Machine Species Quest 04: The Magnet Mine, Machine Species Quest 05: ProcessBattle Tourney, Machine Species Quest 06: KChessmon's Memory, Machine Species Quest 07: The Combat Game, Machine Species Quest 08: DigiPendant of Love, Machine Species Quest 09: Airdramon's Data, Bird Species Quest 02: Find the Pink Lipstick, Bird Species Quest 03: Apemon's Golden Hair, Bird Species Quest 04: Dig in Task Canyon, InsectPlant Species Quest 01: Find an L-Mushroom, InsectPlant Species Quest 02: Drimogemon the Digger, InsectPlant Species Quest 03: Save Shellmon, InsectPlant Species Quest 04: Loop Swamp Rumor, InsectPlant Species Quest 05: Stop MKabuterimon, InsectPlant Species Quest 06: Tasty Water, InsectPlant Species Quest 07: Minervamon Challenge, InsectPlant Species Quest 08: The Flower Bulb, InsectPlant Species Quest 09: The Stolen Cards. The Gaia Force is made up of holy and Dark Digimon. After he is beaten, it is revealed that Aquilamon was under the control of the virus, and apologizes for his actions. This article is a stub and is missing information. Farm Quests are important to Digimon Dawn/Dusk. ANSWER. When you find them, the 2 have tried to fight an Aquilamon, but lost. West of Dead walkthrough and guide Gears Tactics walkthrough and guide Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen walkthrough .. ... gaia origin quest. Return to Union Room, Night Crow assembled?! Go to Union Room in Sunshine, Defeated Gaia Origin! Go to Access Glacier, Light Fang assembled?! You fight members of the Gaia Origin in singles or doubles.. Go to Center Bridge, Koh & Baluchimon's plot? Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. If you would like to ne notified if/when we have added this answer to the site please enter your email address. The entire CITY though wasn't so lucky. We will only use this address to email the confirmation for this answer. There, the virus already got the leaders in to a trance too, and it was up to the player to defeat the strange virus.

The mysterious figure escapes with ease, leaving everybody with questions and concern. I beat them with Apollomon lvl70, Gallantmon lvl 50, and ShineGreymon lvl 72. The Gaia Force is made up of holy and Dark Digimon. Return to Union Room, Go to the battle stage of the DigiColiseum, Normal Tournament! It's hard but I beat them with goldramon lv55,appollomon lv82,and dorugoramon lv68.train more for an hour with digimon from transfield. I beat them with an Angewomon level 63, a Shine Greymon level 63 and a Justimon level 48, i beat them with imperialdramon paladin mode wargreymon metalgarurumon, I beat them gallantmon,metalgarurumon,imperialdramonFM, I beat them by using 99 apollomon 99 orphinamon 99 wargerymon 99 gallantmon 99 gryphanmon and 99 imperieldramon paladin and equiped them all with the best equipment. I need help on finishing this quest! Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Go to the Thriller Ruins, Sayo's a good girl ?!


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