did eun yang leaving nbc4

On the mornings I catch Eun Yang sitting behind NBC4’s anchor desk, delivering the morning’s news to us, I always give pause and wonder: what in the world time does she wake up? So just imagine my delight when she happily agreed to let me interview her on being a working mom in DC with a demanding career. Thank you so much to Eun for her positive parting words and for taking the time to talk so candidly about her own struggles and challenges in being a working mom and for providing me a picture to use with this post. Not me. Eun: When it’s really bad, they have designated SUV drivers that will come pick us up. Eun: Haha! I love this recession-proof tip on reducing under eye puffiness – it is fantastic! And if you’re interested in more from me,  for more fun, trashing of the concept of “balance” or really anything else, don’t forget to “Like” the Wired Momma FB page. Tell me when I can find an hour to go to the gym, I’ve got a pair of pants that have needed to be hemmed for over a year, I just have no time to go to the gym or run errands or grocery shop. Allison Seymour just indirectly announced she's going to WHUR.

Eun: No. Anchors have to really know the stories and pay attention, otherwise we just aren’t effective. Did you feel pressure to get back to work after each of your pregnancies, given your demanding field? Wow, I would imagine you’d have live-in nannies and night nurses. I also really like Smashbox Photo Finish, it really smooths out the skin. Sometimes it’s a great day and sometimes it’s a horrible day. Aaron has also contributed as a panelist in Virginia senate and gubernatorial debates. Anonymous: She spent six years on Today - you’re saying she was horrible that entire time? And she was born in the height of the summer, late July, and by then I could only wear flip-flops and was so uncomfortable sitting on set and had to go to the bathroom all the time. So about that 2:30am wake up – especially with high-def TV now – how do you not look exhausted? Yet shouldering the grief of her colleagues and a whole community meant Gentzler would struggle to access her own. I also ate a lot and that made for great commentary. So many want to get the news before they head out and start their day.
But everyone is going to want to know – how long do you splash on the water for – or dunk your face in the cold water? I went into our interview prepared with a list of questions but what I found was how easily the conversation flowed to topics that we all dish on every day and I was so impressed with her willingness to openly discuss her challenges as a working mom and the, sometimes, unflattering reality of revealing 9-month girth in front of the camera. Her recession-proof trade secret in reducing under-eye puffiness will surprise you, as much as her candor on pumping in strange places. Pushed out? I think it’s important to try not to neglect yourself completely and I truly believe it takes a village.

Anonymous: Is she going to Fox5? I talk a lot about work and kids on my blog, I really don’t believe balance is possible and hate the common use of the term. Waking up Washington with a smile! Aaron’s day starts in the middle of the night, as he’s on the air at 4:00 every morning. Everyone loved to comment on how big I was getting and how huge I looked from the side. 12/23/2018 21:56 Subject: Re:NBC 4’s Angie Goff is leaving .

So just imagine my delight when she happily agreed to let me interview her on being a working mom in DC with a demanding career. Sure enough, I went into labor that night. You can store your anti-puff anti-black circle eye cream in the fridge too. I totally agree – it’s really important to monitor what is on TV when the kids are around as they get older. But I also splash ice-cold water on my face. It’s harder and harder to have conversations because he’ll ask questions – these kids can really snuff you out. Becoming a mother really changed me and how I cover the news, I can really identify with certain stories in a different way. Eun: I worked until the very end with each pregnancy. In fact, with my first child, I was working the night before he was born and around 7pm was joking that because of the scheduling shuffle we were all doing, I was going to go into labor. Home; About Wired Momma; Writing Samples & Popular Posts; One-on-One with Eun Yang: Pregnancy Weight Gain, Pumping, Puffiness & “Balance” February 2, 2012. Anonymous: I’ll miss her! Fortunately they only needed to nurse at night for a few months. Eun Yang, Work-Life Balance, Nursing at work, Pregnancy, Balancing work and Kids, NBC4 Morning Anchor, Skincare Tips, DC Working Moms .

Do you think balancing kids and work is possible? Eun Yang is kind of boring. If I’m particularly puffy, I’ll dunk my face for a few seconds, about 5 times. 12/23/2018 21:38 Subject: NBC 4’s Angie Goff is leaving .

All rights reserved, Preparations for Possible Election Unrest. That we are strong, capable, smart and we can raise successful children and have successful careers. Today, Gilchrist commits much of his time to working with local youth organizations and talking to students about the value of education and a strong work ethic. News App. The scene would repeat itself in the weeks and months ahead—the entire Channel 4 newsroom leaning on Gentzler.

Eun: I was really lucky because the station worked with me to make the transition back really seamless. I dragged a pump with me to work and all over the place. But as you know, sometimes the stars just don’t align. Weather App. I thing being a mother gives me a different perspective and provides another element to my work.

maybe they realized they want a different family dynamic. During his time on the anchor desk in Washington, Aaron has guided viewers through tropical storms and blizzards, the retirement trip of the space shuttle Discovery to northern Virginia and the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. Even when your business hours start at 4:30am. Before earning the anchor job, she worked weekend mornings and reported news on scene. There are times it feels heart-breaking, and especially with 3 kids, I just can’t be there for every single thing.


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