designing social inquiry chapter 1 summary

endstream endobj 30 0 obj<>stream They argue that random selection of cases is a valid case selection strategy in large-N research, but warn against it in small-N research. 0000002437 00000 n ;?�#��U�|jx�Ճб:KF�O�����l���ʹ�O�������(�M�F�R�kW��NW��A|hޞ:�;���\� ��U���5�� ����2�y�;G��w�K�� �

The file will be sent to your email address. The central thesis of the book is that qualitative and quantitative research share the same "logic of inference" (p. 3). Rogowski argues that there is too much focus on hypothesis-testing and too much caution against using single observations. You can write a book review and share your experiences. <<85f13152c2c49548893f5b30f50a4223>]>> [6] KKV criticize Harry H. Eckstein's notion of "crucial case studies", warning that a single observation makes it harder to estimate multiple causal effects, more likely that there is measurement error, and risks that an event in a single case was caused by random error.[7]. [9], KKV sees process-tracing and qualitative research as being "unable to yield strong causal inference" due to the fact that qualitative scholars would struggle with determining which of many intervening variables truly links the independent variable with a dependent variable. While gathering data the researcher should consider the observable implications of the theory in an effort to explain as much of the data as possible. 0000009285 00000 n %%EOF

Wadsworth Publishing Co. [2] The book primarily applies lessons from regression-oriented analysis to qualitative research, arguing that the same logics of causal inference can be used in both types of research. KKV reject the notion of "quasi-experiments", arguing that either all the key causal variables can be controlled (an experiment) or not (a non-experiment). Communicating with summaries is often easier and more meaningful to a reader than using all the original data. 1 Goals for today are to understand: 1. Rogowski argues that KKV promotes a form of qualitative social science that is overly focused on hypothesis-testing, and that this limits scholars' questions, cases and ambitions. %%EOF `��3�r�mV�\ֈz�/P8���s`=/N�R4,`z-J8*��ۥ����K����s ���1 І� 0000006218 00000 n Whereas regression-oriented analyses seek to estimate average effects of certain outcomes, qualitative research seeks to explain why cases have certain outcomes. �����?

You can filter on reading intentions from the list, as well as view them within your profile. For the proposal, the researcher uses future tense (e.g.

It may takes up to 1-5 minutes before you received it. [1] Thus, causal inference is not strengthened by expanding the size of N, but rather by carefully choosing cases, whose testing can strengthen or weaken a theory. Chapter 2 - Descriptive Inference 34. While qualitative methods cannot produce precise measurements of uncertainty about the conclusions (unlike quantitative methods), qualitative scholars should give indications about the uncertainty of their inferences. "[8], According to KKV, the rules for good causal theories are that they need to be falsifiable, have internal consistency (generate hypotheses that do not contradict each other), have variation (explanatory variables should be exogenous and dependent variables should be endogenous), have "concrete" concepts (concepts should be observable), and have "leverage" (the theory should explain much by little). Designing Social Inquiry: Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research (or KKV) is an influential 1994 book written by Gary King, Robert Keohane, and Sidney Verba that lays out guidelines for conducting qualitative research.

0000002559 00000 n The Inquiry Design Model (IDM) is a distinctive approach to creating curriculum and instructional materials that honors teachers’ knowledge and expertise, avoids overprescription, and focuses on the main elements of the instructional design process as envisioned in the Inquiry Arc of the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards (2013). �y�U�����XO26�eC���� eT�ш���b^jq�����s�4˗�Tf S�Ij2aNyi=�og��o(��by��/��Jy�*�4S��`Y�I�� q��S<9�=��Ij�Lt���aB�T�q�y��Lz��|aw����.j��7mX��; �A��l�y�����:�l��W�$(P��!f�_��S���L��T�X�-9�Y��4� a%�v٦^�GY[`�)�I��Hү��1�v�J4�Uv� �$�Ӏ�k(_�6�a��*�

"[1] Quantitative scholars such as Henry E. Brady, Larry M. Bartels and David A. Freedman have argued that KKV overstate the strengths of quantitative research vis-a-vis qualitative research. DOI: 10.2307/2076556 Corpus ID: 146898147. Approaches can be integrated. {�;��n^� 3). startxref &� [1], Ronald Rogowski criticizes how KKV treat qualitative social science research. 0000010259 00000 n 0000020658 00000 n Your reading intentions are private to you and will not be shown to other users. 0000013829 00000 n endstream endobj startxref Chapter 1: The research design is the entire process of conceptualizing the study to the writing of the report. 0000002593 00000 n 19 0 obj<>stream It may take up to 1-5 minutes before you receive it. “The purpose of this study is to…”), whereas in the dissertation, the chapters are revised to reflect past tense (e.g. G�";�\���_�&��?�x��n6}:�aU ��s�횱|�,8�s����Ҿ�����[���ӿL޳��/�V��d����$��#�忕�ԯ��2u��ș��}=@�����e�e=��J���+�%�˵�Z�Wwd�Ƒ��b�u��pX֫��(�^k�}���!UTi�M�8�_mH(�����. Here's an example of what they look like: Your reading intentions are also stored in your profile for future reference. It makes it easy to scan through your lists and keep track of progress. KKV argue that "the single most serious problem with qualitative research in political science is the pervasive failure to provide reasonable estimates of the uncertainty of the investigator’s inferences. ��Q�An���cy�p�Z�"����������G�`��&i�v�f�t^�gnt��pp�lp���I��3�8C�����x���=N�oy���VM���ؔZA^B�P]�ۻ=%hA�@�m�)��*�S���t|��������>8SGS�g��6��-���QQ Tz��A�,�v��Ӓ-TPnEb@z(��$܍K�-܁�f������.��&�I|�,��؝q���xN0����B5\����@�nk:��X�q���}��-K���\�U$gU\��oi2)R����#����vN���7�Ȟ�2u���J̱�e���B�އ�}��l ��#]ŀ�q9B2�d�>֯��}��k��&�0;���B���b���a� R2� 0000001011 00000 n 1 Chapter 1 Human Inquiry and Science Chapter Outline Looking for reality Ordinary human inquiry Tradition Authority Errors in inquiry and some solutions What’s really real?

0000020419 00000 n [10][11] John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt argue that International Relations scholarship has shifted away from crafting and refining IR theory to "simplistic hypothesis-testing", in part due to the influence of KKV in political science graduate programs. Designing Social Inquiry CHAPTER 1 ... Each summary in this model reduces all the data (four numbers in this simple example, or our knowledge of some aspect of European history in the other) to a single number. }, author={Robert R. Alford and G. King and R. Keohane and S. Verba}, journal={Contemporary Sociology}, year={1994}, volume={24}, pages={424} } “The 0000008240 00000 n 0000001946 00000 n The primary problem is that qualitative research lacks a sufficient number of observations to properly estimate the effects of an independent variable. Verb tense is an important consideration for Chapters 1 through 3. “Qualitative inquiry represents a legitimate mode of social and human science exploration without apology or comparisons to quantitative research (p. 9).” Chapter …

“Narrative inquiry is stories lived and told,” said Clandinin and Connolly (2000, p. 20). 0000002832 00000 n

17 24 In Chapter Two of Creswell’s book, Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design, the author emphasizes the affect our personal beliefs and philosophical assumptions can have on our specific research.

), Explaining War and Peace: Case Studies and Necessary Condition Counterfactuals). 17 0 obj <> endobj

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