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Multiple, competing factions of Decepticons roam the galaxy. Evil, Eviler Than Thou, Enemy Mine, Villain Team-Up or Big Bad Duumvirate, but it may be the case that none of the villains have anything to do with each other, and may not even be aware of each other. It can force The Hero to face a range of different challenges - for example, maybe one villain seeks to Take Over the World while another is a more personal enemy from his past, though it's possible for both Big Bads to have identical goals without making the story any less interesting. Contrast with Villain Exclusivity Clause when only one villain is allowed and Villain of Another Story, where other villains appear but their conflicts are not in focus. complex plans that intersect and are hard to keep track of, The Dinosaur Empire is the underdog in this fight, gladly take out anyone who either works with them or gets in his way, the more personal villain that the heroes fight, Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide, The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, admits defeat once it's clear he's out of angles to work, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree, responsible for creating it in the first place, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, playing the two of them against each other, manipulate them into fighting it out for good, nail Jean Valjean for a crime he's repented for dozens of times over, end up occupying St. Aegolius' base of operations and drive its surviving members out, the Army's leader, the Phantom-lord Grogna, Jagganoth has gone rogue and has tipped the balance, The Four Emperors, with their respective crews, are the most powerful pirates in the world, ruling the second half of the Grand Line, the New World. Miles Warren. See also Rogues Gallery, which is similar but usually forces established villains to act as Monster of the Week. Three out of the four that are the most villainous and antagonistic, as well as the ones with the highest resumes, are, This changes in the Wano Country Arc when Kaido and Big Mom fought in Onigashima. Subverted when it turns out that both Thorn and de Vrailly are being manipulated by the true Big Bad, Ash. Stopping him has been the Order's goal from the very beginning. However, he has been confirmed to return in book five of the Omen of the Stars arc, and Tigerstar is still around, He is later succeeded by his far more ruthless brother, pirate king, but none of them lasts beyond the first book, Who's something of a decoy; it's a desperate Orrin who takes over as the antagonist. This is cropping up again in the new, Post-War. Scratch was manipulating everybody, including the other villains, and sacrifices himself, leaving his master. In the end Zarc takes over as the, CCG Chairman Tsyneyoshi Wasshu, the head of a, It’s eventually revealed that his rival is not Lucy, but the, end up invading (or, in Iscariot's case, crusading into), an undead Swamp Thing, which believes itself to be Nekron, Tarn and Galvatron are dead, with the latter's army now working together with the Autobots full-time under Soundwave's leadership. The Sorting Algorithm of Evil may be either avoided — if all the Big Bads are equally powerful and dangerous — or inverted, if some are more powerful and/or more dangerous than others. The four Shadow Admins—Sleight, Joker, Ace, and Bounty. The success or failures of one Big Bad can affect the fortunes of another, as they may have to consider each other in their plans, or might try to profit from another's defeat. Chaos is killed off-screen by White Mage instead, saving the world and setting up the Dark Warriors as the ones who defeated him. In the beginning, Garland seemed to be a joke villain who had a greater role in the story. Both factions of Denarians want him either dead or. The hero might defeat one villain before fighting another, or might regard one as more dangerous or important than the others. The Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission is a. Doflamingo has actually been confirmed for the mastermind behind the Punk Hazard, but he's actually operating alongside Kaido. And the Functionist Council, previously destroyed by the Great War, is given new life and free rein over a newly created parallel timeline. Having multiple main villains can bring new dimensions to the story and make it more complex and less predictable. The Chicago Mafia definitely has plans to have him killed. Romulan ambassador to the Federation Nanclus, technically her husband's Dragon, albeit a, the most visible villain of the middle three books, and easily the most psychotic and depraved of the entire ensemble, if ultimately a rather clumsy and obvious foe, only lasts two books, but his actions very nearly set the stage for, who builds up slowly across the series, but is the ultimate final villain and most dangerous threat to the world at large, this supporter is NOT the titular prisoner Sirius Black but rather Ron's pet rat Scabbers who is actually a man called Wormtail and whose crimes are revealed during a plot-changing chapter, Sol leaving. When there are so many Big Bads involved that one needs a score card to keep them straight, this is The Big Bad Shuffle. Gerald Hikari, who orchestrated a mass devastation in Unova at the same time that Ford's Agent, Maddison Hayes, was acting to make the Unovan government acknowledge the Rocket-Liberty War. Remember this must be simultaneous — if a new Big Bad arises only after another is defeated, then this does not count; that’s Arc Villain. Sasuke kills Danzo and helps his brother take Kabuto out of commission, and Tobi forms yet another duumvirate with his. Lord Xykon is the most prominent throughout the story, though he might not be the ultimate big bad. The post-Dark Cybertron comics see another realignment after Megatron's defection to the Autobots.

He has been, the total destruction of the Red Court, the deaths of two Kemmlerites, and Harry. Starscream attempts to consolidate control over Cybertron and annex the lost Cybertronian colonies.

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BigBadEnsemble. The Fiends, who were teaming up in Hell as they were killed. In the end, it is revealed that the White Widow was actually collaborating with the CIA from the start, and Walker is the actual identity of John Lark, with the real deal being framing Ethan in exchange for Lane providing him with nuclear bombs.

The story features two or more Big Bads, each of whom has their own distinct agenda and resources.

Getaway wrests control of the Lost Light away from Rodimus and sets himself up as the successor book's primary known antagonist, To return to Earth and make his claim of world domination, still wants Earth to be assimilated into Kheran Empire, just not as slave race, Olivier Queen, Barry Allen and Arthur Curry are quickly dealt with but Diana Prince and John Constantine are a much bigger problem, are faced by Luke in two consecutive climaxes, /Gloriosa Daisy, who can be described as a, Hennessy set the plan in motion but didn't intend for people to die, Smaug is killed by Bard and Sauron is forced to flee back to Mordor, leaving Azog as the main villain as he leads his army of Orcs against the Lonely Mountain, another one of those siblings and is also trying to kill Jupiter, rogue MI6 agent who's gone completely off the grid and took over an unsanctioned branch the agency and plans to secure funds from the prime minster as a means of expanding The Syndicate. The Red Court of vampires wants him dead. Imu, the true leader of the World Government who they, Both were beaten by Yuma (through Dr. Faker was the final boss of the first arc), both reformed and both controlled by the bigger bads, the Barians, That is until he's revealed to be Natsu's, Moon Dragon God Selene throws her hat into the ring later on as a, bring back the original dimension and his daughter Ray and has been declared on all of reality to do so. Redcloak is really. Though the guy on the left does team up with him. The Dark Warriors.

The Imperium, Eldar, Tau, and Necrons would, After the Sheriff's demise and the activation of the Improbability Drive in "Madness Avenger", three villains emerge to oppose our protagonist in. The Handler is a high-tier member of The Commission and the boss of Hazel and Cha-Cha, who sends them after Five to cause the end of the world. Nigel the Cockatoo and Big Boss serve as this in, Unlike the previous school years, during the events of, King's Landing has the two resident Chessmasters, Beyond the Wall you have the wildlings, lead by former Night's Watch ranger Mance Rayder, who are trying to invade Westeros in order to flee from The Others, a, By the start of the sixth book, the only faction leaders in Westeros who are both unambiguously villainous and powerful enough to actually matter are Roose Bolton and Euron Greyjoy. proving capable of surviving what until then had been, —for the first arc, though they all eventually took a. Swedish writer Simona Ahrnstedt gives us three villains in her debut novel. gain control over the majority of the most powerful heroes in the world. They do, at a point in time they're woefully unprepared for it. See also Gambit Pileup; something that usually results from this trope when the big bads plot against each other for power in the same way they plot against the good guys, which can also sometimes result in a Mêlée à Trois between the heroes and the two big bads. The Ancient Darkrai, a group of Darkrai so powerful that in ancient times they managed to almost usurp Arceus himself and have returned to take over the world for real this time. Issue #2 has Norman and Dr. Along with his. Later defeated along with his followers, after three years real-time of slowly taking over Hoenn and Sinnoh. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Sarda, the biggest threat whose motives were hidden, but came across as a. The Other is probably the most consistent threat in, As the story goes on, however, its perspective expands, and we are introduced to the world-scale. Organic led galactic governments also threaten Cybertronian and mechanical life across the galaxy.


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