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No pre-orders. We offer new custom keyboards, repairs, service, upgrades, and parts for all mechanical keyboards. Huge applause goes to Hauke for hooking me up with mechanical keyboards, my colleagues at the office that suffer from the clicky noise, and Julia for all the excellent photos. We keep a wide selection of prebuilt and upgraded brand name mechanical keyboards in stock to fit every need - gamers, coders, and more! Terms of Use Privacy Policy Change Ad Consent Advertise. Brand isn’t too important as long as you lubricate them before you install them, otherwise some of the cheaper options can get quite noisy. Mechanical Keyboard Guide Reviews Our Process Meet the Team, German engineered Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches offer superior typing feel and performance. Choose between 9 different switch actions for something that fits you. Because switch choice is such a personal thing, you need to know how each switch feels to make the best decision for yourself. Looking for a a better way to pad your stabilizers than cutting up Band-Aids and sticking them all over your new mechanical keyboard’s PCB? It's entirely possible to get everything you'll need from them, but their keycap selection leaves much to be desired. This piece from cant_remember_old on Reddit combines their love of Super Smash Bros. and mechanical keyboards. If you're not willing to wait and you're prepared to spend whatever it takes, Originative offers a wide variety of keysets from high quality brands like GMK and Signature Plastics. 1UP Keyboards is another one stop shopping destination for mechanical keyboard parts. If, however, you are looking for something a bit more unique and with a wider range of compatibility, you'll need to look elsewhere. They provide a tactile bump on actuation while still being tame enough not to interfere when gaming and quiet enough not to annoy your neighbours. KBD75 V2 75% Anodized Aluminum Case - Gray (KBDFans) $125.00. (shipping only! Learn more about the people that make your custom keyboard dreams a reality! Case; Board; Welcome, Bonjour, and Moin! The good news? If you enjoy our content, please consider subscribing... You need to be a member to leave a comment. Inspired by the design of 90s Apple keyboards. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. The numpad is switched over to the left, and it has Overcast DSA keycaps. By reducing the size of some keys and offsetting their positions, you can make room for the extra keys. We'll start off with a custom board from a designer featured in the aforementioned keyboard article, MiTo. Custom Keyboard ... 60% FROSTED ACRYLIC MECHANICAL KEYBOARD CASE. This keyboard is from GeekHack forum user kurplop, and it's entitled Planet 6. These four attributes make for a wide range of different feeling switches. Mechanical keyboards can be very expensive, but they don't often look as expensive as this one which combines a number of parts from Massdrop like the KBC Poker II keyboard and the Zinc Gold Tone 37 keyset. The differences between the way two different switches feel when pressed are determined by the actuation point, release point, spring weight and whether or not the switch is linear or tactile. While the popular gaming brands have pushed the awareness and adoption of mechanical keyboards into the mainstream, compromises on quality are almost always made in order to lower prices. Most off the shelf keyboards don’t offer the ability to reprogram each key’s function and with the ones that do, your remaining components are limited to whatever choices the manufacturer has made for you. Together with the shopping list, you have all you need to start building your custom mechanical keyboard: If you are ready to tackle this adventure, head over to the shopping list! Cases are usually available in one of 4 different materials. Shipping, taxes, and discount codes calculated at checkout. For soldering switches, 63/37 rosin core solder comes highly recommended. Choosing the right places to buy your parts from can be pretty difficult if you've never built a keyboard before. I love to build luxury boards in my free time and I would love to build yours. © You don’t get many of the vibrant finishes that anodized aluminum cases offer. Have fun! Upgrade Keyboards specializes in custom, hand built mechanical keyboards. This is definitely not limited to adding arrow keys but it is one of the most common non-standard layouts offered in the 60 percent format. We’ve got a deal for you! Visit our corporate site. There are a few downsides when going this route. It was found on a list of 100 keyboards on the Mechanical Keyboards Subreddit. If you prefer something a little less customized, but still want to aim for perfection, then shop our upgraded mechanical keyboards. Upgrade Keyboards can take your current keyboard from run of the mill, to extraordinary. When you’re starting any DIY project you need to know what parts you need to buy. New York, These are usually a small box with a variety of different switches mounted. The first really out there keyboard on the list is this vertical beauty which was designed because GeekHack forum user yesguchi thought it might ease his wrist ache problems. Cypress, TX 77433 Other than cost, the main downside is the effect on acoustics. Kits, parts, accessories, switches, custom builds, group buys and more! Custom Keyboard translation missing: en.layout.navigation.expand. It also provides a premium look and feel that you won’t find in plastic cases. If you have a 60 percent case for example, you may decide that you still need dedicated arrow keys. This is a very basic tool and any model will do. Be sure to pick up a solder fume extractor. Many companies sell switch testers that you can buy. Many PCBs allow you to change the layout of your switches in a way that allows for this. We recently had a self-confessed mechanical keyboard obsessive introduce us to the world of custom keysets, fancy switches and soldering your own board. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. More keyboard sizes added all the time, so check back often! You can find some good options this way but it's much easier if you can get multiple parts from the same source. Sounds great, right? Aluminum is the most expensive option but offers the strongest platform for your keyboard. It is also possible for the sockets to become damaged or pull out of the PCB when removing switches. Core i7 vs. If you're looking for basic keysets to get your board up and running, either of these stores will have you covered. It's made out of an old ASCII GameCube controller, and both the controller and the keyboard work. my name is Bryce and I am a mechanical keyboard enthusiast from Pennsylvania. Choose from over 1,000 mechanical keyboards and accessories with the world's largest dedicated mechanical keyboard catalog and knowledge base. It allows your inputs to be sent to your computer and controls which switches perform which functions. Plastic cases are still plenty strong and less likely to show scratches. Click on a swatch to set the color of the selected key(s), or Ctrl+Click to set the text color. Add in the bright colors and the nice mahogany spacebar, and you've got an exciting looking keyboard. If you want to dive deeper into the differences between switches be sure to check out this guide. There was a problem. Done. The last thing you want is to sit down with your soldering iron only to realize your missing an important piece. Welcome, Bonjour, and Moin! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Some people prefer this, but it’s something to bear in mind. They can be had for under $100 and will keep you safe. WASD Keyboards offers custom mechanical keyboards, custom Cherry MX keycaps, and other mechanical keyboard accessories. Losing the requirement to have legends on your keys significantly opens up your options with non-standard layouts especially if you go with a non-sculpted key profile like DSA. They function exactly as their name implies, keeping certain keys like your shifts and space bar from wobbling around when you press them. This website uses cookies. You guys are the best! Kits, parts, accessories, switches, custom builds, group buys and more! Create the perfect desktop with our premium keyboard accessories. – Our storefront is not open yet). But you can also end up with a one-of-a-kind keyboard that you love. MAX Keyboards offers custom mechanical keyboards, custom Cherry MX backlit keycaps, and other mechanical keyboard accessories. Massdrop is a great way to get more expensive and limited run keysets at significant savings if you're willing to wait for them to drop and ship. It’s also important to select the right size for the job. Click on a swatch to set the color of the selected key(s), or Ctrl+Click to set the text color. German engineered Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches offer superior typing feel and performance. Custom Keyboard translation missing: en.layout.navigation.expand. KBDfans PAD Custom mechanical keyboard DIY kit. 60% Bamboo Mechanical Keyboard Case (KBDFans) $64.00. That's over 324 quattuorquadragintillion (3.24E+137) different combinations! If you’ve gone with a non-standard layout, you’re options are greatly diminished. The best keyboards around don't stop at our list of best gaming keyboards. With that said, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” holds true here. While the big gaming brands have pushed the awareness and adoption of mechanical keyboards into the mainstream, what if I told you that every part of a keyboard can be customized? This typically comes down to budget and doesn’t impact the functionality of the keyboard. While you have already determined the size of your keyboard, your PCB choice offers many options for the layout. There are six components you’ll need to put together a functioning keyboard along with a USB cable: All of these parts have a wide range of options to personalize your keyboard and many options for one part can determine or limit your options for another. Of course Escape is the Don't Panic key. If you excel at touch typing, there is another much more cost effective method—blanks. – Our storefront is not open yet). Buy a fully custom built keyboard and forget all of the sacrifices you've made with other brand names. It also makes the final product look nicer and comes in a variety of materials and finishes to add another personal touch to your build. Once your have decided on the size of your keyboard, you need to decide on which material you want your case to be made from. NY 10036. Receive news and offers from our other brands?


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