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Federal Premium Ammunition's new HammerDown ammo. AK ammo has a lot of this kind of ammo and it's cheap to shoot just like the steel cased ammo for AR but you Still need to clean you weapon afterwards. LG3571 / 357 Magnum 170 grain, 20-count / $24.99, LG327F1 / 327 Federal 127 grain, 20-count / $30.99, LG441 / 44 Rem. Production runs 24-hours per day, seven days per week. [6] The Federal Premium complex in Anoka has four different factories with a floor area of at least 700,000 square feet. Magnum. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jun 22, 2010 #1 . We also run the spring, bolt, and piston through the water. Some of the machinery in use at Anoka dates back to the 1940s. johnlives4christ Former Guest. Magnum 270 grain, 20-count / $28.99, LG30301 / 30-30 Win. Not sure what centerfire or primers are? Over 1,000 employees work around the clock seven days a week in their Anoka, Minnesota factory churning out shotgun, rifle, handgun, and rimfire ammunition. Make precision personal with our wide selection of custom rifle loads. If your sink can’t fit a gun or can’t get as hot, just boil some water and run it through. It was originally patented by Federal Premium bullet designer Tom Burczynski. Velocities of all-new Federal Premium HammerDown loads are customized to produce superior ballistics and terminal performance through lever-action barrel lengths. Federal Premium Ammunition is an American ammunition manufacturer. To do this, we use modified case geometry to eliminate any feeding issues. I have around 1000 rounds of Federal .556 and its been stored in a metal military ammo box for some time. Our favorite ammo for our AK’s is the Yugo M67 shown above which is only mildly corrosive and also non-magnetic. The ammo is heavily tarnished or lightly corroded, with the brass looking like the Statue of Liberty before it was cleaned off. Available in the most popular lever-action cartridges, including 30-30 Win., 357 Magnum, 327 Federal, and 44 Rem. Until shortly after the election of 2016, 1,400 worked for Federal Premium in Anoka. Click on a term to search for related topics. If the solution sits for an extended period, it can separate. I have a LOT of METAK 7.62x39 and I flush with hot soapy water each day when firing. Combat, Duty & EDC: What’s the Difference? We’ll be using an AK pistol for illustration purposes, but this overall method can be used for anything shooting corrosive ammunition. Vital-Shok Trophy Copper", "Is The .327 Federal Magnum The Best All-Purpose Magnum? Cartridges using Syntech bullets also use special primers and clean-burning propellants to further minimize carbon fouling. Federal insisted on extremely tight tolerances. Period. I keep spraying and using nylon brushes until the runoff is clean and appears the same color as the Ballistol mix. Results of our Off-Duty Weapon Survey. Functions flawlessly in side gate loading and tubular magazines, Modified chamfered case for easier feeding, Bullets optimized for better terminal performance out of lever-action rifles, Designed in partnership with Henry Repeating Arms, Bullets provide best-in-class expansion and weight retention on impact, Increased velocities and performance in pistol cartridges, Nickel-plated cases for corrosion resistance. Hydra-Shok was introduced in 1988 after the FBI requested a bullet with better terminal ballistics than traditional cup and core projectiles. I use Ballistol mixed ten parts water to one part Ballistol. Proven performance. ANOKA, Minnesota – October 14, 2020 – Federal Ammunition is proud to introduce the industry’s only ammunition truly designed for optimal cycling and overall performance from the time-tested, lever-action rifle platform. Our ammo comes in standard packaging, as well as our Prepper packs which protects your ammo from moisture, air, and corrosion. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Then I spray the bore one last time with the Ballistol mix to be certain all corrosive salts are gone. Example for the first one is as noted M67, which I left one time for about 12 hours without touching the rifle, there was actually no surface rust at all. IMG Federal Ammunition. It depends on the primers and whether or not they leave behind salts when fired. $1.3 billion in 2010) to build and operate the $30-million Twin City Ordnance Plant (TCOP). Exhibition shooting helped bring these brothers together and send them down a path all their own. Correction, no such thing as "mildly corrosive" it either is or it isn't corrosive. AMMO, Inc. With a 3.75-inch test barrel, HST 380 Auto Micro ammunition achieves a muzzle velocity of 1,030 feet per second, a velocity of 990 feet per second at 25 yards, and a velocity of 950 feet per second at 50 yards. Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by johnlives4christ, Jun 22, 2010. Get the most of rimfire with loads that offer both accuracy and violent expansion on impact. Sort By. We field strip our AK and put it under the tap with really hot water and just let it sit for a few seconds. Home ; Ammunition; View as Grid List. [2] Federal ranked 59th among United States corporations in the value of World War II military production contracts. Once the runoff is clean, I push a dry patch through the barrel. I have a Mosin-Nagant that I shoot occasionally, can't get that thing in the sink not to mention the wood stock. Change the title. … Fishing in an ordnance dump somewhere? These salts attract water from the air and we all know what happens with water and metal and salt. At home, I scrub the affected parts with a nylon brush to loosen any firing residue and wipe dry with a clean shop rag. In 1988, Pentair, a diversified manufacturer based in Minnesota, agreed to acquire FC Holdings Inc., the holding company for Federal-Hoffman, for $175 million in cash and the assumption of debt. This year, the company expands that product line by introducing Clean-22 Suppressor 22 LR and Maxi-Mag Segmented Hollow Point (SHP) 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR). All rights reserved. Lots of surplus and Combloc rifles have wood furniture. As a last step, I lightly oil the barrel and other parts with a patch coated in Break-Free CLP for storage. Per BoxFederal Game.. $8.99 Add to Cart. Federal Premium claims that the scored jacket and center post design provide a "programmed" expansion. Thanks, Shipments of this product have begun to arrive at dealers. 327 Federal Mag - Factory Second American Eagle Ammo JSP: 100gr: n/a: 50 $ 29.99: $0.60: MidwayUSA. Suggestions for improving the process appreciated. [22], "Federal Cartridge Company: Federal Premium Ammunition's 90th year of booming business", "Federal Premium Ammunition Bringing Back Popular Barnes, Nosler and Berger Loads", "Federal Ammunition on Why Bigger Is Better", "You may not know Anoka company Vista Outdoor, but you know its brands", "Vista Outdoor : Federal Launches Virtual Shows for Its Buy Group Partners and Distributors", "U.S. Army Awards Federal Premium $13.8 Million Ammunition Contract", "Federal Premium's HST 380 Auto Micro Ammo – Redefines Compact Protection", "9mm Ammo Quest: Federal Premium Hydra Shok", "Federal Premium's new .30-30 Win. Crafted specifically for carbines. FREE SHIPPING WITH ORDERS OVER $149 View Details. For long-term storage, I wipe down the parts with Eezox. 5 Best Pistol Red Dot Sights [Real-Views + Video], 6 Best AR-10s [2020]: Complete Buyer's Guide, 7 Best AR-15s: Ultimate Guide [2020 Hands-On], 11 Best Concealed Carry Guns (By Popular Caliber) [2020], 6 Best Home-Defense Tactical Shotguns [Hands-On], Hi, I'm Eric Hung and I got into guns when I was around 25 and started with YouTube videos, scouring forums, and eventually taking a bunch of classes. These shows focused on the features and benefits of new Federal products and were offered as a service to its end customers and resellers. [12], Hydra-Shok ammunition has a patented center-post design and notched jacket with a non-bonded lead core. The dealer at Knob Creek had ammo in this condition in several calibers, and had me wondering where he obtained such a mass of dirty ammo. 22 Long Rifle Federal Game-Shok Ammunition High Velocity 40 … 2. Well most of the surplus ammo is corrosive, but there definitely is "mildly corrosive" and "horrendously corrosive". So what makes some ammo corrosive? The bullets are copper jacketed, BTW. [13], Federal Premium announced a .30-30 Winchester version of its Vital-Shok Trophy Copper ammunition for medium-sized game in August 2015. “We also ensured feeding performance in all lever-action rifles: tube feed as well as side gate firearms. Omaha Outdoors … Gas tube was orange, and to this day I can't seem to get all of it out of the chamber (it has patina now). The ammo doesn't seem severely corroded, with some fairly clean and others nearly all green. Bore already had little orange spots, the valve was orange was well. Sign Up now for email offers and more news! The ammo is heavily tarnished or lightly corroded, with the brass looking like the Statue of Liberty before it was cleaned off. Finally, I clean the bore with regular solvent to remove carbon and copper. The corrosive residue can build up in the expansion chamber and on the muzzle, causing heavy corrosion. We’ve partnered with the conservationist, chef, author and hunter on an exclusive new line, featuring our Trophy Copper rifle ammunition. I also think varnished wood would be more susceptible to this problem than wood treated with boiled linseed oil. Terms of Service apply. Besides, Charlie knows what he's talking about. Whatever pursuit drives you, make this Federal Season your best. 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What would be best for cleaning it? Shake the mixture thoroughly before use. All Rights Reserved. Corrosive salts can get under the copper fouling and cause corrosion if they are not removed. Even the legendarily robust AK will fail if not maintained properly, and with special consideration for corrosive ammo. Federal claims a muzzle velocity of 1,635 feet per second. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Brownells: BRN-10 Retro Rifle .308/7.62x51 NATO - $1,200 w/ code "VTH" (normally $1,710), PSA: Glock G44 .22LR RH Threaded Barrel Kit - $170 (Normally $200), Palmetto State Armory: 36" Single Gun Case and 7 30-round AR-15 D&H Mags - $120, Brownells: Real Avid Smart Torq Precision Driver - $80.


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