competitive ultramarines list 8th edition
Elites are another important slot. The Redemptor is a true heavy hitter with base 13 wounds. In addition to the faction rules laid out in Codex: Space Marines, Ultramarines get some additional rules of their own. 2k Ultramarines Competitive for GT. If you combine this with the Librarius psychic power Might of Heroes for +1T then suddenly your Redemptor dreadnaught, Repulsor or Agressors are a whole heck of a lot harder to kill. I like to have an attack bike squad with three MM AB instead of the outrider. It’s just that she put out a crazy amount of attacks, and had I made a better decision to re-roll an invul save, he would’ve lived. To address: I wish I could take a relic blade on a bike Captain. 40k List. Tigurius can also reroll failed psychic tests and deny twice which gives him a big leg up over any other Librarian. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Even then, the apothecary is on hand to heal back wounds. Personally, I like to take a bike captain with Paragon of War and Vengeance of Ultramar. My list is not wholly Primaris though and I think that approach is a road to pure folly. They pump out more shots, same AP, but less strength, however I’ll get a better AP out of it for two turns, and they put more damage in combat. Finally I’ll mention the Repulsor – sure it’s a lot of points but it can lay down the most devastating rounds of fire power when fully loaded and is very survivable – T8 and 16 wounds – it’s the Primaris version of the Land Raider and is superior in every way. To be clear, this is not a challenge—Sanctic Halo is clearly awesome. While Maelstrom style missions can be a lot of fun if you like to draw for completely random objectives the missions you’ll see at major events are more in line with Eternal War style – you have a clear set of options to choose from to score objectives. Inceptors in deep strike reserves, Infiltrators / Incursors for conceal and redeploy if necessary. If you really want bikes, then attack bikes+apothecary is the way to go imo. For the outriders, I’d hope to play them well enough that they don’t get shot off the table. My go-to HQ (Warlord) for Ultramarines is Marneus Calgar, their old school original Chapter Master. Also running 2 is way better than running 3 of them imo. Each gun is d3 shots (2 per Inceptor) for an average of ten shots at 18″ range with the sweet 10″ move. They can also dish out the pain in melee versus enemy troops. One of the major drawbacks I see inherent to the gun line archetype is its fairly static and if you play in large tournaments such as those run by ITC your army needs to be mobile for optimization to score the maximum amount of points possible. However the true purpose of the outriders is as a quick reaction force (qrf). The grav tank also has the repulsor field which causes a penalty of -2″ to enemy units attempting to charge it. Engage for the Outriders is an option and I like to have that option than to pigeon hole myself into not having that option. The invulnerable save at a 3+ on a Toughness 5 bike is a lovely blend of survivability and mobility, with some melee threat with the Power Fist (and just being a Captain). OP was at a previous tournament, and I've seen posts from OP as well as discussion of this list. I do have multi Meltas though and was going for the idea of quantity of shots vs quality. Wish I could take 4. It takes more time and practice to craft an Ultramarine army that does not rely upon Roboute but it can be done. Yes UM make the best case for Heavy Melta Rifles. Hellblasters make enemy units disappear real fast – to me they are the best heavy support unit for Space Marines. Thats 12 shots with 6s doing Mortal wounds, and 8 of those you can re-roll wounds when not targeting a vehicle to increase your odds of MWs. There are still plenty of the pre existing Space Marine units such as those I’ve listed above you can draw from to buff your army…. Plasma Inceptors have two weapons and each plasma exterminator is 5 points. Consider the Helm of Censure for the Captain on Bike with Powerfist instead of the Santic Halo. This subreddit is for the discussion of competitive play, national, regional and local meta, news and events surrounding the competitive scene, and for workshopping lists and tactics in the various games that fall under the Warhammer catalogue. Haven't added the points, but now your inceptors are overcosted (unless you're taking 4 of them). Fast attack is required to make your army more mobile. Sanctic halo almost saved my captains ass from that Slaanesh deamon prince character. Outriders to dart in an out on flanks and provide that, Inceptors dropping in for a judicious douse of plasma, preferably, by the Capt. Maybe an impulsor for the bladeguards? Reading and understanding the rules is important, and the responsibility of every user. Something to playtest and think about certainly. Oh I’m sorry, Is Auspex Tactics the sole bastion of authority, when it comes competitive lists and choice of units? I've taken just about a bit of everything, and all that is scary and killy I believe. Helix infiltrator is one of the best uses of 10pts (probably not over a couple of icarus pods for eg., but it's still pretty good).


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