colt python value by year

Adjustable trigger on rollers.

}, At that moment the hammer dropped and one hog dropped. The “Python” is the gun and thanks to this article, I know what ammo and which holster(s) to buy for it.

If it was distance I would not and did not shoot. ( which brought a comment from my instructor, all good) and it shot like a dream.

Regarding the new Colt Python, I understand all the points you make. I carry mine, in the woods, not on the streets.

In some ways, the Magnum is a rifle on the hip. Man-sized targets at seven, 10 and 15 yards were center-punched. Where to get one at MSRP? The heaviest 158-grain JHP loads and the 180-grain JHP are ideal for deer-sized game. If I only could have one revolver it would not be a Python due to cost, heavy weight, lack of parts and people who can work on them. I told him “COME ON THIS WAY” and started trotting towards the crossing thinking he was following. It’s almost as bad in double action as my Taurus 992. The last MSRP about sixteen years ago was $1,150. Accurate.

The bore is not a squeeze bore compared to the “real original python”. Too bad I can’t afford one. I am not a real gun guy but GOD was good to me. I own several other Colt revolvers as well as several S&W revolvers and have never seen anything like this. I’m not a complainer, not a perfectionist, and very rarely comment.

The new Python is a bit smoother than the old gun but with upgrades to make it a stronger revolver. Hopefully I will be able to secure a new 4 inch barrel revolver soon. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. The trigger action is a very smooth nine pounds. Mid-range Magnums with light bullets are good for coyote or personal defense. “NICE SHOT” is all I could say. Beings you shot that python and it’s used, you could sell it to me with a discount . It is much different from the Smith and Wesson the Smith and Wesson has a separate trigger return spring, the Colt is operated by the V spring only.

The Python is made for fire double-action and it is among a very few revolvers that are hardly at a disadvantage in double-action fire at long range versus single-action fire. Lets help them succeed. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. In addition to various commemorative and factory special editions, there were a number of collectible models as well: Mass production of the Python line ended with the 2003-2004 year. Colt has cut-a-ways and the hand, rebound arm, trigger, hammer and transfer bar have been machined. I like the 357 snub because there is no long distance I would be shooting. They called that “the Poor Man’s Python” back in the day, but it was built to take some punishment. PO DEPOSIT ONLY: NEW COLT PYTHON 2020 357 MAG, STAINLESS, 6" BARREL, 6 ROUNDS - NEW FOR 2020!!!

The Python was manufactured in barrel lengths of two and a half to eight inches, with the four-inch and six-inch barrel Pythons the most numerous.

Ever since 1955, the Python was a deluxe revolver in every way intended to win competitions, take game, and serve for personal defense with no need for further modifications. Now that I’ve read this review of the new one, I will be picking one up. Never shot anything over 8 feet.

I love mine, but if I was going to grab one of my big shiny wheelguns for defense, it would be my Trooper.

The Single Action Army and the Colt 1911 are still in production and readily available. All revolvers suffer a jolt when they are fired, but the Colt’s ultra-tight lockup suffered more than others while maintaining exceptional accuracy as a byproduct. It’s a beautiful gun.

What happens is the is not advancing the next round to the barrel. There is not better revolver for home defense. If so, you in too big of a hurry to measure the pull. Medium-range Magnum loads offer good wound ballistics for personal defense. 38 Special loads are very accurate and offer a modest push on firing. It will blow your mind. These are some of the most highly-prized guns for collectors. (See Yankee Marshal’s video) That’s a big re-design flaw and will eventually require a total recall, once they figure out a fix.

But I can guarantee you the new Python is the best Python yet manufactured.

I have one on order but the fit and finish does it seem to be on par with the prior pythons. I know Colt is addressing these issues and I have no doubt it will be corrected.

The new Python cost more than the last-production Python, which is reasonable. In fact I’ve heard and seen on utube the pistol malfunctioning. I own a ‘new-in-the-box,’ never fired except for factory test, old model stainless steel Python.

People who have short strokes with the Python perhaps are not familiar with the Colt action.

It was also my favorite pistol I ever shot as a kid. I have a Smith & Wesson Model 19. I think the trigger is excellent.

It used to a suggested retail price, now it’s turned into a “hope I can find one close to that price”- price! Watch Jerry Miculek shoot one, and he explains how he has to slow it down for the old girl. Like when people where paying $100 for a brick of 22 ammo. Its a rip off pure and simple and not worth anywhere near the money Colt is asking because it simply is not a “real Python” in any sense of the word.

The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

Thank you, Bob and The shooter’s Log for this informative and motivating read. While I love Colt revolvers, many people may not realize what Colt did to their small dealers.


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