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The Classics Department are delighted that Matilda Jackson-Long’s entry to the Newnham College Essay Competition has been highly commended. Hellenic Society) in June. Here she met her lifelong partner, Julie Mullard. The Principal and Fellows of St Hugh’s College offer two or more Prizes, worth up to £300 each, for essays on classical reception or influence submitted by pupils who, at the closing date, have been in the Sixth Form of any school or college for a period of not more than two years. The prizes are in memory of the author Mary Renault, who is best known for her historical novels set in ancient Greece, recently reissued by Virago. Instructions Students wishing to submit an entry for the competition can submit their essay as an attachment (in Word or PDF format) at by 4 30 pm Monday 31 st of August 2020. Whether you are planning to apply to Cambridge or not, we encourage you to get involved. The College is known as the ‘island site’ because of its tranquil gardens, and it is a restful place to live and work. St Hugh’s College admits between 4 and 6 undergraduates a year to read Single and Joint Honours Classics. Jul 01, 2020. Among his predecessors are Professor Easterling, Professor Osborne, and Professor Schofield. Classics and Ancient History Essay Competition, Gould Prize For Essays In English Literature, Corpus Christopher Marlowe Prize for English, The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition,,, Corpus Essay Competition for Languages and Linguistics, Modern and Medieval Languages Essay Prize, Corpus Bacon Prize for Politics and International Relations, The Oxford Scientist School Science Writing Competition, Weston-Smith Physical Sciences Essay Prize. So while the literary and archaeological evidence we have tells more than we might think about Troy’s legendary and historical past, we also know a lot less than we think due to the loss of the other epics and artifacts. The winning essay will be published on the College’s website. New Exhibition: Lines of Site, by Debbie Loftus, Summer Work Experience Placements (Two Weeks), Cambridge Philological Society and CCJ Overview, Athens: Economy & Democracy Conference (in honour of P. Millett), CLANS (Cambridge Late Antique Network Seminar), Fitzwilliam Ancient World Essay Competition, Linguistics Essay Prize at Trinity College, University Map showing Faculty of Classics, You will be redirected to the University's website. Her sixth and last non-historical novel, The Charioteer, was published in 1953. Founded in 1886, St Hugh’s is now one of the largest colleges in Oxford. Whether you are planning to apply to Cambridge or not, we encourage you to get involved. The Mary Renault Prize - Classics Essay Prize, St Hugh’s Coast Run: Monday 8th- Friday 12th July 2019, The Julia Wood Prize – History Essay Prize. I would strongly recommend you look at essay competitions in related fields. I highly recommend taking part in essay competitions as they allow you to explore areas of subjects you may not have considered before in a lot of depth, and they are incredibly rewarding. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Mary Renault 2020 essay competition is now closed. Literature winner: Lyra (Gosforth Academy, Newcastle), Literature Commendations: Olivia (Beaumont School, Hertfordshire) and Max (Harrow School, Harrow), History winner: Patrick (Harrow School, Harrow), History Commendation: Charles (Oldham Hulme Grammar School, Lancashire), Philosophy Winner: Andrew (Christ’s Hospital, West Sussex), Philosophy Commendation: Eva (Pimlico Academy, Pimlico), Art Winner: Matthew (Pimlico Academy, Pimlico), Art Commendations: Polly (Hereford Cathedral School, Hereford) and Anya (Nonsuch High School for Girls, Surrey). This is a significant initiative, designed to maximise the impact of the excellent Classical research being done in Cambridge. Who was Greek and Roman state-commissioned art for? Matilda should be very proud of this achievement, which is well deserved. I declare that this essay is my own work and give permission for the judging panel to use licensed electronic software to examine my work for plagiarism should they wish to do so. Elstree For example, many history competitions ask questions relevant to politics and other social sciences. Many congratulations to this year’s overall winner, Lyra from Gosforth Academy in Newcastle, who wrote a brilliant essay in response to the literature question. For further information concerning these choices please see our course pages, or visit the University’s webpages. Her arguments were expressed in a clear and articulate way, backed up with a range of facts. It also gives students the … During the period of the festival, the publisher will also conduct a ‘Penguin Classics Essay Contest’ – inviting readers to submit essays on selected topics. Entries are now open for the 2018 competition. They both became South African citizens and were involved in the early anti-apartheid movement.’, St Hugh's College At least one prize will be awarded a pupil who is not studying either Latin or Greek to A-level standard. The Mary Renault Prize – Classics Essay Prize. The competition is open to all UK students currently studying in Year 12 or equivalent, whether or not they are studying a Classical or Ancient subject, and gives students of any subjects an opportunity to write an essay on the classical world. What grades do I need to get into Cambridge? Its website includes details of its journals, publications, annual conference and other classical events, and how to become a … St Hugh’s provides excellent facilities for studying Classics: the 24-hour library has unusually large and up-to-date holdings in all periods, and, as much of an undergraduate student’s academic timetable will be spent in College, the Library becomes invaluable. The following essay competitions are grouped by broad subject areas and are, for the most part, annual. The University’s Classics II degree is aimed at encouraging students who have not previously studied Ancient Greek or Latin at school, but are interested in the subject at a Higher Education level. This year’s markers said, ‘we were, as always, immensely impressed by the quality of the essays, the range of the students’ interests and experiences, and their enthusiasm for the ancient world’. Learn More > Kids. St John's College, St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JP. An essay competition from one subject could definitely be worthwhile for someone wanting to study another subject. Matilda (Lower 6) tells us more about her essay here. For example, many history competitions ask questions relevant to politics and other social sciences. The College was established to offer an Oxford education to women, and it retains a strong sense of its radical tradition and of the importance of opening Oxford up to all who would do well here. Do heroes in ancient literature learn through suffering? Essays should be between two-thousand and four-thousand words and submitted by the candidate as a Microsoft Word document via an online form. Editor's Picks: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Ten awards and commendations have been presented this year. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Classical and Comparative Philology and Linguistics (E), Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems (CREWS), Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems (CREWS) Overview, PhD Studentship on the Early Greek Alphabet, Beneath the surface of Roman Republican cities, Greek Epic of the Roman Empire: A Cultural History, Roman Colonial Landscapes (archived) Overview, Recording of Standing Archaeological Remains (2010), Analysis and Study of Archaeological Materials (2010), Analysis and Study of Archaeological Materials (2011), Analysis and Study of Archaeological Materials (2012), Lerna: The Analysis, Interpretation and Publication of the Middle Bronze Age Phase, Research and Archival Collections Overview, Research data, ethics and data protection, Greek Art & Archaeology in the Faculty of Classics, Prelim to Part IA (four year degree only), Prelim to Part IA (four year degree only) Overview, Paper 1: Latin translation and Paper 2: Latin questions, Papers 1-4: Greek and Latin Language and Texts, Papers 6-7: Translation into Greek and Latin prose and verse, Paper 10: Classical and Comparative Philology and Linguistics, Papers 11-12: Translation into Greek and Latin prose and verse, Group E: Classical and Comparative Philology and Lingustics, Getting to the Museum of Classical Archaeology, Oedipus (aka Rosy Sida) and the Nike of Samothrace, Collections: Watch, Listen & Read Overview, Artist: Unknown, The Head of Apollo from Halikarnassos, 17.3.2020 Coronavirus Update: Temporary Closure of MOCA, 10.8.17 Closure for installation of a new carpet, 1.5.15 MOCA nominated for Family Friendly Award, 17.4.15 London Maori Club welcomes Marian Maguire's The Labours of Herakles to Cambridge, 14.1.2020. Her novels have inspired many thousands of readers to pursue the study of Classics at University level and beyond. Cambridge Classical Studies Series & Gold Open Access. The essay competition is open to all school students in the respective years of study, and it does not require previous knowledge of the subject. Oxford OX2 6LE, T: +44 (0)1865 274900 (Lodge)


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