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|. (This was the final appearance of Chest Nut). Enjoy a collection of popular favorites in Spanish – CNN en Español, Discovery en Español, Discovery Familia, ESPN Deportes, History Channel en Español, and Universo. However, Chowder has a problem. Gazpacho leaves his mom's home and moves into the catering company over an argument. So Chowder had to help them out. Mung and Truffles decides to have a garage sale in order to … Mung tells him about how without Chowder, it's awful. Tyler learns how to make the best pizza in New York City and Naples, Italy. When a celebrity chef takes Marzipan City by storm, and wins the admiration of Chowder from Mung Daal, Mung must come up with a catch phrase to win back Chowder's adoration. Chowder must now go an entire night food-free to become normal again. Watch all 48 Chowder episodes from season 2,view pictures, get episode information and more. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. Stay current with additional news, entertainment, and lifestyle programming from American Heroes Channel, CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, DIY Network, FYI, LMN, and Science. He has been making chowder since the age of seven, and has surfed waves worldwide. Truffles tries to impress the members of The Big Hat Biddies, and the others try to help by making a big feast for the club. When Chowder shrinks down in size, and is then held captive in a tree that is home to a lonely monster, the others must beat the monster in a board game to set him free. Now he must spend one whole night awake to avoid eating anything so he can get back to normal. He takes the responsibility of training his own apprentice and being a master chef cause everyone he loves will be unable to move on with their lives if he does not. Mung Daal makes a Clabbage Cobbler, which Kimchi falls in love with it. When Panini declares herself as the new president of the apprentice's society, Gorgonzola (through Chowder) ends up competing against her the title. He cannot stop gorging himself on the culinary delights by which he finds himself surrounded. Watch lastest Spot the Block - Serving Size and download Chowder online on KissCartoon. Upset by Panini's kisses and Gorgonzola's taunts, Chowder has to figure out a way to escape the game and get back to the kitchen. Chowder must help Schnitzel rectify this problem in order to reclaim Schnitzel's honor. Truffles gets a new voice after Mung Daal tells her that her old one scares customers away. Based in Brooklyn, he serves his acclaimed soups at the Hurricane Hopeful Surf Bar. The Apprentice Games have began, and Chowder feels like he's not prepared until Mung convinces him with the ultimate Thrice Cream. Chowder, Mung and Shnitzel just want to spend a nice day at the beach. Shnitzel tires of his adult responsibilities and decides to act like a child, much to Mung Daal's chagrin. Chowder finds a devious mold which tricks him into an alliance. ... Watch Chowder Season 03 Episode 009. When Chowder accidentally breaks Mung Daal's new feetsa-making machine, he is forced to go and buy a new part for it. Although he means well, Chowder often finds himself in predicaments due to his perpetual appetite and his nature as a scatterbrain. WATCH NOW!!! When Chowder sees the terrible effects of old age on Mung and Truffles, Chowder tries to find a way to stop Old Man Thyme from making him old and ugly. When Mung Daal attempts to make Chowder smarter using a food called "Brain Grub", Chowder soon becomes aware that their universe is simply an animated series, and changes it into a talk show. Chowder/Episodes < Chowder. When Mung Daal is forced to spend a day in Certifrycation School to renew his cooking license, Mung must decide whether to stay true to his instincts or swallow his pride in order to pass the class. The gang must now find a way stop Truffles from noticing the missing money (that is, as soon as they get enough money to continue animating the show). When Truffles believes that everyone in the catering company overweight, she puts everyone on a strict diet, to the dismay of everyone (except Chowder). Chowder becomes obsessed with eating the stuff sold at Mung Daal's garage sale. But when Mung Daal and Shnitzel fall asleep (due to Chowder telling an extremely boring joke in an attempt to pass the time), Chowder takes it upon himself to finish the process. Set during the events of "The Wrong Address". Compatible device and high-speed, broadband Internet connection required. Pretty soon, his love goes too far and causes chaos. Tyler has chocolate cake and truffles before crafting his ultimate dessert. Season 1: 2007-2008. Chowder breaks Mung's dice cycle and blames it on Ceviche under Gazpacho's command. But his hands soon become a liability, when Chowder starts to go crazy, believing that he is useless without his huge hand. While Chowder and Mung Daal deliver the Roast Most, an unexpected outlaw (who seems to be blind and deaf) uses the catering company as a hideout, leaving Shnitzel to save Truffles' life. Upset by Panini's kisses and Gorgonzola's taunts, Chowder has to figure out a way to escape the game and get back to the kitchen. When Truffles becomes sick, Mung, Chowder and Shnitzel are left in charge of the company's money box. When Shnitzel feels that he is not getting enough of what he deserves he quites and leaves all of them. When Truffles' behavior causes giant fruits called Elemelons to go on strike, Mung Daal forces her to solve the problem by staying in their cage for a night. Please read the following before uploading, The Thousand Pound Cake / The Rat Sandwich, The Bruised Bluenana / Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel, The Puckerberry Overlords / The Elemelons, The Thrice Cream Man / The Flibber-Flabber Diet, Burple Nurples / Shnitzel Makes a Deposit, The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin / Chowder's Girlfriend. Mung Daal, Chowder, and Shnitzel make a "Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" for a customer. Pricing, channels, features, content, and compatible devices subject to change. But the place is dirty and somewhat crime-infested, and goes through a disastrous event in which a large rat, who seems to have malicious purposes, chases them. Shnitzel goes to deposit a paycheck at the bank, but Chowder (along with some other people) prevent him from doing so. Panini is a cute young girl and one of the main characters in the series. The fruit turns out to be a highly explosive Blast Raz. Watch Chowder Season 03 Episode 007. In the series pilot episode, Mung Daal, Chowder, and Shnitzel make a "Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" for a customer. But it becomes the worst day of his life when he's forced to take Chowder along to the bank. Payday is always Shnitzel's favorite day. Later Shnitzel finds an job at Endive's. In order to cook the performing food Sing Beans, the gang has to stay up all night as the dish cooks. After Chowder eats a group of hot peppers in order to keep them from escaping the kitchen and burn down the city, he begins to breathe fire whenever he opens his mouth, whether he wants to or not. After he has a midnight snack, Chowder's internal clock goes haywire and he becomes a monster at night. Ben Sargeant likes to call himself the Brooklyn Chowder Surfer. 11/14/2014. After realizing what has happened, Mung Daal tries to solve things before the entire city becomes moldy. March 18th, 2010. Chowder takes Kimchi to his family's home in the swamp for an arranged marriage and worries about the future of their friendship after Chowder is accused by his smart but evil twin brother of kidnapping Kimchi from his family. Mung Daal sends Chowder outside to learn sports, which Chowder finds unbearable. An all-out war ensues when Mung Daal and Endive clash after they realize they made the same dish at the city's annual street fair. Certifrycation Class: When Mung is forced to spend a day in Chef Certifrycation school, he butts heads with the instructor. Chowder eats a sour fruit and ends up having a bizarre quest inside his mouth, with his wisdom tooth narrating the story. Chowder learns that messing with Truffles' game night means certain doom. Tyler is in Southern Italy in search of the ultimate meatball dish. Watch Chowder season 1 full episodes. After accidentally letting a mold creature out of its bottle, everything Chowder touches becomes covered in mold. When Mung Daal's old cooking master tells about Mung's greatest failure to all of Marzipan City, Chowder and Mung travel back to the past to fix his failure. After Mung Daal forgets his and Truffles' wedding anniversary, Truffles gives him the cold shoulder. Chowder helps Gazpacho prepare for his comedy debut; Mung and Ms. Endive unveil the same dish at Marzipan City's biggest food fair. So he asked Chowder to be his "taste buds". Chowder is then forced to go to Gorgonzola and Ceviché's help in order to stop him. A young child by the name of Chowder is the chef's apprentice. But that leaves Mung heartbroken and now he'll do anything to win Chowder back. Elsewhere, Schnitzel has trouble making a deposit at the bank. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. The Apprentice Games have began and Chowder feels like he's not prepared until Mung convinces him with the ultimate Thrice Cream. Watch all 47 Chowder episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. After Mung forgets his and Truffles' anniversary, Truffles starts to give him the cold shoulder which affects his cooking, leaving Chowder to help them out.


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