chin ups for biceps reddit

Forearm splints most likely, strengthen your forearms! Your back is much stronger than your biceps.

Because when you do a curl you're using only your biceps (assuming good form), when you do a chin up you're partly using your biceps and a whole lot of your back.

Ive heard people saying they have helped massively with bicep gains and others that say it only helps with back.

Both the chin-up and pull-up will help you grow your biceps, but the chin-up will be a bit better You can add in extra isolation work to get even better bicep growth Aim to make the isolation work higher-rep, aiming for the 8–20 range, since the compound lifts will give your biceps lots of heavy work The best scoring bicep exercises were the: or has it happened "forever" on both arms? If your forearm hurts from curls then the weight is too heavy or ur forearm is too weak. arms always feel tiny. Chin ups target your lats. They did a heck of a lot for my grip strength, abs and biceps … Your biceps are working to close the elbow angle. If you could only choose one exercise, sure. Yeah i try to, Mainly hammer curls to try and get a bit of width. Your grip should be shoulder width or just outside.

It’s probably better to get some isolation movements to really hit them such as hammer curls, bicep curls, etc.

Chin ups will work out bicep and back. They're a great exercise. I find they are one of the best exercises that target biceps significantly and allow me to go heavy without my grip giving out, my forearms growing tired too fast or my wrists snapping in half before my biceps get fatigued. Works the smaller muscles in the upper back to a greater degree (I think) *edit: This is with a wider grip. It will ease the pain, and lay back on bicep for a while (once a week instead of twice a week fx). Any pull exercise will also hit biceps. I had this problem before...just add some wrist curls sets to your bicep workout and you'll start noticing the difference. But why choose just one.

Superior ROM and thus lat activation. I'd recommend chin-ups for this reason, plus if you're experiencing pain while doing curls, it may be a good idea to try something else. At least not with good form. When you use a curl bar, you use lets say, 85% of your biceps are pulling it up and the rest of your body is helping with the other 15%, When someone does chin ups, they usually use 30-60% of their bicep muscles (depends on their form) and the back (a HUGEEE strong muscle) helps them with another 30-40%, then other body parts help with the rest, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Discussion of physical fitness/exercise goals and how they can be achieved, Press J to jump to the feed. Hence the lower weight. You can progress to muscle ups


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