chevy volt not able to charge message
I only charge at home and if I have to drive a long way in one day, I will use some gasoline. But it sounds like in your case the bad 12V battery interfered with the low voltage system enough to screw things up. By the way, Chevy just offered a hard to believe discount on 2015 Volt to move outgoing models. Accordingly, aside from speed, is there any advantage in having an electrician installing a 220 volt outlet? You can charge your Chevy Volt at home the same way you charge your laptop or cellphone, says ChargePoint. Got one full charge out of it so far. I'll definitely update when I here back from the dealer. You never have to charge the battery, but each time you do, you save money on gas. I verified the outlet is fine, however the charging cord (with or without the volt connected) has no lights come on anymore. Don’t think you have to do that if you own a Chevy Volt. 4:29. Waiting for it to complete so they can verify the charge was good. These sit in the car from manufacture to delivery. So, in many cases, the Volt can go weeks without using any gas. Last month, I drove about 750 miles total and only used 1.2 gallons of gas. Bought my 2017 volt 2 and a half weeks ago and last night I got a "charging interrupted" notification while using the 110v wall stock charger at 12amps. Turned out I needed to replace my plug-in receptacle on the vehicle, which was covered under warranty. 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I'll post my acquisition story of my new used 2017 Bolt on the main page soon, but bottom line is exactly what SurgeonFWW said above: that 12 volt battery controls a massive amount of tech. I used to own a LEAF and I never used it when I knew I was going over 50 miles for fear that even a small unexpected detour would force me to find public charging just to make it home. They are supposed to be fully charged when shipped, but one may have slipped through the crack or was a defective battery. Would love to see what vibration testing they did. Any idea what I'm in for? You should know that most people simply plug in at home and are happy only having to buy 9 gallons of gas every 2 to 4 months. Charging a plug-in hybrid at home is not much different from charging your cell phone or laptop. Again, not sure if that's the case, I'd be surprised if your new car needs a replacement. EDIT2: Everything is fine. At the dealership now. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Not to mention that the car began to feel like a manual trans/stick shift because if on a slight incline and you took your foot off the brake it would start to roll backward. I verified the outlet is fine, however the charging cord (with or without the volt connected) has no lights come on anymore. Not sure what I was doing wrong. Almost seems like the wall charger might have gone into a safety mode, weird. 2017 Cajun Red Bolt Premier(Sold 8/2020) Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD 2021. And you would be partially correct. The beauty of the Volt is that most people don't drive over 50 miles a day. The Volt always runs on electricity. JavaScript is disabled. I was surprised to see an alert telling me a comment was posted 2 years after this article was written. Sounds an awful lot like the nightmare I just went through driving from Phoenix, AZ and currently still 22 hours away from arriving home in Michigan. I charge at home every night and use my car for my 20 mile round-trip commute (so, zero gasoline during the week). It will take about 12 hours to recharge your Chevy Volt this way. EDIT3: 5 mins after plugging in my home charger died again. The Volt was designed to charge at night while you sleep. Every month it starts off “blinking” at hookup and is “solid” in the am. I blame GM for a lack of education... Kind-of. I also have reduced my gasoline usage by nearly 90% by getting a Volt and driving it this way. On the weekends, I might venture beyond the 40 mile range and use some gas. It takes me about 15 … The top light used to turn solid green, now there is nothing. We’re the Largest Chevy Bolt EV Online Community and Owner's Club. Reserve Capacity: 80. So, when you charge overnight at home, it gets "juice" from the battery until is out, and then turns on the generator. Here he shares a simple approach from his experience on how to avoid charging hassle. Some of the people are obsessed with using as little gas as possible and seem to constantly work at finding places to plug in and spending a lot of effort trying to get better results by driving methods. This is kind of driving is exactly what GM envisioned when they decided to build the Volt. Considering the Volt gets about 10 to 12 miles from one hour of charging, it is hardly worth it to wait while your car charges at a public charger. Then you might say: "so, it is not an EV, it is a Hybrid" I avoid the hassle by plugging in only at night and I still will eliminate 90% of my gas usage. I continue to be frustrated that so many folks do not know this. EDIT1: Dealer has the car plugged into a level 2 station they have and it's charging fine. The car only has 20,000 miles on it. Every function on the EV depends on the 12 volt battery to initiate it. The check engine light turned on when the problem first occured and never shut off. If the dealer doesn't find anything wrong with the car or factory supplied 120v EVSE try charging at the 8amp rate. I've seen plenty of volt owners posts here sharing repairs where they end up arguing with the dealership about the Voltec warranty.


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