charter arms bulldog 38 special revolver

As a result, Charters can fire their trademark heavy rounds straighter, faster, and more accurately. From what I am hearing at present there QC is terrible. In the late 1960s to the early 1970s they made an incredibly accurate, reliable, and affordable little revolver. Bought a six shot Undercover thirty-five years or more ago when doing outside collections and real estate inspections in the inner city. Most come standard with pretty comfortable Neoprene rubber grips. Unfortunately,  he was still undecided, even after reading my Top CCWs of 2017 piece. Could you please e-mail me as to how you got at the parts that needed adjustment? Forehand Arms Company .32 Top Break Revolver. chambered and hidden. Model it’s new cond. No cylinder wobble. Tx. I wish I could be as excited about my standard stainless Bulldog as your review is. While there can be many causes, including a defective firearm, the usual suspect in events such as this involve reloaded ammunition. Pick yours up today at your local Charter Arms Dealer!

lighter than the .357 model.I personally would still go with the .357 model even for pocket carry because both guns are the same size, 17.1ozs is just as comfortable to carry as 13.5 and the extra weight will help with felt recoil. Fit and function were much better than that of the ‘Problem Child’. As I rarely carry anymore, my Charter resides comfortably on a shelf in the attic, but I expect that it still shoots doggone good for a two inch barrel and still locks up tighter than a bank vault. $25 1 Bid. The .357 Lady Smith is a nice revolver. I bought it new but, can’t remember exactly when.

I want to find out more about this. ALL of the comments were greatly appreciated! It retained the barrel but the cylinder burst and the top strap separated near the front of the cylinder.

It works like a champ, and H&R sold millions of those low cost revolvers. [5] The original model had no ejector-shroud and the aluminum front sight was soldered to the barrel. My Charter .44 is the last gun I would ever sell. I met a guy who told me his Bulldog needed a proprietary tool that no one had- it was an earlier version of CHARCO? Cylinder in, cylinder release, cylinder out. That being said, he’s been an adamant semi-auto shooter for as long as I can remember, so I was hesitant to suggest a wheel gun. I’d pay the extra $200+ for J-framed goodness. However, I am so satisfied with this weapon I can say I wouldn’t replace it with any other revolver at any price. The best CA’s were the ones made in Bridgeport and Stratford in the early years. It is perfect for CCW, I have four different holsters for it so I can carry it anyway I want to, so I am never without it! My wife and I stepped into our back yard 7yd defense range and ran 50 rds of American Eagle Lots of rumor and innuendo, even some highly publicized fake tests to prove Charter Arms products were inferior for any purpose. They do make a great many models. Spin. Here is what I have used on many of my firearms and it does help , it’s called 10-10-80 , it is 10% Marvel Mystery oil , 10% STP oil treatment , and 80% Dextron 3or4 auto transmission fluid mixed together , slickest lube you will ever use it also wicks into the metal of a firearm , take my word for it you won’t use anything else , and it does help to loosen up the trigger pull . “…is a gun whose owners come hungry for self-defense, and leave satisfied that their attacker ate lead. I’ll have a good gunsmith fix the double action. Your only other serious option to consider is switching grips, although the default set is pretty great already. Unfortunately my CA 44spc. As a rule, I don’t worship at The Altar of Tight Groupings (great band). Never fired I paid$150 for it which is a steal I think I bought from a friend’s father’s friend whom recently has gone blind I’ve owned several charter arms and owned one of the fist 44spl.

This company also filed bankruptcy, and the models produced during this period showed obvious production flaws. In order to eliminate the common safety issues of carrying a wheel gun, the solid-framed Charter contains the dependable hammer block transfer bar safety system. No sweat if someone steals it or the cops have to confiscate it. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company and their products. It’s light, and easy to carry. I generally pull the hammer back with my supporting, left thumb. Of course the actions of Chapman and Berkowitz didn’t help the reputation of the CA products. However, these added benefits will put you back more than twice the cost of a Charter – the question remains whether these extra features and abilities are worth it. The CA Undercover I bought 4 decades ago when I did dangerous things (legally) and made enemies still sits loaded nearby. I called the largest gun shop in our area to get an estimate and the smith stated simply ” I don’t work on them.” I then tried the number two shop and was told ” $125.00 but don’t expect too much they won’t clean up like a Smith & Wesson”. Soon or later they FAIL. I own Charter Arms DAO .38special undercover,it shoots to point of aim,does not give a lead shower,is reliable with anything I feed it,low power loads,+p loads ,if it fits it works!Used it in my states ,(Mississippi),enhanced ccw class shot a 98 out of a possible 100 great little revolver,depend on it every day,just did one change to it,I carry it in the appendix carry,so I changed the boot grip to the full combat grip,but it leaves the option,if I want to carry in the pocket during our very hot summers,to go back to the boot grip.Also looking forward to a 9mm revolver,and the .45acp version coming out in late fall.Ya’ll have a good one,and Keep your powder dry. I have six C/A 38’s. Not suggesting there is anything wrong with that test (I plan to add it to my bag of tricks), but I learned a different test for cylinder lock up.

It is always irritating to see guys like this review guns because so many people will consider him an expert. Pick yours up today at your local Charter Arms Dealer! The one I have now is in excellent condition, and is an extremely early production gun, #1916, probably made in late 1964 from what I have been albe to learn about it. Then the ownership changed. May have been a friend’s reload, who knows. My suspicion would be someone buggered up the threads when taking the cylinder off and putting it back, Whatever, mine doesn’t have the problem.]. It was in like new condition with no wear anywhere! She expressed her concerns over what had occurred and her apprehension at firing their products. Yes I may well loose this gun if I am forced to use it but that is what my Dad bought it for and it’s what I’ll use it for. Trigger pull is a bit tough, but, ya learn.

As for the Chic Lady, I have no idea what I will do with the “replacement” Charter sends. then i loaded it and could not get the cylinder to unlock.

The Bulldog is a 5 or 6-shot traditional double-action revolver designed by Doug McClenahan and produced by Charter Arms. Although I’ve never had any problems with it, my wife has never been able to fire double action. Fortunate me I found your web site by accident, and I’m stunned why this twist of fate didn’t took place in advance! Buffalo Gun, and a neat .58 cal muzzle loader, that was known to blow a couple shooter’s faces off.
I decided against continuing. Bulldog pugs that’s the one with the ejection sleeve rod protector my wife bought me for Christmas in 1989 that’s when there became charcoal and after about 200 rounds or so the aluminum sleeve began separating off my barrel sent it back in two weeks had it back repaired then after another 100rounds or so happened again sent back had repaired and sold it..I haven’t fired my new old stock undercover yet but I don’t expect any problems because I’ve owned several charter arms and with the exception of my bulldog our all the rest were of Bridgeport or Stratford Conn. One of these days, I’ll take it out of retirement and see how well it still shoots.

It was introduced in 1973.

Because these are snub nose revolvers, there aren’t so many aftermarket options. I then put one small drop of red lock tite on that screw, and the rest is history. NOW how much would you pay? BUT —. Furthermore, to boost their durability, these guns have their barrels threaded into their frames. I have every reason to believe that the testing and evaluation Undercover .38 was out of time (i.e. [4] It has been produced by four different companies since it was released. Cleaned and oiled them when I I’m happy to have stumbled acrossed this chat sight about the C/A “UNDERCOVER” 5 – Shot 38SPL, as I just picked one up “USED” for my mom, whom recently lost my step-father and wanted a bit more Security / Home Defense! By the 80s the tooling seemed to be getting sloppy. The big bore .44 Special handgun may be one of the heaviest hitting out there, but you’d be shocked to see how easily it handles. And shorten the length of pull or reset ? Some time later, manufacturing began again under the Charco (descendant company of Charter Arms) trademark. Forty some years ago and 100’s of rounds later NOT ONE PROBLEM ! Charter Arms Police Bulldog - Stainless. Rotating past these two it would open flawlessly . Just to keep this thread moving, I feel compelled to add my own observations on Charter Arms. felt revolvers were more reliable(less parts to break) and safer (bad design on some pistol’s safety) PLUS you had to pull trigger heavy on rev. The trigger is smooth, does not stack, and lighter than my J-frame which makes it more accurate for me. It looks good to me, as a first time revolver buyer. Very polite and friendly people.

It has been produced by four different companies since it was released.

and from which factory(?). Nick and Dee Ecker stand by their products. Customer service is great. Just looked at the video showing cylinder wobble. Picked up a pair of CA undercovers I ordered last week today . I never miss what I aim for, is feels just right, handles right and I would not sell it for many times what I paid for it. will send back to charter and all will be good on the life time warranty. If you do decide to change things up, Charter offers a beautiful rosewood grip in addition to the classic Bulldog style wood grip which provides a more refined and traditional look.


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