charlie babbitt character analysis
It’s okay. Raymond’s obligation to maintain his peace of mind causes him to demand a strict daily routine and not go out when it rains; this slows the two brothers’ progress to Los Angeles. When bureaucratic red tape threatens his car deal, Charlie appeases his customers and knocks $5,000 off the price of the cars. The deal is being threatened by the EPA, and if Charlie cannot meet its requirements he will lose a significant amount of money. When they go into effect in a few months, he will be stuck with four Lamborghinis that can't meet the standards. Charlie Babbitt, a 26-year-old, Los Angeles car dealer, is in the middle of importing four gray market Lamborghinis. This incident compels Charlie to changes his attitude toward Raymond. [...] Why didn’t anyone ever tell me I had a brother. At first Raymond only regards Charlie as an unannounced visitor at the institution; a frightening intruder into his ordered world. Dr. Bruner controls Raymond’s fortune, and fights to keep Raymond under his care. There’s more to Raymond than what is first seen. He's frightened by change and adheres to structured routines (for example, his continual repetition of the "Who's on First?" Charlie Babbitt is the main protagonist in the 1988 drama Rain Man. Susanna, Charlie’s girlfriend, upset at his plan to use Raymond walks out on him. Raymond’s traumatic reaction to remembering the bath accident when Charlie was two years old, causes Charlie to assure him that he didn’t hurt the baby. Mr. Mooney doesn’t tell him the name of the beneficiary; Dr. Bruner won’t give him half of the inheritance; Susanna won’t stay and assist him with Raymond. CHARLIE:  You guys have already made up your minds. Dr. Bruner’s desire to protect his patient causes him to be inflexible when dealing with Charlie, and it nearly costs him Raymond; Bruner has to travel to Los Angeles to get Raymond back; offering Charlie money costs Bruner his pride. They uneasily settle into a way of coexisting on the road, moving into the roles of babysitter and oversized adolescent. Charlie does not get half the inheritance for himself, but instead achieves a lasting bond with Raymond. How much can an EPA guy earn in a week… (Bass, p. 3) SUSANNA:  (to Charlie)  Stop it. CHARLIE:  I need that money. But Raymond’s concept of the trip involves a slow, no-risk road excursion with the special-of-the-day dining and game show entertainment. All of his money is tied-up in the cars. He is so embittered toward his father that when he learns of his death he shows no emotion. Susanna learns that Charlie will do anything, no matter how amoral, to get what he wants. Raymond also sings "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles like he did when Charlie was three or four years old.


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