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The troupe sings as Sokka leads them on, scowling.) (The painting of the badger mole is replaced by a more realistic depiction of the creature, and the woman in red appears on the creature's right, the man on the left. Iroh: (facetiously) Yes, but my nephew was named after his father, so we just call him Junior. Don't let the falling rocks turn your smile into a frown. Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! (Cut to a shot of Aang's mid section, his hand in front of him holding the dwindling torch. A rotund fellow behind him wears a white and pink robe, a coolie hat and plays a drum. [1] It was also shown to be impossible to map the maze because the badgermoles change the tunnels regularly with earthbending, thus preventing any sort of normal navigation. They jump out of the frame just as Appa charges the door and forces it open. Chords for Avatar: The Cave of Two Lovers (song). (The mountain fades away, replaced by the image of a long haired woman in pink and a man in blue on top of the mountain. Both groups eventually escape from the labyrinth; Team Avatar arrives at Omashu, only to discover that it has been conquered by the Fire Nation. The tanks fire their grappling hooks into the top of the tunnel and pulls down a large amount of rock, completely blocking the entrance. We'll be fine. (His attention wanders elsewhere, then to Sokka) Nice underwear. Finally, the two and Appa, who is delighted to see sunlight, find their way out of the tunnel. Katara: Why is your forehead all red? Cut to Sokka's p.o.v., which is the pitch blackness ahead. 3 Chords used in the song: ... Reading chord diagrams # From the episode "Cave of Two Lovers" A Two lovers, forbidden from one another. After a moment of darkness, the screen is lit by an assortment of gems in the ceiling that glow light blue. Chong's belief of focusing less on the destination of a journey and more on the journey itself is similar to the Taoism belief that "the path is the destination". The fly over and around Sokka, who flails frantically about. Zuko: Earth Kingdom it is. Sokka: I present to you the Earth Kingdom city of O... (devastated with realization) Oh, no... (Iroh shoots him an unhappy look from behind Song's back.) Katara: Everyone be quiet. Drake - Laugh Now Cry Later (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Durk. Chong: Whoa... sounds like someone's got a case of "destination fever," heh. Some time has passed since Chong's departure, but it is still daytime.) Chong: (smiling and pointing briefly at them) Heh-hey! Or deadly poison? This happens several times throughout the episode. Animation Finally the wolf-bat knocks the torch out of Sokka's hand. They are believed to have been the first earthbenders and created the passage between their villages to meet secretly. They are surrounded. Katara: That's how the two lovers found each other. As the camera closes in on a drawing of a mountain, the screen flashes white. Aang: So, you were showing me the octopus form. I'm a nomad. Katara: I think so. (The camera pans back to Chong, Sokka and Katara. Chong: (singing) The big bad badger moles who work in the tunnels, hate the wolf bats but love the sounds. Katara: (reading the inscription) Love is brightest in the dark. (The sound of a symbol crashing is heard as Aang utters this relationship stifling comment. Aang: (trying desperately to recover) No, no, I mean... if there was a choice between kissing you and dying... Then we should be able to solve it like a maze and get through. He subsequently procures a branch of what could be either bacui berries, which can cure him, or maka'ole berries, which will blind him. Only those who put their trust in love can navigate through the maze; those who do not will be forever lost. Sokka: No, they were trying to get away from something. Song: (kindly) Can I join you? With their torchlight dying out, Aang and Katara decide to trust in love and kiss each other. The camera closes in on the paintings. We've all been through it. Difficulty: novice. The camera pans down and to the right to show that the cliffs have been cut by a river that runs at its bottom. Aang: So all you need is to trust in love to get through these caves? We're enemies of the Earth Kingdom, and fugitives from the Fire Nation. Two lovers, forbidden from one another. She makes a little curtsy.) Moku: Nope. He grabs Momo and places him strategically over his body and sidles rapidly off the screen. Cut back to Aang and Katara walking through the tunnel with Appa.) Katara: See? (As Chong's sings o.c., Aang looks sideways at Katara, and Katara looks down and blushes. Song's mother approaches the table with a plate of roast duck.) (Cut to a shot of Sokka, Chong behind him holding a lit torch.) Thanks for the help, but Appa hates going underground and we need to do whatever makes Appa most comfortable. Katara: (hesitantly) Never mind, it's too crazy. Aang: So, are you guys gonna come to Omashu with us? Hey! Lily: (spacey) Ohh, right. Cut to a close up shot of Katara's back, where a soft breeze blows her hair and robes slightly. Author Chumodude006 [a] 146. This fades and is replaced by a shot of another painting from the side of the dais. (Aang's eyes bug out a moment after his last comment as he realized the dreadful mistake he has just made.) Sokka: Labyrinth ! At the same time, Chong expresses his belief that the way out of the cave was to play a love song, proceeding to guide the group, an irked Sokka in tow. You two look like you could use a good meal. Sokka: We will be fine. 2. The rash on Iroh's left leg, which he received from the white jade plant, is very similar to the burn scar Song showed Zuko. Iroh tries to convince his nephew not to do it but mounts the beast anyway after Zuko insists. She simply closes her door, seemingly disappointed as Zuko and Iroh leave. She wears the equivalent of a white two piece bathing suit. Cut back to the wider shot of Aang, Katara and Chong. (Iroh looks over Song's shoulder at "Junior," who balls his fists at the name his uncle has just bestowed on him.) He carries a long fishing pole and a sour expression. Katara: These pictures tell their story. Sokka: How did you guys get out? Sympathizing with him, she shows Zuko a burn scar on her leg, the result of a firebending attack. (Cut to a shot of Moku and the two nameless members of Chong's band. (Sokka turns to face the others in a pose of horror, his hands holding the sides of his head.) The gang discovers that Omashu has fallen. The badger mole disappears, replaced by a shot of the man and woman, backs to each other, creating tunnels through earthbending. We need to get help. (They look at each other and nod in agreement.) Chong: From what? 1. See, if you move them closer together you protect your center. Iroh: But where are we going to go? My mom always makes too much roast duck. The "tunnel" is actually a giant underground labyrinth full of dangerous animals, including wolfbats and the gigantic badgermoles. (starts playing his guitar and sings) Two lovers, forbidden from one another... a war divides their people, and a mountain divides them apart. Katara: (skeptically) Is this real or a legend? Katara: (offended) Oh, well I didn't realize it was such a horrible option. Listen. When complete, the screen flashes white. Strumming. She stands head lowered, her arms straight out from her sides and her palms facing outward. He is clearly happy to be outside once again. However, one day the man did not come; he had been killed in the war between their people. Sokka: The journey was long and annoying, but now you get to see what it's really about - the destination. There's only one explanation. Zuko: (horrified) You didn't! Sokka: This doesn't make any sense; we already came through this way. (They move forward to a railing, then cut to a long shot of the three at the railing from down inside the tomb near the sarcophagi. We know better than to touch the white jade, much less make it into tea and drink it. Cut to Aang who doesn't react for a second, then speaks.) (Iroh turns around to reveal his red, swollen face which he is scratching) And it wasn't. Chapter Two: The Cave of Two Lovers Lyrics [This transcription is an exact replication of the one found on It is surrounded by what appear to be siege towers. Sokka: (sullenly, but also blushing) Just play your songs. Cut to a close up of Zuko's shocked face. With a smooth motion he causes the blob to sprout about a dozen, wide tentacles. Cut to Aang, Appa and Katara walking through their own tunnel. (Katara stalks off the right side of the shot.) Physical information (Cut to a frontal shot of the tanks. These people just showed you great kindness. Chords for Avatar: The Cave of Two Lovers (song). It is highly stylized and looks as if it were from Japanese panel art. Hold on! River people! Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh are trying their best to survive on their own. "The Cave of Two Lovers" is the second episode of Book Two: Earth of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the 22nd of the overall series. The angry badgermole pauses, intrigued, and Sokka tries to play a song to pacify the beast. Aang: Okay. (He points at her for additional emphasis) I definitely wouldn't wanna kiss you! Zuko expresses surprise upon seeing her injury. When she asks Zuko if his father is fighting in the Hundred Year War, Zuko affirms this, but does not disclose his father's identity as the Fire Lord. Appa rear up and cries out in pain. Cut to a wide shot of the kids in the water looking towards the beach from where the sounds are coming from, then cut to a view from somewhere along the path to the beach within the forest.


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