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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power ⁠— The Horde, Characters/She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, She Ra And The Princesses Of Power - Hordak. Over the course of Season 4, she becomes a. And she looked good. In a post-Game of Thrones world, it’s hard to get your hopes up. It's only after all three, likely to fill the void of Entrapta's lose in her life, At the end of Season 4 they give her a brutal. It probably didn't help that Horde Prime made her take a dip in a pool of clone life force when he brainwashed her. Subverted as of the Season 3 finale. getting put down and scolded by the latter. looks disgusted at how Horde Prime is touching Glimmer's face. She and Adora cross over to this in the series finale when they confess their love to each other. This ties into her self-loathing and inferiority complex, and why she takes Adora leaving the Horde so personally. So please, just this once, stay!". She, along with Hordak both lose this position to Horde Prime at the end of Season 4, At the start of Season 4 she attacks Hordak in his throne room, rips out the crystal powering his exoskeleton, and forces him to make her an equal partner in the Horde to take down the Rebellion. She refuses to respect authority and resents people who see her as weak and unworthy. After enduring repeated abuse from Hordak in Season 2, Catra happily takes multiple opportunities to inflict emotional pain on him. Catra is a member of the The Horde and grew up with Adora. She then has an even bigger one across almost all of Season 4, getting her biggest victories ever but finding it feels hollow without Adora or anyone else to share it with, and with no idea that's actually what the problem is. Bow has a lot of excellent looks throughout the show, but my personal favorite is alt-universe nerdy Bow from the season three finale “The Portal.” He’s so cute with wire-rimmed glasses and a fantasy polo shirt. Catra is one of the main characters in the Netflix Original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Unlike her counterpart in the original series, Catra is naturally born with cat features and often acts just like a cat. and she wants to free Etheria if his control like everyone else, Season 5 shows that most of her fighting isn't so much to defeat the Horde as to keep Adora from killing herself. Era This causes everyone she’s hurt to leave, and is shaken when she finds out Scorpia defected. Despite this, Catra and Adora grew to have an extremely close bond. Catra's whole life has been dedicated to proving that she is better than her former friend Adora, whom she'd previously been overshadowed by. Right? She saves Glimmer's life - along with the lives of everyone on Etheria - by convincing Horde Prime to not wipe out the planet and instead keep it as his personal superweapon. Please! Impossible to navigate. In Season 4, she uses a modified version of this at the start of a chilling scene. Her neater hair likewise symbolises her desire to control every aspect of her life. Season 3 gives Catra a chance to start over in the Crimson Wastes. Catra also often hid her jealousy of Adora, stating that 'second best suits [her] just fine' when she saw Adora's Force Captain badge. Entrapta for Hordak at the end of Season 3, until she decides she'd rather see the whole world destroyed by the dangers of opening a portal to another world, than sit back and watch Adora win and get more glory by saving the world. In Season 5, while for the most part Catra is better as dealing with her emotions, we get to see that jealousy has been a big problem with her and Adora's relationship from pretty much the beginning as even as a child Catra reacted badly if Adora made friends with people other than her. And finally, we end with what might be some of the best looks of the series: The flash-forward epilogue. Catra's life was threatened whereas Adora only received a pat on the head and a gentle warning. Catra rose in the Horde ranks after that. Mainly, it showed how much better the fashions are now. Catra's consistent losing streak drives her so insane that she attempts to destroy all of reality, all for the sake of not letting Adora win. She eventually learns to grow out of this trope. The former enrages Hordak, while the latter breaks his heart. Hordak turned down an opportunity to start a new life when he crashed on Etheria. Even before Adora defected, Catra was casually manipulative toward her, often making her feel guilty about her ambition and achievements... except when she could get Adora to use them to Catra's advantage, like do most of the grunt work during squad training, cover for her to Shadow Weaver, or use her status to go on joy rides. Plus, she’s got the amazing double-tied belt and a classic white shirt that may or may not still have the Horde symbol on the back. Their relationship eventually falls apart at the end of the season once her lie about Entrapta is revealed and Horde Prime arrives. After being brainwashed by Horde Prime, while Catra is fighting against Adora, the latter manages to put Catra in an armlock, restricting her movement. With that, Catra decides to apologize for the first time in her life, and decides to teleport Glimmer off of Horde Prime’s flagship so Adora can rescue her, at the risk of her own life, Even though Adora finds it in her heart to forgive Catra in Season 5, she will never understand how Catra, whose love for Catra proves to be completely unconditional, And even Scorpia gets sick of Catra's bad behavior after a while. It takes a confident man to pull off bleached white clothes and skin...and force his entire clone army to wear it too. She even cuts off Scorpia, who. She suffers from guilt and nightmares throughout Season 4 over what she did to her causing her to lash out at any mention of Entrapta's name and tell Scorpia that they aren't friends. In Season 4, she breaks down further when, Season 4 sees her outfit go darker: exchanging reddish-purple leggings ripped at the knees for dark burgundy/black leggings slashed at the middle of the thighs, her orange and brown top for a red and black one (with an opening in the middle and a single sleeve that extends into a fingerless glove on her right arm), and a black fingerless glove on her left arm. Bow is all of us looking at Catra in her outstanding spacesuit. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. She takes Adora's rank of Force Captain, and quickly gains both the support and approval of Lord Hordak. When the loss of Angella, the manipulations of Shadow Weaver and Double Trouble, and Glimmer and Adora's own issues combine to leave Glimmer. I have made [Catra] anew. In this video I help you take the fear out of cutting short haircuts. She tries to wipe out all reality, even herself, in a violent tantrum just to one-up Adora at last. Catra's hair becomes less unkempt and more straight in Season 4, showcasing her need for absolute control. She spent a very long time hiding her true feelings for Adora's successes and her losses, pretending she didn't care. She's able to push bigger and stronger foes in a corner by simply waiting for the right opening to attack, finding opportunities to make up for past failures, because killing everyone would mean that Adora lost. Even in a reality where Adora offers Catra the chance to escape the Horde before becoming She-Ra, Catra still chooses to insist that Adora is abandoning her. She cares for people, especially Adora. Scorpia even mentions that it's the first time she's ever seen Catra genuinely happy. It’s evident in everything from the red cape to the powerful breastplate and spaulder plates showing off those amazing muscular arms. To Catra, Adora's betrayal of the Horde was essentially a way to tell her that, not only would Catra always be in her shadow, she didn't even care. And I love every square inch of it. Adora provided Catra with support for the majority of her life, protecting her from bullies (including Shadow Weaver) and becoming her only friend. that she genuinely does appreciate their company and likes them. She learns to not be so angry all the time and to her express her emotions in a much healthier way, and tries to be nicer to others. She is physically superior to a normal human, able to hold her own against She-Ra. Depression: Catra ends up feeling empty as even as the Horde is winning. It's enough to make Adora snap out of it and return the declaration. It's possible that her feelings on Adora's defection were coloring her perceptions. At the same time, Catra very obviously wanted to succeed herself instead of losing to Adora. Once she joins the Best Friend Squad, she expresses her stupor at how they survived this long without coherent plans. She'll never admit it publicly, but even after, thanks to her, the Horde comes within inches of winning the war, she. fully off the deep end in Season 3, the entire right side of her face becomes distorted black, symbolically severing her ties to Adora. She'll always love Adora, but she'll always resent her for standing in her way. This belief began the campaign for Catra’s claw to power. In the season four episode “Hero,” we got a chance to spend time with Mara before she sacrificed herself to protect the magic of Etheria. Catra knocks out Entrapta and arranges for Entrapta to be sent to Beast Island. she wanted Hordak to make her his co-leader. After that, she ended up joining Horde Prime because she had nothing to lose, When Horde Prime finds out about Catra's treachery from Hordak's memories, Catra out of fear of what he will do to her, reminds the Emperor that she's the only one around him who knows something about the Heart of Etheria, and pledges her loyalty to him.


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