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Once finally in the med, we realized this part of the world wasn´t actually ideal for cruising. "She wants to move around and crawl and stand, but she's learning still," she said. Today was a sad day on Delos as we said see you later to Camilla! You focus on what the next meal is going to be, and whenever you can, you try to get at bit of sleep. 290, DOWN and DIRTY in the Boat Yard! Anonymously collects data to help Delos find new members of the Tribe! If you’d prefer kicking back and catching up over a cold one, head to the Sailing Videos section. Even though I was only ten at the time, I´ll never forget the feeling of accomplishment we all had as we approached Barbados after our first Atlantic crossing. I was in heaven as we sailed the beautiful and remote little islands in the Pacific. For more stories like this, sign up to get Insider Life Weekly directly into your inbox. Coming back was a strange thing. Cruising and constantly coming to new places and meeting new people had taught me more than I will ever truly grasp, but it had also left me lacking in what was considered important back home – what to wear, who the cool new celebrities were and that it apparently was time to start wearing makeup. Our insurance has ranged from 1.5-2% of boat value per year, depending on where we are cruising.

Provision list & Safety lists.

291, The reality of OWNING A SAILBOAT! It was so amazing to see them again and be able to share everything that had happened since last time we spoke without the constant bad connection of skype and Facebook calls. General preferences, website performance, and content permission. And now here I am back on Delos typing this blog somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Even when Brady and I first started hanging out, we already knew I would be leaving within the month. Brian and Karin have stockpiled everything they need to fix and repair all systems on the boat. And sometimes we run contests to get complete strangers to come join us!

"Let's say that you're sitting in your house and a big thunderstorm rolls up and lightening starts crashing and the wind starts blowing, that can be very exhilarating and cool, but you're in a house," Brian said. Thank you! Everything made possible by The Delos Tribe. "You can't use the toilets, you can't use any of the pumps, none of the systems of the boat work when it's out of water.". We all had a great time, and ended the night with some good old Star Wars watching onboard Delos. page. As a former electrical engineer, he used his knowledge to make various improvements to the boat. I grew up in Sweden, hearing my parents dream of their next sailing adventure, and seeing the hard work they put in to make it come true. - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. So much had happened in that year. To make this possible, the students sail for 2 months each year on a 50 meter (about 150 ft) long square rigged tall ship named Gunilla. When you’re onboard a ship like that, working your ass off every single day doing four by four watches filled with maintenance and old school sailing with not an electrical winch in sight, doing schoolwork and quite a bit of mischief, eventually all the buzz of land life just starts to fade away. [1] Delos has made several ocean crossings, sometimes going through intense weather conditions such as severe lightning storms, and once tackling a 50-knot gale en route to Madagascar. Along with the many incredible memories they've created, there are struggles the family hadn't considered when they moved onto the boat. And then one day when I woke up, there was a new boat in the spot right next to us. The following weeks it felt like someone had just turned the color back on in my life after having spent the past year focusing on school and upcoming exams. "You're eating that to survive," Brian said. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.

In the spirit of learning and growing the Delos Project, we use cookies to understand website and content performance. This does not include boat and maintenance costs because those vary so much depending on the age and type of boat you have. For the past few years weve used the following rules and found it to be a pretty good baseline for Delos. That month in Cape Town flew by in an instant. Years passed by as my parents worked hard to get a new boat that we eventually bought and sailed back to Sweden from the Med. I’ll be part of the crew sailing her from Sweden to Portugal over the next few months, and after that I´ll see where life will take me ?

I was in heaven as we sailed the beautiful and remote little islands in the Pacific. Yes you.


Waves slap against the ship, and the boat is in constant movement. After a week of being in Mauritius we finally settle into the cruising life! Traditional kitchen tasks are adjusted so the crew on SV Delos can cook while the boat rocks back and forth. Cheers Delos tribe, and so nice to meet you! When I think about boat maintenance I like to break it down into two pieces. (My friends and classmates aboard Gunilla, sailing somewhere).

Every few years, the sailboat needs to be removed from the water for maintenance. "It's impossible to have personal space," Brian said. The couple and their 11-month-old daughter, Sierra, live on SV Delos, a two-masted sailboat built for cruising. [1] He sailed to Mexico where he was joined by his brother Brady, and the two of them along with Brian's then-partner sailed for New Zealand. You don´t have the time or energy to worry about what´s going on back home or what´s going to happen in the future. Brian and Karin have to keep a constant eye on her to make sure she doesn't stumble or fall. When the boat is underway or traveling to its next destination, it can be a rocky experience. As things usually go when cruisers meet up, they all came over later that night for some sundowners on Mahi, and that´s when I first met Brady. After 12 days of hard labor Delos is back in the water looking super shiny ⛵️✨ Huge thanks to Ryan, Brian, Greg, Jake and Jeff for donating your time and sweat! Each trip they plan is based around weather and tides, and a journey can change at a moment's notice. Our Destination? Sometimes, its family and friends weve known for years. But this should give you a ballpark idea of the people expenses. We´d been gone for just a year and not much had changed back home, whereas I felt like a completely different person from who I was before we went cruising. Once finally in the med, we realized this part of the world wasn´t actually ideal for cruising. I have been aboard for about two months now, and it still feels a bit unreal. You learn all about old school sailing, new cultures and how to work as a team with your 44 classmates and the crew onboard. So I spent some time working and saving up money, and then flew out to Panama to join them for the pacific crossing and French Polynesia. [3] He spent several years researching and saving money and narrowed down his list of boats to the Amel Super Maramu. The longest stretch was crossing the Indian Ocean, which meant no fresh food for nearly six months.

For example, if your sweet cruiser is worth about $100,000 US, then figure $1,500 per year for things like pumps, impellers, oil changes, sail repairs, and other routine items that may break along your voyage.

If youre looking for an excellent book that covers this in detail I would suggest. Hailing from Sweden, Camilla has sailing in her blood.

The SV Delos has a rotating crew that joins Brian and Karin on different sailing trips. Ladd. I grew up in Sweden, hearing my parents dream of their next sailing adventure, and seeing the hard work they put in to make it come true. For as long as I can remember, traveling and cruising has been a constant background to everything that has happened in my life. Back then, she didn't crawl, walk, or move very much. Best Cameras and Vlogging Gear for Sailing and Scuba Diving. "You have to figure out how to work with them rather than against them because you will always lose.". Me and my brother Joakim were in elementary school at the time, so we spent our days travelling through the channels of Europe while learning all about the great and terrible things that had taken place in the countries we were traveling through.

Having never been to any tropical place before, I was completely blown away by all the smells, the blue water, the palm trees and the white sandy beaches. Thank you!

They've traveled throughout New Zealand's coast, met local villagers in The Philippines, celebrated Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, and created lifelong friendships. They'd stop in places like New Zealand and Australia to save up for their next sailing adventure. 287, There are a lot of factors when considering the entire cost of cruising. For the full tour, check out The Boat page. Capt. Getting to have my parents and my brother all close by, spending time with Brady and discovering the beautiful city of Cape Town was exactly what I needed at the time.

Living on a 53-foot sailboat comes with extraordinary advantages, but it's bound to come with challenges along the way. [3][4] What inspired him to think about crossing oceans in a boat was reading the book Three Years in a 12-Foot Boat by Stephen G. [3], The Delos team has made over 200 videos.
In the spirit of learning and growing the Delos Project, we use cookies to understand website and content performance. Looking back, it really ingrained something into my soul that keeps feeding my urge to go sailing and traveling.

This was a huge contrast to the wet cold winter that was happening in Sweden at that exact time. All Rights Reserved. Chuck a few bucks into the beer fund! Just head on over to our FAQ section. But that's not to say they haven't been met with challenges. NYC by Sailboat – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.

For as long as I can remember, traveling and cruising has been a constant background to everything that has happened in my life. VLOG 17: Kombucha Brewing FAQ, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know! We spent the season cruising around in the Caribbean and it wasn’t without much hesitation that we steered away from Trinidad, heading not for Panama and the circumnavigation like many others that we had met, but back to Sweden for school and jobs.


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