business justification for usb access

There are USB drives, nicknamed booby-trapped USBs, that are capable of controlling users’ computers without permission.

In our line of work, we are contacted by customers every day who have fallen victim to breaches caused by open data ports – most commonly USB.

It sure beats epoxy, and they’re relatively cheap. 1. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 2.

Lost productivity is a huge issue, too.

No problem!

Just a few years earlier in 2010, the infamous Stuxnet worm infected Iranian nuclear facilities decreasing efficiency by 30 percent.

In 2015, hackers developed a USB pen drive that can deliver a 220 volt charge to a computer, destroying it instantly.

Historically some USB storage devices have contained autorun executable malicious code. Very little technical experience is needed to place one in your port. USB storage devices: Two ways to stop the threat to ... How to secure USB ports on Windows machines, A zero-trust environment is important to business continuity, Royal Holloway: An enhanced approach for USB security management, Zoom Phone to get spam blocking, 911 services, Microsoft and Amazon take on CPaaS market share, Webex Legislate dashboard lets politicians vote, confer, Manage mobile operating system updates with Intune, Election apps, advertising target mobile phone users, Honeywell's quantum computer makes a quantum volume leap, 7 must-have cloud infrastructure automation tools, Admins eye on-premises and cloud hybrid IT management, The reality of starting an MSP and what to know before launch, Implementing SAP S/4HANA during a pandemic. The downside of using a USB port block is that you need to have a tool called a USB lock to fasten it to your computer. Lost productivity is a huge issue, too. x��ڹ �0 ���A?�H�M�����]�痮�1�#�gTA �@ �@ �@ �@ �@ �s(l�����R�W�� �� An enterprise can avoid the above threats by controlling all the USB devices in its network. ... A 1 Terabyte USB drive can be had for about $150. Start my free, unlimited access. Improve USB Security by avoiding data theft. can also help you avoid USB threats and keep your organisation secure. The CPaaS landscape is evolving as Microsoft and Amazon introduce their own communications APIs.

Unlike email or other online services that enterprises audit, USB devices are essentially a blind spot for businesses.

Improve USB Security by restricting USB devices in your network. You could even get a remote employee to install it themselves provided they had a USB lock. ���DF��R�YZSw�j�����Q��A������Ǯ��+'x,&z҃�΋d�{��ӊ��/��U�n?���(���F��Cm����뛞���V�3���F�_�x&�3�]�[X��Z����)���lnyZY;�k ��B�Z�+ ���mm���m�X�}���G�]����{�+?��ׯ_�~s��D�m��{�F\q�H�:�/��'x�N�@�A���U�y���q�q������c�'L�_��K���2~y{�߭b�I��ط�c����okji���r�NȚ��=!�$���p]�-���L�3�s��K��y����c�n1"I��]S��~� ���%����A�O Even with a proper network management system, threats like these can slip through the cracks.

He writes: One of the biggest arguments against plugging up a computer’s USB ports with epoxy is that doing so usually voids the system’s warranty. n extreme cases, organisations have to limit USB device use to specific employees or restrict access to USB ports.

Imagine a disgruntled employee slipping in a thumb drive and downloading several MBs of sensitive enterprise data in a flash. Employees might, work on hobby-related tasks during business. USB security systems help organisations avoid unnecessary data theft, while also protecting against malware introduced by employees’ devices. Hello. However, as USB devices—particularly flash drives—have evolved, so have the threats and risks they carry with them. I’ve bookmarked it for later!

Technology has seen some drastic developments in the last few decades.

x��[wXTW޾�$��o��[�׬w�Q�FED@�X(J�M`zq�Az��&F���[b�؈5bEł"�������H�/�}�����.��������������������������������������������������������������������������������#8$�O������� �3��G9$��j{u�T��������Q��n��̑2:� , nicknamed booby-trapped USBs, that are capable of controlling users’ computers without.

USB storage devices may include memory sticks, portable hard disks, smartphones, cameras, media players, and even auxiliary displays.

Disgruntled employees can exploit this blind spot by transferring confidential information to a USB drive when they leave, including client databases, emails, calendar appointments, and contact lists. Encrypting USB drives isn’t enough to effectively secure them.

The universal serial bus (USB) was invented to replace the various connectors at the back of PCs, address the usability issues of existing interfaces, and streamline device software configurations. A blog for networking professionals with commentary on the latest news and network management trends. From the first USB released in 1994, to USB 3.1 released in 2013, this technology has seen massive change in regard to performance and storage.

�>u�Y��j � b���Q��IR��my553H�:�If3���z�r[����E�ϟHha3�>S�����-��D����ٴ�W�z�슻���?s>u�7�ʝ�������>6�D��:|��M�B=�|4��?�Oϫ���HTW�x�1�a����PrL��r"�@������S2�z�ǡ�|�j�5cHd�&I�����Z!_1��px?��n�(��vv�ջN�uV��n����� �L;&o�OUuM�A�� ���C����.��"11[�:4=�Z"F��C����m=��fH3��q�����Ɔ&\� A single flash drive can collapse an entire network if managed improperly, are essentially a blind spot for businesses.

The utility and ubiquity of USB devices means that they can’t be banned from organisations outright, so organisations need to implement a system that allows these devices while also protecting their business. I just ran across your article. Cookie Preferences As a cheap, easy way to transfer files or back up data, organisations often overlook the threats posed by USB drives. Encrypting USB drives isn’t enough to effectively secure them. Use Desktop Central to manage access for printers, CD-ROMs, portable devices, Bluetooth devices, modems, and other similar peripherals as well. Once you’ve done that, you can schedule periodic scans to monitor how the USB devices are being used.


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