bouzouki scales pdf

These scales are major because the third note in the scale is four semitones (a major third) above the first note. Some have different versions for descending, in the same way as the Western Melodic Minor does. It contains contributions from countless numbers of travellers and researchers.

Peftoun tis vroxis oi stales 5. There are some differences between the three authorities here: In Western musical theory it is normal to think of minor and major scales as the same sequence of notes, just starting on a different note in the scale. These scales are major because the third note in the scale is four semitones (a major third) above the first note. The major scale and natural minor scale become: Here are the Greek bouzouki scales presented in this form to make it easier to compare with Western scales. Συγχορδίες Τραγούδιών. It has been compiled and recompiled many times and under many different editorships. A 'T' in the Taximi column means that the scale is not normally used for songs, just for the improvisations known as taximi. tsitsanhs_25_tragoudia_gia_bouzouki.pdf: File Size: 62634 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. These could be played on fretless instruments such as the oud or the Cretan lyra. Beware of any site that tries to claim that the bouzouki did not come from Turkey but was in Greece all along. Chord Scale Generator is a program for MAC, Windows and Linux which helps you to find Chord Shapes and Scales on many fretted instruments. Ousak was called Phrygian mode in mediaeval European music (although actual Ancient Greek Phrygian mode was something else). Most scales have a perfect fifth (7 semitones) between the first and fifth notes, although a few use a diminished fifth (6 semitones) for this interval. THE OLD GREEK BOUZOUKI CHORD CHART For instruments tuned DAd Version 0.2, by Han Speek - Apr 10, 2000 D, no 3rd 3 D 5 Dsus4 3 D7 3 D7 3 D7sus4 3 D/F# 3 D7/F# 5 To appreciate the various positions study the following patterns for the D major Hitzaz scale. Arapines 12. Other authorities don't use a flattened octave for the Greek scale, but otherwise the scale is identical. This is what I found on ebay today. Some time ago I made this little helper. This is a common feature of nationalistic Greek sites and while it may be true, the claim must be treated with suspicion. I like to thank all the people who wrote comments or gave me hints to videos or information.

Created Sep 18, 2002 | Updated Nov 28, 2017. The first seven scales were given to me by P, although I've used different names for two of them. Some scales have extra notes called 'passing notes' which are used only as ornamentation while reaching a note. Λίστα επιλεγμένων τραγουδιών με το δρόμο και την τονικότητά τους. The bouzouki has an equal tempered fret spacing so the scales were 'straightened out' slightly. All scales have either a minor third (3 semitones) or a major third (4 semitones) between the first and third notes, making them major or minor.

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a wholly remarkable book. There are a few different spellings because of the lack of a standard way of transcribing Greek alphabet to Roman. I started this blog just for the purpose of collecting videos I like and information about the bouzouki. I thought it helpful for me to have them all collected in one place. A Vortex Production, filmed and edited by Jeff Peach.


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