bob is nothing

of the search for spiritual enlightenment. Within this correspondence (now available in the book Letters of Transmission: The Enlightenment Method of Zen Master Alfred Pulyan), Bob discovered these words by Pulyan, “The body dies and is dissipated. Looking back, he writes. Bob Dylan & The Band "Nothing Was Delivered" Song by The Byrds; from the album Sweetheart of the Rodeo; Released: August 30, 1968: Recorded: March 15, Columbia Studios, Nashville, TN: Genre: Country rock: Length: 3: 24: Label: Columbia: Songwriter(s) Bob Dylan: Producer(s) Gary Usher "Nothing Was Delivered" is a song written by Bob Dylan that was originally recorded by Dylan and The Band in the Fall …

For me, I had to tell myself I was giving up [the spiritual search], in order to stop lying to myself about my doing it or following it. I promise there’s no math involved, really…. This revelation is what Bob Cergol lives with today and tries to communicate to others. I continued to look within but no longer with the thought that I should, no longer with the thought that I would achieve a result.

He devoted his life to giving…, Your email address will not be published. Nothing Conference is a live-streamed virtual conference bringing together dozens of nonduality speakers and authors from around the world.

It unfolded of itself — because I still WANTED IT to and didn’t resist it. I acknowledged that I wasn’t doing anything — and couldn’t, because of my newly chosen circumstances (i.e. Because nothing is the best I can be. That thought started a chain reaction of feeling and honesty that culminated in a revelation beyond the thinking/feeling body-mind of Bob Cergol. Okay, so I watched part 1 all the way up until Bob says: My iPad's screen shut off and I legitimately thought the website turned it off to motivate me.

Bob was also kind enough to write a foreword for my book Subtraction: The Simple Math of Enlightenment. My iPad's screen shut off and I legitimately thought the website turned it off to motivate me. I decided to live my life as an ordinary person. Okay, so I watched part 1 all the way up until Bob says: Go out. See All . 1.5k. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HorriblyDepressing community, Continue browsing in r/HorriblyDepressing. So you are not an imagined separate self running the show, you are neither the body nor the mind. Newest Book – Hydroglyphics: Reflections on the Sacred, Bob Fergeson: The practice of Listening Attention, Spiritual Enlightenment Quotes – the 10 Best, Interview with Alan Ball on American Beauty. You’ll find a number of essays by Bob Cergol in the book Beyond Mind, Beyond Death. Progress came in unlikely circumstances. With a handful of others, Bob began participating in an online discussion group studying the correspondence between Richard Rose and Alfred Pulyan. Horribly depressing. You cannot not be, because everything is That. For me what ended up mattering, is that I still had the desire, but it wasn’t blocked by my pretense of doing something. ️ Our unblocked games are always free on google site. marriage and family). Bob is nothing. An intensity of awareness built until at some instant the entire world — including ME — was OUT THERE — part of the view. Intellectual seeking till age 32 (when Bob stopped drinking, I stopped indulging and learnt meditation), another 9 years of seeking (and continuing to work at sea, finding nonduality in India in 2010 (Sirshree) and Bob in 2013, done on first individual session in 2015), pointing with Bob.


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