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Copyright 2020 Home Run Bat Company | Site design by J.R. Longstaff, Walking Dead "Lucille" Negan Hardwood Replica. Also, a bigger barrel means a huge sweet spot that makes the ball hitting easier. Bamboo bats have catapulted into popularity since 2000. But there are exceptions to this rule. Model 73 features a relatively larger knob. Model 73 comes constructed entirely from maple wood. On their site it says that “these bats were pulled due to aesthetic blemishes, wrong specs or other imperfection that have no impact on the quality of the bat.”. So before you get to choosing the best wood baseball bats, you have to look into your style and your needs. They are better suited for contact hitters. If you prefer a bat that is light enough for speedy swinging and yet, solid enough for some serious hitting on the plate, this bat is for you. Exit Velocity and Launch Angle – Do They Matter?
But overall buying blem wood bats are a great option to get top of the line wood at a heavy discount.

Zinger bats are produced using the finest Grade of Rock Maple and Northern Ash. Would love your thoughts, please comment. The site says that these bats are discounted due to a knot or grain irregularity, weight issues, laser engraving mishaps, or the wood may be slightly bowed. and color are the only variables that can be controlled.

A huge number of MLB players use bats from the company every season.

When it comes to wood bats, Easton specializes in composite wood bats although the company also produces conventional bats created from ash, maple and birch. This puts them at par, in terms of performance limits, with wood bats and makes it safe to use them on the field. Finding the aluminum and composite blems are almost impossible. Mizuno specializes in a super-helix grip that assures flawless handling to fully control the bat. The bat has little to no flex but the stiff feel is exactly what makes it perfect for power hitters. Some wood baseball bat companies, such as Louisville Slugger or Marucci, offer blem bats at a discounted price.

BBCOR Demo and Blem Bat Sale! So you should consider the pros and cons of each bat type, as elaborated above, before determining the right bat type for you. The length Either way you are going to save around 30-40% on the cost of their highest quality wood. So maple bats are essentially the right choice for players who are experienced, can hit accurately and like to rely on their hitting power to throw the baseball farther.

Committed To Craftsmanship.

provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The sanded handle enables you to grip and swing this bat with greater stability.

The tapered knob design lets you hold and swing this bat with greater stability, with a very slight end-loaded feel towards the barrel.

They offer these VERY cheap, but I don’t think these bats are useful for anything other than drill work. If you are a power hitter and want a durable wood bat in your hands, go with a larger handle diameter. This is a classical bat that uses every fine feature to change the numbers on the scoreboard. Because the cost of the best wood is so high this often leads players to purchase lower quality bats which break easier and more often. Your email address will not be published.

Although the wood used is very durable and strong, the weight is very light. Another interesting thing about Rawlings is that it deals in blemish wood bats as well. It is no surprise that the company is a favorite among all levels of baseball players and continues to dish out top-performing bats year after year. Designed for the power hitters, this Marucci bat is one of their best wood bats available till now. Again, your personal preferences play a role. Furthermore, this bat features a traditional knob with the cupped end which enhances its durability.


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