blast master moze build

Not being able to crit during some of Wotan’s phases means you either try to use a crippled Class Mod to get to the next phase, or you swap to Blast master before entering the area to get the Splash Boost ramping up. Keep that in mind. You can also follow the Bright Rock Media YouTube channel for periodic updates on what's going on with the site. FItSD is not being used for damage as it is quite weak against enemies, and we don’t rely on the DoT’s damage.

It’s recommended to max out Vampyr rather than PtHP to reach Short Fuse if you have the proper gear to support the perfect Meta Build. Blast Master Best Skills: +1 Redistribution, +4 Vampyr Obtain From: Arbalest of Discipline Preferred Builds: The Blast Master class mod rewards Moze for not reloading with a splash damage bonus, which reaches a maximum of 100% after 1 minute. It can throw down some pretty hefty numbers on enemies, and it can clear some mobs arguably quicker (at least during events that spawn extra enemies ie.

Summary: This build is built around flexibility. uses cookies to improve your experience. It also requires less specific gear that’s easier to loot. With the 300v2 anointment, raising Splash damage further will result in better gains than using the 160% Splash boost. Fire N2M - Next 2 Magazines deal 125% Fire Damage anointment.

AB is great for applying debuffs with Target Softening or radiation DoT’s with Hammerdown Protocol. When you’re using a precisely balanced Click, Click… build this can allow you to hop out of Iron bear and just spam bullets at enemies before going back to your regular ping pong magazine.

Definitely take this.

Class: Rarity: Legendary. I’m running a short fuse and SftR build for versatility for bossing. This Meta allows you to push this idea to it’s limit with Forge.

Am I wrong here? We’re just gunning for Redistribution. Long Answer: Still no, but provokes an interesting look at what a Meta Build is. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this and also check out the Borderlands 3 Section for game guides for Borderlands including builds, tips, best guns, character reviews and more. Crit Damage Sort of important if you’re someone that wants to use the bonus projectiles.

These do alright damage but more importantly slap a 15% damage taken debuff on targets. Since Iron Bear is not as useful in Mayhem 10, SSB is strictly used to raise the damage done by SF. We will not be discussing gear much as that will vary wildly from player to player. Drowning in Brass – This skill is pretty stupid for a tier 2 skill. Actually one of the more useful skills in the tree overall. Great post hurdy, and good work on the splash weapon post. And I don’t think StE does much unless you’re dedicated to using a fair amount of incendiary damage. If you’re using the Pearl and the Consecutive Hits anointment you may not find much damage is gained here. […], This Trials of Mana Riesz Best Class Tier List will give you a rundown of all of Riesz’s classes and give you a solid idea of which Trials of Mana Riesz class is right for […], If you’re playing Breath of Fire 3 (BoF3), you’re going to want the best Breath of Fire 3 Nina equipment.

So you might want to use that for this Borderlands 3 Moze build, especially if you’re using a Scourge or Ion Cannon as your main weapon. It's a random world drop. When you raise one multiplier, the others diminish less. For the shield, like every other character, The Transformer tends to be the best-in-slot. Spec properly for your gear. 300v2 - 300% Damage against enemies with >90% health anointment. Obviously you want splash damage.

How can i tell when I’ve reached the max 100% splash damage bonus ? This Buff can stack up to +100% Splash Damage which takes about 50 seconds of not reloading. Before we get started remember this isn’t a build, this is a guide to building the Meta. All the best weapons, armor and accessories become available by the final dungeon, so with […], Best Hades Aspects TIER LIST – ALL Aspects, The Build – Best Borderlands 3 Moze Build, Demolition Woman – Best Borderlands 3 Moze Build, Shield of Retribution – Best Borderlands 3 Moze Build, Bottomless Mags – Best Borderlands 3 Moze Build, Action Skills – Best Borderlands 3 Moze Build, Other Equipment – Best Borderlands 3 Moze Build, Definitive TOP 5 BEST Borderlands 3 Moze Guns, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Characters TIER LIST, Complete Seiken Densetsu 3 Angela Classes Guide, How to Recover Lost Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon, Top 5 Absolute Best Borderlands 3 Grenades, Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja Guide & Review, Definitive TOP 5 BEST Borderlands 3 Zane Guns, Trials of Mana Riesz Best Class TIER LIST.

Experimental Munitions – Crits deal an additional 10% incendiary damage. Means of Destruction – Gives you ammo and grenade regen.

Overall a better skill. Weapons Shields Grenades Class Mods Artifacts. The core Borderlands 3 Moze build remains the same.

Hmmm so even with short Fuse blast master isnt worth it ? Be sure to follow Bright Rock Media on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest articles, reviews and game guides. There is a little bit of leeway in her builds, but there’s a general consensus that’s formed about what the best way to build Moze is. It applies to current DoT’s applied and grenade damage. So if you’re running any Fire on your build this is a fantastic skill. For skill selection you will require +1 Redistribution to make full use of the Meta. For an easier to find alternative, Ogre is pretty much the best you can do.

This is the ultimate bossing skill in the game. Scrappy - 5/5

This skill can be considered for some co-op play, but should likely be avoided for most builds. It becomes Meta because it’s easy to obtain, simple to use, and most importantly there are several more upsides to it than downsides. Let’s give this a quick answer and a long answer. The Cartel).


Moze, unlike the other Vault Hunters, tends to rely on splash damage and grenades rather than more conventional stats like gun damage in order to achieve viability and the majority of her viable endgame builds reflect that. Using any other element, every crit we deal 25% bonus incendiary damage that becomes 32.5%, and every 4th crit we deal 36.25%, which becomes 47.125%. I’ll talk about that a little more in the equipment section, but I much prefer Blast Master.

Ideally you want to use the Pearl as it will give the most substantial damage increase for Moze out of all other Artifacts. As you can see, we’re basically here for Drowning in Brass, but the other skills are decent, if modest, damage increases.

It’s pretty noticeable. Using proper Elements is a force to be reckoned with. This allows Blast Master builds to use higher damage weapons with lower magazines.

For your class mod, you want a Blast Master, and more specifically, you want one with +1 to Redistribution.

This allows Blast Master builds to use higher damage weapons with lower magazines.

I don’t think StE does much unless you’re dedicated to using a fair amount of incendiary damage.

As a result, what ends up being the best option is a purple tracker grenade with good rolls. (Weapon Card Damage) x (Gun Damage Boost) x (Splash) x (V2). That’s a very popular Borderlands 3 Moze build. But… It can kill enemies right?? -Not Recommended-. Some legendary shields work this way too, if the amp damage is a rolled bonus part. It’s worth noting that there has been a buff to Forge that allows it to draw ammo from reserve so it no longer soft caps your magazine size when you pick up ammo on the ground. If we base our Meta Build around Blast Master and we carry a Mind Sweeper for situations where it has an advantage, we are simply expanding our Meta. This might not be the post to ask but is there a guide on the mechanics of green monster posted anywhere?

This allows you to proc anointments quicker later on. I’ve used SF for most of my builds since unlocking it as well. Game Guides, Reviews, Fiction, and even Essays, so be sure to take a quick look at the Main Page before you go, because if you liked this article, there's sure to be lots more content you'll enjoy on the rest of the site.If you find you keep coming back, sign up for an account! Grizzled – We get to 5/5 on this, but don’t just take it all at once. The Blast Master is a Legendary Class Mod for Moze The Gunner in Borderlands 3.

+60% gun damage! That is essentially same exact build I’ve used since day 1 except : I’m going to try switching to blast master mod though . The Demolition Woman capstone we just talked about is only 15% damage. The sheer DPS gain from being able to fire your weapon like a fire hose is also note worthy. Mass appeal for a wide audience of players. Except Launchers, both skills can be important for different builds. There’s a multitude of issues with this skill; Not being being nearly as useful as Grizzled, not having that great of an effect in general, not being consistent and usually requires you to be in enemy fire which in-turn wrecks Topped Off, and it can be replaced by a single CDR increase on your gear. An important skill for the Meta. Mayhem 4+ Items only drop while Mayhem 4 or higher is active. It increases your overall survivability quite a bit. If you didn’t know that, then stop using these terms until you learn it. Not that great but, hey, it’s a nice little damage buff.

Moze continuously stacks a Buff without a requirement.This Buff resets when reloading.Canceling the reload still resets the buff.

Anything beyond that is a wasted point. Is this still good with this blast master set up or should I use two explosive miniguns ?

Grizzled is the best Cooldown Rate Increase Moze has available to her outside of Topped Off. It will also draw aggro from you, which is especially useful while proccing SftR. (weapon type) Damage +%

Covers the basics well. I’d also like to add a suggestion to look for purple shields with amp damage. A lot of people use the Bloodletter class mod in order to keep Moze’s armor up for the benefit of Armored Infantry and its synergy with Deathless. Generally anything above 1/3 points here are wasted points. It’s roughly the same idea as boosting Splash Damage, but can actually be more valuable as long as you utilize its effects.

Take it if you want, though it is far less useful without Iron Bear scaling to higher Mayhem Levels. It’s a single point. Another great use for Click, Click… is permanent 60% weapon damage applied to zero ammo launcher builds. The basis of the Meta, this skill offers a large damage boost best utilized with weapons that fire lower pellet counts but can still be used with most guns. Looks about right… I’ve been using more points in MS than StE lately just for more mag size without the pressure of putting anything into Iron Bank.

Furthermore, with TCP’s chance of proccing a larger radius we increase our chance of doing self harm with splash. If you want further understanding of this, read the full guide here: Optimizing Moze’s Damage - Math without Numbers. Though considerably weaker than some of the other options, it is easy to use and maintain. Stoke the Embers – Increases incendiary damage by 30%.

Otherwise you will have to make multiple sacrifices in other gear / skill selection. Specifically purple as the amp effect on these shields applies to ALL pellets fired, opposed to legendary amp effects, which only amp ONE pellet per shot. There is no reason to pass on this skill. If you don’t own the DLC, or you can’t obtain the Pearl with +Mag Size, look for any regular Artifact with +AoE Damage and +Mag Size. You can do all content in the game and any boss just fine with this build, so you won't have to constantly respect all the time! I’m not sure exactly how it works.

It requires the consecutive hit annointment, there’s a whole topic on that. Bonus stats for your Class Mod should be +Splash Damage, +Weapon Type Damage (ie. 5/5 cloud of lead .


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