blackthorn arena armor

EMAN0987. - 74% of the 2,342 user reviews for this game are positive. Humans are the baseline character, and recieve a racial trait of fast learner, giving them one extra skill point every 5 levels (+10%). First aid is the base of any good paladin build. While challenge is great for disabling a main gladiator from the enemy team, it only gets one... so in alot of situations it dosent save your team mates if there is more than one enemy targeting them, so in my personal opinion shield knock is better for saving allies while challenge is better for being offensively shutting down someone strong by makign them attack you without using skills for 8 secs.

Shield (theory craft) You also want to setup a 2nd trigger that heals allies when below 90%, this way you heal yourself first and than them after in theory, but most importantly that your healing your allies if they need it.

document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aba66d07354edbc8bfe06765a2c570a6" );document.getElementById("bb8458ff0a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); If you don't win the spring game that is it, especially when you don't have control of the RNG of what you get to work with since all the slave's trait, genre, abilitys and stats are all randomize.

To pick your skills, just pick the level you want for each skill and it'll be accounted for. Other than appearance, this is the only difference between races. Supress Anger is good for keeping your stamina up, however with my endgame builds it doesn't seem totally needed in alot of situations since you have alot of stamina gain elsewhere.. you could easily pull this from the build if you find yourself not needing it, however remember the more you block the more stamina you burn, so if you have unlimited stamina you can 1v4, so the more stamina recovery you have the more intense situations you can survive. Has 25% lower chance to decrease obedience. All rights reserved. Ok at taking out-groups. Two-hand Your looking at building a damage dealer with good aoe and single target damage.

It has a few great aoe cc abilities and is the only class that actually has aoe cc. Minor CC. Otherwise leave it blank. Ok at taking out single targets. They melee and even knock enemies down with their bow. Does 15% more damage to mythological creatures. One of the traits is always the gladiator's race specific trait. Don’t want to be using a ranger when the opponent’s a defender. Battle axes, refined heavy spear, double axe and gladius as a last resort are viable low tier options. Attack Directions, Engage Styles, & Combat Styles,, Reduces the weight penalty on all armor by 5%, Attack speed increases by 8% when use polearms. Lets not mention the RNG in the matches, that constantly waste you once again more time. –Heavy armor expert: 3 (to get movement speed up) –Fortress: 3. Blackthorn Arena is a strategy/management sim with a real-time combat system, set in a world of mythical monsters and classic fantasy races. It also contains a place called torture chamber that could have some scene of physical torture, however neither sexual nor extreme(such as alcohol abused) included. Dwarves are Son's of a Rock, and have 25% reduced weight penalty and have increased health regen below 30% HP. Elves are Lithe, letting them move 15% faster. Play as the master of Blackthorn Arena, train your slaves into gladiators, forge them into your champions, and send them to fight for your glory! Allowing them to curve arrows, jump them to multiple targets, knock enemies down and even set them on fire. Pene>dmg>str>speed cuz if you run out of stamina by spamming atks you cant block without stamina. Loss of control risk is increased by 100%, but you always rampage. VAT included in all prices where applicable. Blackthorn Arena.

Melee and Ranged damage decreased by 10% when fighting with enemies that are a lot stronger. Thats like 8-13 days the slave is just sitting there not leveling and you got to get to lvl 13+ with like 6 slaves by the time spring game comes along.

Shredders are slow but decent dmg, mix well with your speed ups. I then taunt them. Huge HeadButt since headbutt's damage is based upon Tenacity, you can use it alot like we're using shield strike above, instead of block, its tenacity! The heavy armor expert, with damage resistances and a weight reduction buff, that specializes in drawing aggro, can guard allies, intercept and impair enemies. You can add Perc for extra crit chance (that damage baby!) Can kill anything expect Defenders and true Rogues. Stats: Agility and Precision (24/18) with remaining points into intelligence when approaching 25 so no points are wasted.

Gain 25% more from health potions, experience potions, and morale potions loose 2 willpower. Melee damage experts, with a weight reduction bonus to Medium armor, they can self buff, kick enemies down and spin for area damage.

Ranged Weapon: Ok at taking out groups. Very good at kiting due to high movement speed. All rights reserved. Very good at kiting due to high movement speed. ... Armor: Ultimate warrior helmet (Gladiator helmet or orc master set helmet work too) Champion Armor Champion Gloves Champion heavy boots or senior T2 for str This defaults to your Review Score Setting. I went with light armor, short cloak, and double Tai Chi. In my playthrough I waited 20 days just to get the dwarf with the right genre to use the tank build. Penetration is most important since at the end to middle of the game everybody is going to be wearing med to heavy armor so you need to be able to penetrate it. This commander can also heal with first aid, and even revive fallen comrades. When I get close enough I use stumble sweep on polearm and trio slash on 2-hander or double trio slash. The probability of increasing loyalty is reduced by 25%. Character Builder, Complete list of Weapons, Armor, Skills, and More. Blackthorn Arena - Character Build Guide. Deal 15% less damage to orcs, goblins, and trolls. Deal 15% more damage to orcs, goblins and trolls. This character is a natuaral instructor. These abilities combined together are incredibly powerful even against a single opponent. Blackthorn Arena is a strategy/management sim with a real-time combat system, set in a world of mythical monsters and classic fantasy races.

Blackthorn Arena Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. While 2-handed’s can do a lot of damage, 2-handed damage is not sustained. After stumble sweep/trio slash I then run round sweep and spiral slash. The risk of injury is increases by 50%. Other than appearance, this is the only difference between races. They need matching armor penetration with as high as possible since armor penetrations stacks between both your weapons, meaning if you can find two 20% armor pen weapons of the same type that gives you 40% armor pen for your attacks, this is huge for endgame fighting level 20-25 heavy armor gladiators. Not only does it do big damage on a tank like this due to your large tenacity, but it also stuns for 2 secs! It doesn’t do quite as much damage as a greatsword. Friendship with fellow gladiators grows 50% slower, when a teammate dies, have 50% lower chance to lose control. They are just harder to use than rangers as they have very low health. Moral increases when continuously fighting, decreases after not fighting for more than 3 days.

This is not even considering the days you wasted scouring the 3 markets to find the slaves you want. Good at removing stamina. Massive "shield strike" damage since shield strike does 100% of your block rate as damage, that means 80-100% block rate is what we're aiming for if possible since this directly translates into a super powerful attack that is unblockable ontop of stunning the enemy for 4 secs! - 40% of the 55 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.

Blackthorn Arena – Useful Tips for Gladiator Selection and Training, Distance attack: 1 (attack speed too slow to go any higher on this), Stimulate: 3 (allows entire team to buff itself), Harasser: 3 (don’t know if this works as I think it does) (idea is that everything that gets hit gets debuffed with this dodge penalty), Unyielding: 2 (should proc dwarven son of rock for heal to 30%), Deterrent: 1 (attacks so slowly with such low accuracy that this doesn’t do much), Intercept: 1 (for when a target changes targets, though it has a minimum range, so limited use), Focus block: 1 (no need to ever use this), Heavy armor expert: 3 (to get movement speed up), Penetrating missile: 3 (good for team fights), Multi shoot: 3 (good for 1v1s and team fights, 300% damage if you aim it right), Execute shoot: 3? * Both buffs for harmonize require dual wielding. Britto 118 views All rights reserved.

Useful Tips for Gladiator Selection and Training Starting Out. If target is farther than 5m, accuracy is increased by 2 as the distance increased by 1m. This means at 100% block rate your hitting someone with a extremely powerful 100 dmg attack that they cannot avoid and stuns them for 4 secs farther opening them up to more damage, or allowing you to hit a target that dodges/blocks alot while they are stunned. For solo I typically go 2-hander. You want to keep your hps high, you dont want to let tyour hps drop low before healing.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Meanwhile, I flank on either side with the 2-hander/polearm or 2-hander/assassin. Increase fort for extra health once you have enough str. -Race: Elf-Stats: Agility and Precision (24/18) with remaining points into intelligence when approaching 25 so no points are wasted. Written by saintzoilus / Aug 1, 2020 Collection of effective Builds & Triggers to build the most deadly gladiators imaginable! Clarify ambiguous traits and natures here. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Magic and other suggestions please read later comments before commenting. Health restore increase 2 while HP under 30%. My opening move in 4-man is I jump with the defender and then run forward to get close to enemy gladiators.


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