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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She regularly wears basic outfits but adds a cute pair of shoes or a colorful handbag to the mix. Annabelle Belmondo (@annabelle.belmondo) is an actress and the granddaughter of one of France’s most famous New Wave actors. Une publication partagée par @ xsqueezie le 31 Mai 2019 à 12 :06 PDT. She tends to wear long wool wrap coats, cozy knits, and oversized sunglasses. Follow them both on Instagram to see their trips abroad (Kevin just went to Seoul) and their side projects. Chloe Lecareux (@chloelecareux) is an influencer who runs her own fashion label, Bleu de Vous, which makes jean jackets out of recycled plastic bottles. Mon opticien : Et voici tes nouvelles lunettes chef ! But let’s be honest, they really became famous when they decided to create videos on their own channel. Feat @lartiste_zak (La confiance vous pouvez vous aussi l’effectuer au 13 rue Alphonse Daudet 75014), Une publication partagée par Mcfly (@levraimcfly) le 3 Juin 2019 à 1 :50 PDT. French Girl Daily is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You’ll have to follow them both to be sure. Do you spend time scrolling endlessly on your Instagram feed? Camille Yolaine (@ camilleyolaine ) is a freelance copywriter who shares her love of fashion and French culture with her audience. She wears lots of Re/Done jeans, oversized sweaters, Realisation Par dresses and handbags by Tila March. From the little black dress to the striped Marinière shirt, there are so many style rules we can learn from the French. Learn french online for free on French Bien. The list includes everyone from models to actresses to photographers, artists and fashion designers. In Paris, a new Instagram trend has emerged and can be summed up as street style with no filter. Required fields are marked *. Top 15 of French Instagram Influencers With the Most Followers, 14 of The Most Popular French Songs From The 1970s, 7 French Up-And-Coming Stand-Up Comedians to Watch on Youtube, Learn French With Netflix: 7 French Movies and TV Shows to Binge, 10 Popular French 90s Cartoons We Would Watch Again, The Best French Food for Christmas: 16 Classic Dishes to Cook, Top 6 French Christmas Songs to Get Into the Xmas Spirit, Les voisins du 12bis, a Bilingual Fiction to Learn French, 15 of The Most Popular French Songs From The 2000s, 16 Stereotypes Quebecers are Tired of Hearing. Copyright © 2019-2020 All Rights Reserved. She often used a film camera to document her style, a practice she still keeps up to this day. Ce que tu ressens VS ce que tu montres… Et vous quel est votre mood du jour en fait ? Les parisiennes sont à nouveau confinées ! Cyprien Iov, also known as Monsieur Dream, is a French comedian, actor, dubber, cartoonist and blogger known for his comic YouTube videos. With over 1 million followers, she is well-known for her full-lipped pout and sixties-style bangs. Norman Thavaud is a French videographer, Youtuber and screenwriter known for his funny videos online. From sneakers to oversized sweatshirts, Alizée is all about the athletic look. She tends to purchase statement pieces like shoes or handbags which stand out the most! Another newcomer is Bordeaux-based Léa-Elisabeth who publishes under the username @syderale_. Jun 12, 2017 11:56pm. Lucie Rose Mahé (@lucie.rose.mahe) is a stylist and owner of Gavroche Vintage, a vintage shop she curates herself. As a relative newcomer to the Instagram style influencer world, Pia has rapidly gained a passionate following. PS : Je suis actuellement à Athènes, je vous explique pourquoi dans ma story et je vous prépare un vlog ! In 2008, she participated in the second season of Secret Story, but was eliminated after only two weeks. You might have seen her in La Maison du Bluff, Les Anges de la télé-réalité and Hollywood Girls. On Instagram, the account @rirejaune is owned by Kevin Tran. French Bien is a free french course online available 24/7! If you’re looking at fitness videos online, you might have seen Tiboinshape, or heard one of his famous “daaaaamn”. After her reality tv period, she launched Wandertea, a brand of detox products with tea and natural plants and created a blog where she talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travels. In a world of 100 layer makeup tutorials and Kylie Jenner lip kit pandemonium, there’s something refreshingly paired-back about French girl style. The 15 French influencers you need to be following. April 30, 2019. in Fashion News. Since her height didn’t allow her to become a model, Caroline Receveur took another road to fame : reality TV. Your email address will not be published. She definitely has the most daring style of the influencers listed here! Do you follow other French Instagram influencers? The first video (made by Kevin) was released in November 2012. On her Instagram, you can see selfies, pictures from photo shoots and product placements, as well as her baby. Exclusive Member of Mediavine. Anne Laure (@annelauremais) used to live in Bordeaux where she started her own fashion blog Adenorah. la lumière en Espagne est vraiment incroyable (j’ai l’impression que je dis ça partout où je vais mais c’est vrai ) . Obviously, the most followed French influencers are lucky enough to travel around the world. Eleonore Toulin (@eleonoretoulin) is a photographer who loves sharing film photos of her friends and French lifestyle. La LamboInShape ! This is a great list of French style influencers. Like many beauty Youtuber, she launched her own make-up brand, Sananas Beauty. Your email address will not be published. ‍♀️, Une publication partagée par Jessica Garcia (@jessica_thivenin) le 9 Juin 2019 à 8 :23 PDT. He also wrote the script of a comic book, Roger et ses humains. She is known for her eclectic style and short blonde hair. Thanks for the beautiful cut and, Part blazer, part dress. They make hair, makeup and putting an outfit together seem effortless, which is why French influencers are … In the United States, Instagram influencers tend to shoot posed shots with professional cameras and then heavily edit them in Photoshop. 8 French Influencers You Need To Follow. Following these girls on Instagram is a great way to start working French girl style into your wardrobe! This influencer list features the major well-known Parisian style influencers, but stay tuned for a list featuring the lesser-known up and coming French style influencers, too! Living my best life with @LauraMercier Je vous emmène quelque part ? You may have noticed that FGD doesn’t feature all of the most popular French fashion influencers. My favourite would have to be Sabina Socol shes oozes effortless chic style. I find it fascinating that this casual-chic style has gained so much popularity on Instagram so I decided to share with you the 15 accounts I think you should follow and see if it appeals to you. Louise Follain . Keep reading to discover our favorite tips for dressing like a chic French girl. They got their own show, called Le Fat Show, during three seasons, before being part of the Golden Moustache collective in 2014. French Indian Italian Japanese ... 15 black style influencers to follow now Get ready for an influx of serious style inspo. quelle est la plus belle lumière que vous avez eu la chance de voir ? 15 Stylish French Influencers To Take Inspiration From Jeanne Damas. Her style is feminine and vintage chic. #spicegirls #spiceworld2019 #spiceworld #victoriabeckham #posh #sourire, Une publication partagée par Nathalie Odzierejko (@natoogram) le 2 Juin 2019 à 9 :11 PDT. Constance Arnoult (@constancearnlt) is a former ballerina and current PR and event manager for Maison Caulieres. On his Instagram, you will see selfies, pictures with his wife and his son, product placements and travel pictures. But don’t worry, he’s still active on social media, especially on Instagram. Though she is no longer promoting the business, she has gained a strong Instagram following for her minimal chic French style. While other French bloggers had carefully pieced together outfits, Jeanne gained a following by sharing candid photographs of her and her friends having fun in Paris. French culture has historically spread itself across a diverse range of industries such as fine art, food, architecture and of course, fashion, where the classic use of berets and deep red lips come into play. These twenty five Instagram accounts will inspire you with their French girl style every day! by Nisha Sreenivasan. She is frequently compared to Brigitte Bardot for her curvy frame and blonde locks. It’s likely you wouldn’t even notice them on the street because they’re just so effortless.


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