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We also tried a locked storage area to which the bird could have moved: nothing there either. One Brown Quail heard in a crop of lentils after sunset. Birdline South Australia is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by David Harper, Margaret Alcorn, Paul Taylor, Peter Waanders and Simon Starr. ... South East 09068 700 240 . I circumnavigated the whole estate twice checking likely areas then enquired in the estate office. At present, calls to premium line numbers cost 60p per minute. 20+ Eastern Curlews. Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Dara by Automattic. Manx Shearwater, Rotherhithe, London, Greater (Photo: Eventually I had a call from the Chairman of the London records committee, Bob Watts, saying he'd be happy to hook up with me, agree on the bird's condition as 'good-to-go', take the shearwater off my hands and release it somewhere along the Inner Thames. Top Birding Spots in Britain & Ireland by David Tipling ISBN 0 00 220035 X. Policies. Not being a driver, I tried to organise something with one of my fellow county birders to enable the bird to be released as soon as possible either out in the Thames Estuary or even on the Thames in Inner London (the Thames was considered the best place for a release as opposed to a reservoir, as it offered the shearwater a corridor directly out to sea, should it decide to head that way). It looked as though the bird had simply vanished.

9 Common Gull-billed Terns, a good number for this uncommon species in SA. Birdline South Australia is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. Surely it couldn't have gotten airborne and flown out from under the shrubs? South West 09068 700 241 . For latest bird reports, detailed sightings and information try it today. It has been heard in the adjacent suburb of Prospect each day since and was photographed on the 9th October perched in a Chinese Elm near Marian Place.This is the 4th consecutive year that a Koel has taken up residence in this part of Adelaide. Interesting and unusual bird observations, Elizabeth Macilwain Bronwyn Mart 2/11 #259082. a Puffin in a shop doorway!). He explained what I already knew, but opened a side gate to the rear of the council block so I could search the communal garden on the off-chance the bird had relocated itself: still no luck.

Next up, I checked under every parked car along the road but found no Manx Shearwater. The Where to Watch Birds series for the British Isles published by Christopher Helm London. What had happened? The area seemed to have an inordinate number of people walking around with unleashed Staffordshire Bull Terrier type dogs so I feared the worst (and feared getting bitten as I rummaged around vegetation like a lunatic literally outside people's front doors!). We use cookies to improve your experience of this website by remembering your usage preferences, collecting statistics, and targeting relevant content. I slipped it into my field bag where it immediately settled down, tucked its bill under its mantle feathers and promptly want to sleep.
Nothing doing. All seemed well. They have become uncommon in this area in recent years. It stayed asleep for the full 15-minute walk home, despite the sound of passing traffic, a pneumatic drill and obligatory emergency service sirens—this is central London, after all!

I went back to the original area, again confirmed with the council worker that I was searching the right bushes, and gave it one more thorough look, this time walking through the area and getting nicely soaked and scratched by wet thorny vegetation. Collins Bird Guide by Mullarney, Svensson, Zetterstrom & Grant ISBN 0 00 219728 6.

Time was of the essence if the bird wasn't to deteriorate, so off it went on its journey to southeast London. This is likely the same bird that was reported from Prospect on October 9th. On reaching home I transferred the bird into a cardboard box with a small dish of fresh water and placed it in the relative warmth and quiet of the bottom of my airing cupboard, where it slept soundly for a couple of hours.

1125030 (England) & SC043288 (Scotland). With my battery warning tone beeping in my ears I managed to speak briefly with Stephen, who gave me explicit directions for the bird: under some bushes in front of Pembroke House on the Hallfield council estate, Paddington. 5 birds seen slowly gliding and heard calling through forest on the northern side of Cricks Mill Rd just past junction with Mount Rd. Registered Company No. If you continue to use this site we’ll assume you’re happy to receive all cookies. BirdGuides rare bird alert and much more.

It just wasn't there. This precise locale didn't ring any bells with me (I live nearby at Paddington Green) so I asked Jerry to text me the number of the reporter, Stephen Miles, so I could call him and get more precise information. Brief Notes On A Stranded Inner London Manx Shearwater. Birdline U.K. Ltd. Reg. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. * Bird News Pro and Bird News Ultimate subscribers receive full sighting details. Charity No.


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