best powder for 338 federal

I hope Myuledeer chimes in here. Read this short article that compares it to some more popular rounds like the 30-06 etc. This helps me produce better, higher-quality content. To make a long story somewhat shorter, after trying dozens of bullet/powder combinations, I finally settled on the Speer 200 grain Hot-Cor bullet and IMR 3031 powder. While the .338 Federal cannot hope to equal the Magnum's authority, it qualifies as an understudy.

I didn't use any bullets lighter than 200 grains, as bullets below that weight don't make much sense to me in a .338 rifle. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The new .338 Federal can be adapted to any rifle suitable for the .308 Winchester. I hope Myuledeer chimes in here. It seems like I've seen a couple different name references in the dealer catalogs and the website. This website contains advertisements.

Mag. in rifles of the same weight, so it is more shooter friendly than either of the two older .338 cartridges. Good 200 grain bullets are offered in .338 caliber by practically all of the major bullet makers.

Federal's offering is based on a .308 Winchester case necked-up to accept standard .338" diameter bullets. Try the new 338 Federal. Here's a link to Alliant's web site -.

Believe it or not, a 180-grain bullet from the smaller 338 Federal cartridge will drop a half-inch less than a 180-grain from the 30-06 at 400 yards. In same-weight rifles of about 7 pounds, a 338 Win. Then there are the ballistics. Naturally, it kicks a lot less than the .338 Win. 200 Federal Fusion Alliant Power Pro 2000LR 54.0 2740 Remarks: min OAL: 2.84; compressed charge 225 Speer SP Alliant Power Pro 2000LR 49.5 2540 Remarks: min OAL: 2.82 225 Federal Fusion Alliant Power Pro 2000LR 52.0 2625

I would really like to get a 200gn Trophy Bonded Tip to >2700. Hunters who feel a need for a medium bore rifle cartridge will find that the .338 Federal kicks a little less than the .338-06 A-Square with the same weight bullet at the same velocity, because the .338 Federal burns less powder to achieve the same pressure.

But why? Your support will contribute significantly to the information I can produce, so I thank you for it. The little Federal achieves this with considerably less powder, too, and that means less recoil. But no Federal. […] good. Wish you didn’t have to carry a 10-pound rifle with a barrel longer than your leg?

I sent them a letter too. If that demand is real and consumers step up to the plate with their hard earned dollars, the .338 Federal may be around for a very long time. MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that this website has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the persons or businesses mentioned in or linked to from this page and may receive commissions from purchases you make on subsequent web sites. About the same as a 30-06.
IIRC Ramshot TAC is what he had good results with!
It was probably created more than 40 years ago by a wildcatter (basement handloader) who stretched the neck of the 308 Winchester case to fit a .338 bullet. I'm not sure if Alliant has even settled on a name for that stuff yet.

In a market saturated with highly successful standard cartridges like the 270 Win. Just a typo on the Load Data site? Mag. Reloaders can extend that range to include at least some 225 grain bullets, but due to the restricted capacity of the basic .308 case it is probably wise not to exceed that weight. Those are very impressive numbers for the 338 Fed. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission.


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