best ninja monkey path btd6
Banks in general are more efficient than the 1st path and the 3rd path, however, they require you to wait until the bank is full to get the most efficiency out of the bank. This drastically improves the efficiency of the farms, notably the 4-2-0 farm takes 15.39 rounds to pay itself off and the 5-2-0 farm takes 26.46 rounds to pay itself off. Pierce Grandmaster Ninja upgrade icon in upgrades menu. Thank you for the in depth analysis. The Monkey Farmer also works differently in BTD6 than in BTD5. The old artwork for the Ninja Monkey in BTD5 is the artwork that is now. Hence, the efficiency of this banana farm is much lower than the 0-0-0 farm, dropping to 17.97 rounds to pay itself off. Players tend to lose too many lives to camo bloons, opting to place and upgrade non-camo detecting monkeys instead. Monkey-nomics: 2-5-0 gives more money, don't care about the rest. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For example, the 1-0 upgrade More Bananas costs $300 for adding 2 additional bananas. It pops two bloons per shot at a speed faster than the unupgraded Dart Monkey, as well as always detecting Camo regardless of upgrades. 63% Upvoted. (16 bananas @$87 each, with a $4,000 bonus at the end of each round). Leave them down in the comments section down below. To maximize its power, buffs from up to 20 Shinobi Tactics, continuous Overclock, and a nearby Stronger Stimulant are necessary, along with a hero such as Level 11+ Obyn or Level 3+ Pat Fusty. For early rounds in the Alternative Bloons gamemode, no monkey will serve you better. For the strategy we use Obyn, the ninja, and the monkey sub to make easy work of this half cash mode. 14.94 rounds to pay itself off. Grand Saboteur (Youth) Regular price $20 USD View. The upgrade description reads “Generates money each round and stores it in the bank. This farm now makes 8 bunches of bananas. During the sabotage, all Bloons move at half speed. When using a 4/x Monkey Village next to a Ninja with. This means that in BTD5, you were able to place the farm half outside of the farmer’s range, but in BTD6, the entire farm and its range has to be inside of the monkey farmer. (20 bananas @$70 each, with a $4,000 bonus at the end of each round). Your email address will not be published. 0-0-4 farm costs $19,600 in total generating $1,120 per round. Again, if you have the More Valuable Bananas monkey knowledge, the 0-2-5 farm will be more efficient, generating $5,456 per round. $29,750 (Easy)$35,000 (Medium)$37,800 (Hard)$42,000 (Impoppable) Once you reach $10,000, you’re able to take a loan from the first bank again as you pay off the second bank. If you have the valuable bananas upgrade, each banana will be worth $87 per, and if you have the More Valuable Bananas monkey knowledge, each banana will be $91 per. 0-0-5 farm costs $79,600 and makes $5,140 per round. « LUCKIEST SUMMON EVER – Fire Emblem Heroes. The 2-0-0 farm is less efficient than the 1-0-0 farm but more efficient than the 0-0-0 farm, taking 14.69 rounds to pay itself off. A video about how fast the grandmaster ninja is here: This has been used in two different Two Towers. DistractionSome Bloons will become distracted and move backwards. Damage A single Ninja Monkey by itself can last about 25 rounds without any bloons leaking on most tracks. If you want to buy a 2-3-0 bank right away, it will cost you $6,750 on medium difficulty. You need two x-4-x banks to take out more than one loan at a time. CaltropsThrows out spiked caltrops onto the track nearby. This upgrade effectively increases the banana production by 8, since the 2-0-0 farm creates 8 bananas. However, once you use the second loan ability while the first one is active, you will get +$5,000 in your pocket and -$15,000 in the red. What this upgrade does is similar to the Central Market. This means that each additional banana costs $200. Yes (can decamo with 5/2/0 upgrade). The BTD5 4-2 Banana Factory costs a total of $24,440 on medium difficulty, and creates $3000 per round, meaning it pays itself off in 8.13 rounds. The 2-0 upgrade Banana Plantation costs $1400 for adding 7 bananas per round (from 6 to 13). Perma-Spike: 0-2-5 is usually more efficient. A fun fact is that the 0-2-5 farm is the quickest one to pay itself off, at 14.50 rounds, if you don’t use the x-5-x bank ability. BTD5 vs BTD6 Dart Monkeys The BTD6 dart monkey is very interesting. In BTD5, Flash Bomb is the only upgrade that allows the Ninja Monkey to pop Lead. The 1-0-0 upgrade increases the income to $360 (18 × $20) and the 2-0-0 increases the income to $400 (20 × $20). Sentai Churchill Shirt 変形 Transform! Additionally, this bank increases the inner capacity to $10,000 from $7,000. See Distraction and Counter-Espionage for Path 2 crosspath effects Super Fast (BTD6, every 0.217s) Grandmaster Ninja is the final upgrade in Path 1 for the Ninja Monkey in BTD6. 17.50 rounds to pay itself off. With Bloonjitsu it throws 5 shurikens with a single hand. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); , while the BTD5 4-2 farm pays itself off in 8.13 rounds. Very helpful. Artwork This upgrade description reads “Produces 5 large Banana crates every round worth $300 each.”. Despite this change, the x-3-x banks still all take 10 rounds to pay themselves off…. I realized that that would be harder but this means it would take less time for the banks to be paid off. Therefore, the top 6 most efficient farms used to be: Questions? However, as there is no bonus for beating maps no lives lost, there really isn’t much of a use for the marketplaces from an efficiency standpoint, even though they just got buffed.


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