bay area spiders

They are frequently found in basements, attics, and storage spaces. For more information, read the UC IPM information page for Zoropsis spinimana.

Far from it, tangled webs are intentionally designed to be a jumble of threads, anchored to the corner of a ceiling or some other support beam — what better way to entangle an unsuspecting ant or cricket. [photo: Tom Murray], Zoropsis spinimana (Zoropsidae) – “zoropsids”, A recently arrived mediterranean invasive, now found in the Bay Area. Headquarters  Planet Orange 434 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110.

Like a house cat? Household Spiders. 3; California Academy of Sciences. Yum! A collection of commonly encountered spiders in the Bay Area, assembled by Dr. Stephen Lew. But then there’s also the great children’s novel, Charlotte’s Web, which gives a well-meaning spider a hero’s role for her mastery in manipulating events by writing messages in her webs. The bite of this spider could easily pierce skin, although captive spiders did not appear to act aggressively. Its coloration is mostly dark brown, peppered with grayish spots on legs and abdomen. “The interesting ones are much harder to find,” says Steve Lew, University of California, Berkeley entomologist. And you might draw unwanted attention from law enforcement.” (He declined to share any tales of the latter, unfortunately. Zoropsis seems to be harmless: Calm and slow-moving, it didn't try bite or otherwise hurt Darrell Ubick, an expert at the California Academy of Sciences, who placed a member of the species on his arm. We’ve broken out five basic spiderweb designs (although there are more types) to give you a flavor of the range of hunting strategies spiders deploy. Before Bay Nature she worked in journalism for more than a decade as a former newspaper reporter turned radio producer turned web editor with each rendition bringing her closer to her dream of covering environmental issues. (photo: Will Chatfield-Taylor)], Calisoga longitarsus (Nemesiidae) – “Calisoga spider,” “False tarantula.”, “I can’t believe it’s not a tarantula!”  Often mistaken for a tarantula, Calisoga  is smaller and unable to climb smooth surfaces. "It's not harmful to us and it is a very attractive spider," said Ubick, an Academy arachnologist who first identified the newcomer in the early 1990s. Cover photo: © Jamie Chavez, 2013, some rights reserved. Donate. Featured Bay Area Science: An Interview with a Kelp Biologist. On the dorsal side of the abdomen, there is usually a dark pattern that flares outward two or three times before constricting to pointed end. [photo: Peter J. DeVries], Pholcus phalangioides & Holocnemus pluchei (Pholcidae) – “cellar spider”, The common synanthropic cellar spiders in California are European invasives, native pholcids are much smaller. Professional exterminator can also help disrupt the reproduction cycle of spiders by removing the egg sacs.

Titiotus californicus is the most common species of this family in the Bay Area. Indeed, the spider’s evolution into some 40,000 known species coincides with the diversification of silk and what that’s allowed in web designs, each type enabling a species to exploit a new ecological niche.

(Theraphosidae) – “Tarantula”, All of California’s native tarantulas are in the genus Aphonopelma. So we have included more general information about spiders in California. Tangle web spiders, also called cobweb spiders, chiefly belong to the family Theridiidae and are known for building three-dimensional space webs. Over the past decade, most of the 40 to 50 Zoropsis sightings have occurred in the South Bay around San Jose and Santa Clara, but there have been a few scattered reports from Oakland -- as recently as last year -- and Redwood City. Unless an effort is made to correctly identify the type of pest you are up against, there is a good chance that basic spider control strategies will not give you the results you want. This spider is roughly the same size and shape as a black widow, but is brown with a faint purple sheen. [photo: Stephen Lew], [photos: Glenn & Martha Vargas (left), I.R. Featured Hike a Closed Section of Highway 1 at Devil’s Slide Trail. Woolly webs are distinctive not by shape as much as by texture. Are Daddy Longlegs Actually the Most Venomous Animal on Earth. Day & Nite Pest Control treats the following spiders: Crab Spiders, Cellar Spiders, Daddy Longlegs, Garden Spiders, Ground Spiders and House Spiders. That will reduce the number of insects and that, in turn, will reduce the number of spiders.". In any event, it’s easier to appreciate the main work of most spiders — namely their web building — when you’re an order of magnitude larger than insect-sized.

Get stories about Northern California nature and what makes it unique in our weekly newsletter! Indeed, Zoropsis is a pussycat, spiderwise: It comes from a long line of spiders that have grown accustomed to living inside human dwellings where the temperature is moderate and insects tend to congregate around food crumbs and other human-generated food supplies.


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